Extend Commuter Train Lines To LAX? Public Asked To Weigh In

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The public will get its chance Tuesday evening to voice its opinion on whether Los Angeles should extend commuter train lines that go all the way to the airport.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports suggestions are welcome on the best way to connect one or two light-rail passenger train lines to terminals at Los Angeles International Airport.

Some options being considered: extending the Green Line another 1.5 miles or rerouting the yet-to-be-built Crenshaw Line to the airport instead.

But regardless of the outcome of tonight’s hearing, one limo driver said he’s not at all worried about his business taking a hit.

“I’m in the limo business,” he said. “They don’t like shuttles, they don’t like buses, they don’t like cabs, and especially they don’t like the Metro.”

Over two decades ago, airport commissioners blocked plans to bring the Green Line onto the airport itself over concerns about parking revenue and lobbying from the taxicab industry.

The hearing is being held on the El Segundo side of the airport at 6:30 p.m. at the Flight Path Learning Center on W. Imperial Highway.

  • alan hart

    If you want people to use public transportation, you have to have the transportation go where the people actually want to go.

    • Laura

      Extending either of the lines to the airport IMO would probably be of most benefit to workers commuting to their airport jobs. I can’t imagine a lot of folks will drag their luggage onto the train. However, I hope the planning committee is prepared for the room needed to store the luggage on the train, just in case…

  • Michael

    Leave it to Los Angeles to get it wrong again. Had they built the Greenline to connect with LAX in the first place, it would have been much less expensive than to try and expand the route now.

  • Wynne

    It’s about time! One of the largest cities in the world has the worst public transit in the world.

    Laura, people will “drag their luggage onto the train” here just like they do everywhere else. Train-to-the-plane access is a boon not just to local residents but to tourists. Agree with Michael it should have been done long ago, but it’s never too late to finally get it right.

  • Ron Senger

    Any new extension to the airport SHOULD NOT require people with luggage to transfer from the Blue Line to the Green LIne in South Central. This is a dangerous platform. People coming form downtown will not use rail to the airport if it takes this route. And yes, I do know somebody who was beaten there.

  • Kevin d

    Its called BRIBERY, LOBBYING my a_s

  • Hollywood Reporter

    Rather have it go to San Pedro, Ca

  • FF

    All these metro lines run nowhere

  • alg

    I can see it now. People on public transit with all their luggage, jostling for position in a crowded train around Thanksgiving.
    If a lot of planning went into it, where you could check your baggage at the transit station, and it could be loaded on the SAME TRAIN you are going with to LAX, or BURBANK for that matter, it might work.
    It certainly would take away from cabs, limos, etc.The city would make money, and it would help the traffic situation.

  • kski

    Why couldn’t the Green line be reconfigured to curve north on Aviation, then west into LAX terminating at the Bradley terminal. The new Crenshaw line would go along Aviation until Imperial where it then would adopt the old Green line tracks and stations going to the south bay. Travelers from downtown would take the Crenshaw line to a joint station with the new Green line extension near the airport and transfer onto it for the shuttle into the LAX terminals.

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