WILMINGTON (CBS) — A stabbing suspect is dead and an LAPD officer is injured after a confrontation at a Harbor-area motel.

Police received reports of a man yelling at the Holland Hotel just after 11 p.m. Thursday night.

When they arrived, the man confronted them with an unknown object and stabbed an officer in the arm.

Police then shot the suspect, who was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Comments (19)
  1. anger loco says:

    The Police do harass and shoot innocent people especially in the inner cities. The Police are sick dudes who abuse their power in most cases and hurt Black and poor Hispanic guys and get away with it constantly.
    Whether you resist arrest or not….

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      Your stupidity is immense. Pick up your leaf blower and get back to work. I would rather live in a neighborhood with LAPD as neighbors than your ilk.

      1. Paul Castillo says:

        I was with you untill you continued writing after your first sentence. Your racial ignorance makes you just as much of an idiot as the first commenter.

      2. Jay says:

        HIS racial ignorance? Anger Loco used the tired old argument of the cops hurt blacks and poor hispanics blah blah blah. Talk about racial ignorance?!?! Everyday Guy has a very valid point: I’d MUC rather my next door neighbor was a cop versus some pinhead who espouses that “the LAPD are all evil thugs” mentality.



    2. Karen says:

      loco dude – don’t stab a police officer and you have nothing to worry about. I would rather the police be alive than someone who stabs them.

    3. The Big Logic says:

      It’s good to get them before they get him, or us which they evntually will do.

  2. PatricParamedic says:

    If you haven’t done a PD or Paramedic nighttime ride-along, you’re shooting your mouth-gun with no intellectual bullets.

    If you don;t want a bad outcome when dealing with the law, it is downright amazing how much better your chances will be, if you don;t act like an chimpanzee on chocolate.

    Or, as they like to say on the farm, “If you don’t like apples on your head, stopping shaking the damn tree.”

    It ain’t rocket science.

  3. gp says:

    If your stupid enough to take a knife to a gun fight, you deserve the bullet! Thanks LAPD for saving the taxpayers some money!

  4. PatricParamedic says:

    Question: “Do a ton of cops have rotten attitudes?”
    Answer: “Of course.”

    Question: “What do you suppose is the root cause of those bad attitudes?”

  5. comic_guy says:

    So I wondering if the Guatemalans are gonna protest this one as well.

  6. white liberal says:

    Most of the lapd’s detractors are negroes & mexicans. These are the two groups who are responsible for committing the vast majority of crimes. Does the ethnicity of the police officer really make any difference when trying to combat street crimes.

    Have you noticed that the safest cities in america are free of these two groups.

    1. Karen says:

      My siblings and mother DO LIVE in the safest city of America which is in western NY. This city does have black people but not Mexicans. It’s too cold. They are near Buffalo and you know what the snow is like there.

      1. choochoo says:

        What’s your point Karen??

  7. Charlie says:

    What an idiot, you never stab people with GUNS, they’ll kill you.

  8. TheWindrunner says:

    Cool!!! One less fecal creature.

  9. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    want a close crime free country try Canada, no mexicans and about 100 blacks, like the U..S. 100 years ago.

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