Rock-Throwing Boy Hospitalized After Drive-By Crossbow Shooting

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — Police on Tuesday said a Southland boy is recovering after he was shot with a crossbow bolt after throwing rocks at a passing car outside his home.

Officer Dino Delimitros told the Associated Press the boy and a friend were throwing the rocks outside his home in the Linda Vista neighborhood Monday afternoon when a passenger in a black Toyota RAV4 pulled out a crossbow and fired.

The boy, whose name and age have not been released, was shot in the abdomen and taken to a local hospital, where he is expected to recover from his injuries.

Police are still looking for the shooters and no arrests have been made.

  • Margaret C.

    Talk about a disproportionate “punishment.” People, whether they are kids or not, should not be throwing rocks at cars. But putting dents in a car over a person’s life? Injuring them? It’s not only the kids who messed up here..

    • Kurt

      That kid got what he had coming to him and I am certain he learned a valuable lesson. If the driver has called the cops, there is a good chance that the kid who threw the rock wouldn’t have even been caught or if he had been caught he probably would have received a slap on the wrist. Only a degenerate would throw rocks at a cars and this kid deserved to be on the receiving end of that crossbow!

    • lesson learned

      I bet that kid won’t be throwing anymore rocks at cars

      • cloudnine

        You are soooo right!! It’s sad but true…You said it lesson learned the real HARD way :(

    • dontthrowrocks

      you’d be right if the worst possible consequence of rock being thrown at passing cars would be merely “dents” and no life threatening situation could possibly occur due to the rocks

    • Duh!

      Pain is a great teacher.

      Remember the kid who got caned (being hit with a bamboo staff) in Singapore for vandalizing cars?
      He hasn’t been doing that anymore according to follow up reports.

      Disproportionate or not, if the kid was not throwing rocks at cars in the first place, he would not have been shot by a crossbow.

      The only people who spout off about “cruel and unusual punishment” are the people planning to commit crimes and want to try to make their punishment as easy as possible when they get caught.

    • Robert Curry

      Car occupants HAVE BEEN KILLED by thrown rocks in the past! I see this as appropriate, and JUSTIFIED, self defense! The kid was old enough to do serious injury or cause death by throwing the rocks!–He got what he deserved, he should consider himself lucky it was not more serious, and his PARENTS need to do a better job of parenting!

    • Robert Curry

      TRUE story follows: About 25 years ago, an 8 year old neighbor kid carved his initals in my car, and a few others on my block! He was SEEN doing it by another neighbor, and when we confronted his parents about the incident, his mother cursed us out, told us to “Mind our own business” and slammed the door in our face!–THAT kid, who seemingly never reformed, was found shot to death, about 20 years later, 2 blocke from his home, at age 28.–Perhaps better parenting or severe punisment at age 8 might have saved him?? Too late to tell now!

      • PatricParamedic

        Robert –

        Thanks for the clarity.

        As a Medic, I can underscore your sentiment 100-fold. My partners & I have responded to countless thousands of these kinds of cases, and the single constant is that the typical American primate doesn;t learn much from what’s going on around them. We see the products of these rock-throwing mental midgets every day of the year. And generally, somebody’s bleeding.

        So now, on those rare visits to San Diego these days, I see a ghost on practically every street corner.

        It is exasperating beyond belief.

    • David

      When I was a child, one of my friends lost his sister and mother in a car accident after someone through a rock at their car, and it shattered the window. the father lost control of the car and it flipped. in many places throwing rocks at a car is attempted murder. the “punishment” in this case seems very appropriate to me.

    • lucy f.

      Hey lady. people get killed by these poor innocent victimized weaponless thugs. I don’t see you saying anything about them! I wish I knew how to use a crossbow…

    • jerky

      true…I threw a rock as a kid once…hit a little girl in the head and made her bleed…her father was very unaturally forgiving….my father on the other hand was not. and rightly so….I was an idiot and didn’t think of the fact that throwing a rock at someone could cause they serious injury or this case what if the rock hit someone in the head and caused them to crash and die or hit someone else…

  • John Holmes

    What comes around goes around. He was lucky he was not killed. Sometimes you don’t know that you might mess with the wrong person.

