Create Petitions Online, Submit Them To White House Officials

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — White House officials want your feedback. They’ve announced a new online feature that allows you to create and sign petitions.

If your petition gets enough signatures White House staffers will review it – send it to the appropriate policy experts – and issue an official response.

In order to get the petition recognized – you’ll need 5,000 signatures within 30 days.

You’ll be able to submit petitions later this month by visiting and creating an account.

  • HollywoodSaint

    I think the U.S citizens are using Obama as an escapegoat for the deteriation of our country. He cant fix overnight what has been wrong for years…Kennedy tried to fix our great nation and he was killed for it….what if the country mobilized and actually got behind our president instead of fighting him to the bone…how great we would all be!

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