SAN PEDRO (CBS) — A man suspected in dozens of vandalism attacks on businesses in San Pedro over the last six weeks was behind bars on Thursday.

Jason Bonilla, 24, was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon of using a BB gun, a brick, and other unidentified objects in a series of 17 vandalism attacks in the area.

The first incident occurred July 14 at British European Auto at 1525 S. Pacific Avenue. All the crimes occurred between 7 p.m. and 4:30 a.m.

Other businesses targeted in the attacks include 99 Cent Store at 938 South Gaffey Street, Black Diamond Tattoo at 403 West 6th Street, and Action Property Mgmt at 225 West 5th Street.

Detectives recovered surveillance video showing a four-door, dark colored compact vehicle that may be connected to the crimes.

Bonilla is being held at the LAPD’s 77th Street Division in lieu of $20,000 bail, according to Los Angeles County jail records.

Anyone with information on the vandalism was urged to call LAPD Detective Ricardo Rivera at (310) 726-7850.

Tipsters may also contact Crime Stoppers by texting to phone number 274637 (C-R-I-M-E-S on most keypads) with a cell phone. All text messages should begin with the letters “LAPD.”

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Comments (22)
  1. USA1917 says:

    Who robs a 99 Cent store?????????????

    1. Hilda Gonzalez says:

      He didn’t rob it, he shot out the windows with a BB gun. Dang read the article

  2. Big Jue says:

    @Hilda i read the article twice and no where does it say that he shot out the windows with a BB gun. Maybe you should re read the article and assume things!

    1. Big Jue says:

      *dont assume things* sorry type error

    2. Marcus says:

      Try reading it a third time until it sinks in.

    3. Hilda Gonzalez says:

      “Jason Bonilla, 24, was taken into custody on Wednesday afternoon of using a BB gun, a brick, and other unidentified objects in a series of 17 vandalism attacks in the area.” The news report showed video of the broken windows and other with BB gun shots on them

    4. Hilda Gonzalez says:

      So I am not assuming.

  3. Jose Gomez says:

    Use a brick on his head and call it a day.

  4. Rick says:

    BB Gun, Brick? Dude, your 24? It seems your mentallity is somewhere in the 13-16 year old range.
    Do us all a proper, do not let your CULTURE dictate that you have children. Obviously you are not intellectually prepared for the job.

    1. Efrain says:

      Hey Rick, it’s ‘you’re’… not your.

      1. Silence Efrain says:

        Hey idiot. In the context that he used it, your is the correct work you numb skull.

      2. bounce says:

        @Silence Efrain
        “Your” is a possessive, so it is NOT the correct “work”(sic).

  5. pvlovspit says:

    Unbelievable – i really don’t understand the mentality of these types of people. So much for machismo and gang influence – yah, real tough!

  6. Hollywood Reporter says:

    Another upstanding Latino gang banger.

    1. Xen says:

      Get rid of the street gangs once and for all. They are just a bunch of idiots.

  7. John says:

    What a surprise, I thought when they apprehended the guy, we’d all find he was a JPL rocket scientist!

  8. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    If you own any store in southern ca. have atleast one trained armed employee.

  9. Tonyboy says:

    No matter what …this individual is undesirable to a civil society and need to be punish…..this are product of their environment that they live in…

  10. jim says:

    good they got that f’er. i was they could just purge this guy and his family from society. i’m sick of waking up every morning having to see broken windows every where looking like krystalnacht. these businesses in pedro are struggling enough already without having to get their windows replaced every other day.

  11. Tempus Nunc says:

    A 24 year old LOSER!!!!

  12. Edgar Alvarado says:

    So he pinged out store windows until he ran out of bb ordnance then he used a brick and other stuff to make his mark… they gonna love you in prison homie. I mean that literally.

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