    • PatricParamedic

      John –

      You are absolutely right about idiots sometimes choosing the wrong person to play street games with.

      About 10 years ago in Palm Springs, my partners & I responded to a gunshot victim outside a B of A bank after dark.

      It seems the dying fellow on the ground had decided to rob the pretty young woman standing with her back to him at an ATM, pulling out all those $20 bills. I guess he just couldn’t help himself.

      The pretty young woman turned out to be an off-duty cop from Phoenix, and she shot Sammy-Stupid in the chest twice, point blank.

      I recall watching the blood squirt through the chest holes and onto my hands, as we went through the ridiculous Kabuki dance called CPR on a crook.

      At some point, this society might make the conscious decision to step back in line with natural law, at least one of which is, “You don’t save the inferior phenotypes. They tend to reproduce.

      • ketracel

        Just wanted to say I love the way you express yourself. where can I buy your book?

      • Knews5

        Yes, you really write well. I’ll bet a book of your adventures in your career would make a great novel!

  • Eric Kent

    Yeah the punishment does not fit the crime here. The proper thing would have been to take him to his parents and make his parents pay to fix the cars he damaged. Who knows this little boy could be the future inventor of a cure for cancer and he was just killed because he was throwing rocks at cars. Now I don’t really believe that but you just never know luckily for the boy he did not die but he could have very easily.

    • Kurt

      The kid who was throwing rocks is 16 years old and is old enough to know that what he was doing was wrong. He is a no-good punk and to suggest that he is going to do something great such as curing cancer is laughable at best.

    • PatricParamedic

      “Take him to his parents.”

      How exactly would that little scenario play out? Ridiculous statement on its face.

      • Eric Kent

        And I have to ask why is that a ridiculous statement take him to his parents and if they refuse to do anything then you call the cops. Your ridiculous in your face! Jerk!

      • Eric Kent

        @Patric Paramedic well I guess I didn’t understand that many kids are being raised by wolves these days. I am going by what my parents would have done to me if I had ever been so stupid to do something like that. I can guarantee my folks would have made me hope to never even see another rock in my entire lifetime and I love them for that today. I’m 47 and look back on my parents with a smile they were strict at times but kept me out of the most serious trouble.

    • jkaang

      Or the next Hilter

    • Paul Castillo

      I do agree with what you are saying. However one has to think. Before these kids think of doing anything stupid in the future, don’t you think they will have second thoughts?

    • Parents Are Afraid

      @ Eric Kent – You don’t realize how many parents these days will insist it wasn’t their kid doing it, even though you saw them with your own eyes. Too many parents will alibi their kid’s wrong doing. So I honestly don’t think taking this stupid kid to his parents for damage compensation would have done a lick of good. Parents just don’t punish these days; they’re too busy being their kid’s friend. I don’t think a crossbow was the answer either though. Perhaps the police should’ve been called.

      • m

        @parents…i agree with everything you’ve said. parents should “parent” and that means making unpopular decisions and punishment. i know if it was reported to us that our son was hitting cars with rocks, give me the estimate and there goes his allowance, or he’d be doing chores (at home and for others) to satisfy that debt.

    • herpadero

      I think we can safely assume this kid is far more likely to be a spreader of disease than a curer. Also by your logic, we should not kill criminals/terrorists/Hitler because they might do something good at some point

      • Eric Kent

        No that is not the logic my logic is assuming he is a young man 10 or 11. You don’t know what logic is obviously as there is no linkage to what you said and to what I said.

    • Duh!

      How do you know he is little? No age was released for the kid.

      He could be 6’3″, 280 lbs, and age 17.

      Or were you the other kid throwing rocks?


    Wow, now that’s a way to make a statement.

  • MaxKweef

    As sad as that situation is, I am glad the kid got shot with a crossbow vs a gun. It could have been a lot worse for the poor kid and he should be happy to be alive. Even if the kid was totally in the wrong (as I’m sure many of us have done stupid things like that), people have to realize that dents in a car < a person’s life.

