The Unhealthy Art Display That L.A. Is Hot For

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The realistic sculpture above is made of a) marble, b) limestone, c) butter. Yup. Feeding Our Future is this year’s butter display at a state fair in New York. It depicts a smiling cafeteria worker helping bright-eyed students pick out a healthy lunch. Wait, that’s not realistic at all.
And yes, the title of this post employs the word ‘unhealthy,’ but only because the sculpture weighs 800 pounds: enough to fill an arteriosclerosis ward of a hospital — a big hospital — for a lifetime. I’m certain that in small quantities, butter improves our lives in many ways, every day. (Translation: “Dairy Council, please don’t sue.” -Ed.)
When the fair is over,  the artwork will not hit the road for a travelling exhibition: just as well for it:  today in the San Fernando Valley , it’s expected to top out at 103-degrees.

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