SANTA MONICA (CBS) — Enforcement of a plastic bag ban went into effect Thursday in the city of Santa Monica.

The ban of single-use plastic bags was approved in January.

The law applies to grocery stores, convenience stores, mini-marts, liquor stores, drug stores and pharmacies.

Shoppers who don’t bring their own reusable bags can purchase paper bags for 10 cents each.

The ban is intended to help the environment.

Comments (4)
  1. Ron Smith says:

    well I’ll never shop or spend any of my money in Santa Monica again. To hell with all you tree hugging nature nazi’s

  2. CB says:

    What is legal in Santa Monica?

  3. rich says:

    if they dont want the plastic so be it but to force people to pay for the paper bag is wrong

  4. Moogie says:

    You know who’s the worst threat to the environment and landfills with bags?

    The 99¢ Only Stores.

    They double bag potato chips and paper towels.

    Their bags are the WORST in human history. They are thin, they fly around, they sell so much cheap junk that their bag output is like triple of say a Big Lots or Target or Walmart, KMart, RiteAid. Even though stores like Rite Aid and CVS do sell small stuff all the time, their bags usually are small or larger.

    Second up are those ghetto liqour stores where they use small plastic bags. They end up floating around streets and flying around along with the pigeons. Because the ghettolino’s don’t care about the environment and toss them in the street or don’t go after them when they take out their junk and they fall to the ground.

    I always refuse bags if I think that its one item I can carry out, or two even.

    I take a bag to supermarkets and if I forget it, I carry my cereal box and gallon of milk for example. Nothing wrong with that, no shame to be had because people see you do that – big deal. I place it a larger bag I have in the car.

    This should be law, nationwide.

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