JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (CBS) — Two people were found dead in Joshua Tree National Park, authorities said Tuesday.

The bodies of a man and a woman were discovered near Black Eagle Mine Road Monday, Riverside County sheriff’s Lt. Terrence Tingle said. The sheriff’s department is investigating how and when they died.

A couple visiting the park told authorities they found the man’s body on the edge of the road about two miles east of Pinto Basin Road. A few hours later, deputies found a woman’s body along the same road, about a mile east of the man, Tingle said.

Deputies later found a car on that road about five miles east of the woman. Investigators believe the man and woman were traveling together.

Anyone with information about the bodies is urged to call Investigator Prezell Burgie at (760) 863-8945 or the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Indio Station at (760) 863-8990.

Comments (7)
  1. Arod says:

    Police think the man and woman may have been traveling together….gee wiz I wonder how they came up with that…..I’ll bet next they’ll come up with they may have been traveling in the car found too. cops are so smart putting this stuff together

    1. PatricParamedic says:

      Arod –

      You’re making the supreme mistake of transference.

      Your ire should be directed at the reporter, or the editor who tweaks the report.

  2. Pat Robertson says:

    Why does this story give me a semi?

    1. PatricParamedic says:

      Guess you’re just in a big-rig sort of mood.

  3. buford says:

    It has been reported that a gang of kangaroo rats could be responsible for the deaths – “Humans are invading our territory and this should send a message – GO AWAY!”

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