California’s Unemployment Rate Hits 12 Percent

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — California’s unemployment rate climbed to 12 percent in July, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday.

The jobless rate in Los Angeles County reached 12.4 percent.

The statewide figure was two-tenths of a percentage point higher than the unemployment rate for June.

July’s rate was four-tenths of a percentage point above the 12 percent rate for June in Los Angeles.

California’s unemployment rate is the second-highest in the United States at 12 percent just under Nevada’s 12.9 percent rate.

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  • steve

    And the rate will continue to climb to higher level with current state assembly still does not know the true problems why companies are moving out of California.

    • For Real

      They still believe California is business friendly. This state is run by a total group of idiots.

  • California?s Unemployment Rate Hits 12 Percent | Los Angeles for Me

    […] California?s unemployment rate climbed to 12 percent in July, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday. More from:; […]

  • jkaang

    That’s why I quite my work and got on welfare in the beginning of summer so that I’ll have time to enjoy my summer. I could have never done that with that stupid cheating Arnold as governor. Gov. Brown is the man without him my life style will be impossible.

    • iwanttowork

      You are a jackas there are those that need depend on welfare and there are those asholes like you that can work. but choose to make People that need help look bad
      Get your as up and get a job if you can’t find work wash windows

  • Haruka Kitano

    Any relationship to the high number of illegal immigrants here? Deport illegals and unemployment rate for legal citizens would plummet.

  • For Real

    Happy now? Our great state of California: Biggest supporter of Obummer and free services for illegals while driving businesses that can hire people out of the state with all the taxes and red tape. I’ve been here for 15 years, but before I moved here, I was told this was a place of stupidity. They were not lying.

  • Bob

    I have an idea! Let’s raise taxes some more! Yay!

  • jonathan

    moved from Cali 20 years ago – never looked back. I am always very amused, and thankful for my decision, when i return for infrequent visits – really bad !

    i wont tell you where i am now – but my goodness – dominates over all of cali!


  • A patriot

    Obama’s job creation? Failed.

    Letting those illegals leeching off of everybody including the legals? Failed

    Brown doing a good job? Failed.

  • Duh!

    The grocery stores are hiring. The union workers are going on strike.

    If you out work the union people, maybe the grocery stores will ditch the union and keep on the workers they have hired.

  • Carol Donofrio

    If Ca deported their 40% illegals, recycled illegals, anchors and extended families!!! Ca will save money on all their welfare and future welfare!!! Make illegals pay for all past welfare before deportation including littigation, court and prison cost!!! This would solve Ca debt crisis and job crisis, with a job for all!!! No more wellfare except for handicapped and mentally difficient!!! All prisoners to concentration camp warehousing and workfare to take care of prisoners!!! Welfare goes to workfare taking care of prisoners or becoming one(1), or upgrade themselves with a job and responsibility!!! Welfare to include road and gov’t property maintenance in recipient’s neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • david Obamma

    Americans out of not only work,but way of life also.Crowd in the unskilled hispanic labor and watch Americas budget crash.Americans are mindless sheep!!

  • celistino

    They will d like all other employers and falsify employment papers to undermine America.

  • Riedmiller James

    I understand private sector added jobs government sector lost like crazy. More republican job creation at work, after all those dead beat inefficient government workers needed to be removed so that they can be replaced with people who will work for less. Just like in Texas

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