LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A regiment of soldiers returning from Iraq is back home with their families in El Monte on Monday.

KNX 1070’s Karen Harlow reports after a yearlong deployment, the 250th transportation company is back home with loved ones.

“We’re very happy that they’re all coming back…this is amazing,” said Wendy Temples, who waited 424 days to re-unite with her husband, Sgt. Joseph Temples.

“He missed five birthdays, not including his own,” said Wendy. “He missed Christmas and Thanksgiving and everything.”

“I missed my family,” said Joseph as he gave hugs and kisses for his wife and four children. “It’s a long time to be away from them.”

The tour was the third for many of the soldiers, who operated some of the Army’s largest trucks in one of Iraq’s most dangerous regions.

All 72 members of the transportation company are now safe and back home.

Comments (2)
  1. TT says:

    Welcome Home Everyone 🙂 A year is a long deployment – I remember how happy i was when my son came home from Afghanistan – Your families must be thrilled 🙂 God Bless You and God Bless America 🙂 And thank you for your service…….

  2. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Thank you for your service men – may God bless you and your families. There are no words for the sacrafice you made to protect the United States of America. Enjoy your time with your families. Thank you.

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