  • Ray

    HAHAHA stupid a-s kid should stick to nintendo. I have no pity sorry

    • Bill G

      Xbox is better

  • wobbles

    Someone got medieval on that bad little kid.

  • JAWS

    Too bad he is going to recover…because he’ll be out there doing it again!!!!!!!

  • Brian Nevin

    I have been a victim of kids throwings rocks at my car while driving home in the middle of the night. I was in shock when a rock landed on my windshield, created a crack, and I can get eyes or bodily injured by the rock or the broken windshield. These kids are crazy but hurting them is just an evil act. But yes like always Karma will come back and get you.

    Parents need to see that if you have trouble kids that’s can be their only punishment, otherwise they will continue to throw rocks at people. Now this kid gets a second chance in life, will he learns from it depends on his destiny and how his parent will help him be a better kid.

    • Craig Wilson

      20 yrs ago my wife and I were on a motorcycle west of downtown LA, Kids walking home from school threw rocks at us. I was hit in the leg. I did not go down but I did turn around and give the group a piece of my mind. I di not know who exactly threw the rock. I could have been killed and my wife too. The kid deserved the cross bow shot. Many other examples I could give you. My wife’s car, windshield cracked by kids with rocks. At the beach, end of Imperial Hwy LA some kid threw blindly a rock over the high walls of the Lifeguard Maint bldg. A bloody lifeguard came running out. He thought I and my friend did it but the real culprits were long gone…

  • lala63

    Since his parents obviously failed at raising him correctly and to know right from wrong … this incident may be the thing to save his life. Now he knows that if he behaves badly there is a consequence to doing so. Any kid who is throwing rocks at cars is WELL on his way to doing other criminal / BAD stuff.

  • Travis Mogren

    LOL… Serves him right, he wont throw rocks at car’s anymore will he…

  • Smokey

    Stooopid is as stooopid does. Kid could have caused a serious crash or killed someone. Now his parents who obviously failed in raising him correctly will blame everyone but themselves and the kid. Too bad his parents didn’t practice birth control.

  • Jimmy

    LOL!! Serves the little punk right!

  • Pedro

    It is hard hitting a moving car with a rock, much harder hitting a kid with a crossbow. Good jobs to both of them, now go find that cancer cure,

  • Charlie

    My kid grew up throwing rocks, i took it easy on him thinking he would cure cancer one day. Now i have a 40 year old son who sits in prison. Shoulda whup some sense into him.

  • Mary

    Good! I hope he learned his lesson – people work hard for what they own and no one wants their car dented by rocks – people are sick of this nonsense.

  • anonymouse

    I bet that kid still hasn’t learned his lesson and will throw rocks at cars again. The punishment needs to be harsher than the crime or else kids forget these days.

  • Monet Sykes

    Yea I agree, this kid WILL not be throwing rocks any longer. Lesson learned. I hate when people have sympathy for someone who goes around terrorizing and then something happens to them everyone wants to feel sorry for him. STOP THROWING ROCKS and you wont get shot…

  • Will

    I don’t feel bad for that kid at all. I agree kids do something things, but this is out of line. I’ve seem too many stupid kids doing stupid things. Don’t blame anyone else but there parents. For those of you who thinks going to there parent is a good idea. Try it yourself when it happen to you and i’m sure there parent is just as bad as there kids.

    • Will

      Correction: “I agree kids do stupid things”

  • Erika Hasbach

    People still use crossbows?

    • Lu J

      Modern crossbows are used for bowhunting, target shooting, scientific studies, and also in paramilitary and modern military. They’re not the old ones, but people definitely still use them.

    • John Estrada

      They don’t make as much noise as a gun.

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  • Michael J. McDermott

    Should have hit him in the AS$.

  • Edgar Alvarado

    I blame Obama…

  • Doc

    Lesson learned

  • mark silvers

    I’d like to say I feel sorry for the kid…..but I can’t.

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