Motorcyclist, 29, Killed After Being Struck By Truck In Irwindale

IRWINDALE (CBS) — A 29-year-old motorcyclist was fatally struck by a truck in Irwindale early Sunday morning, a police lieutenant said.

The motorcyclist, who died at the scene, was later identified as Brian Bradley, a resident of Temple City.

Irwindale police Lt. Mario Camacho said the crash, near Arrow Highway and Aveneda Barbosa St., was reported to police at 3:37 a.m.

The police lieutenant said the exact cause of the traffic crash was unknown and was still being investigated by the Irwindale Police Department.

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  • James

    Hey great story! Almost zero information! Why did you even bother? That is a bicycle wheel in the picture by the way.

  • Timothy McGarry

    Hey, whatever happened to that “kill a biker- go to jail” law?

  • Stubby

    RIP Brian.

  • Sarah

    RIP Brian. You touched us all…This life is so damn tough I’m sure that whereever you are it’s got to be a kinder, gentler place. Know that you are missed by those that cared about you. Your smile is with me still and always will be.

  • FamMbr

    RIP Brian, I love you cousin.

  • Shanon Marie

    Are u freakin serious how can u say something like that. He was someones son, brother, and friend. God forbid u have to experience something so tragic. Jerk

  • Right

    I more thing. You are a coward for posting under multiple ID’s. Be a man.

    • Right

      One more thing..

  • Kristy Ganz

    Your laugh and smile will forever be missed, Bryan. You were such a gentle soul, and I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to know you.

  • CousinBear

    There is always that idiot that has to make a comment to get a rise out of everyone. He is the guy that sits by himself on a computer all day and has nothing better to do with his time. He probably doesn’t have family to care for like we care for Bryan, so he does what he has to, to make himself feel better. I just pray the Lord will forgive your words and make your heart happy. God bless you and your keyboard! We love and miss you Bryan! RIP

    • CousinDork

      what a nad.

    • JB

      I don’t know who you are CousinBear or what you are trying to do here. But you need to leave and let us grief here.

      • cousinbear

        My comment was for the guy that keeps leaving horrible comments on here. I see most of his were deleted. My comment was never to hurt anyone else. We too are grieving this loss, but it is impulse to get frustrated with someone attacking a fa?ily member. And yes the cousin bear thing is dorky..but that’s me!

  • Sebastian

    I woke up Sunday morning to go off to work and the street was blocked, I did see a dirt tractor and a white cloth in the ground, after the detour at live oak I saw the la county coroner van and just prayed, today 30 minutes ago i saw the family and a ceremony full of flowers candles may he rest in peace and prayers to the family and friends

  • Erik Wurster

    Never did I imagine such a tragic end to such a humble person. Growing up you were like a member of my family. You’re family and friends will all miss you. You were a great friend. Rest in Peace my brother.

  • ben aranda

    rest in paradise brian they always take the good ones first you will be missed brotha

  • Brandy & Brad

    Bryan will forever be in our hearts. We are grateful to have known such a wonderful person, even if it was a short time. He knew just how to make you smile. Unfortunately accidents do happen which is why we should never miss the opportunity to live it and let others know the love we have for them.

  • 4ever yng

    Unfortunately my husband was at the accident site- we would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of this young man. May his soul rest in peace.

  • David gutierrez

    So sad & tragic…Thoughts & prayers to the family of young brian…may u rest in peace brian bradley.. You will be missed.

  • Lori Tedder

    Emily my heart is aching for you, my thoughts and prayers for you all the way from North Newton, Kansas Lori Tedder from Ansley st Monrovia, Ca

  • C. Booth

    You were like one of our sons, always taking the time to stop by and check in on Rick & I, what a great smile and a big heart..You will be missed…
    Our hearts go out to Emily and the family.
    Love, Rick,Cindy,Justin,Kyle & Nathan Booth

  • TROY


  • Ian soleimani

    Love you Brian !! I’m deeply disturbed by this. We’ve known each other since jr. High. Ian soleimani showing you love forever from Santa barbara

  • Michael J. McDermott

    Drive carefully.

  • pumkin

    brian i will aways miss u ur the best uncle that i have ever had and brad but this is for u u were jb bigggest FAN and i rember that we would spend almost every weekend togher i was just going to call u so i could come over u but then when i found out it felt like i was ripped appart in a millon diffrent ways than i couldent explane i love u sooo much love ur favorit punkin

  • stephani pittman

    i still dont know how to say good bye, it all feels like such a horrible dream. bryan you were my best friend. like you use to say you dont know how the hell we did it with all the crazy bs in our lives but some how we balanced eachother out. until we meet again.. ill love you till the end.

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