Slain TV Exec’s Brother Says ‘I Just Want Justice’


LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Brian Russell Kaplon, an exec with NBCUniversal, was shot in the chest and killed on St. Patrick’s day.

Today, a judge ruled that there was enough evidence to put David Andrews Armstrong, 32, on trial for the murder.

Back in March, Kaplon was in Armstrong’s Porter Ranch garage when he was shot in the chest by a military-style rifle.

Armstrong’s attorney James Blatt says it was all an accident. The two men were childhood friends.”They were drinking on St. Patrick’s day. And tragically, and unfortunately, my client fired a weapon as he stumbled and hit a very close friend.”

But all these months later, Kaplon’s widow and his younger brother are still searching for answers. They were both in court today. Brian’s widow was told not to talk to the media because she could be called as a witness.

His brother Jason speaks for the family when he says even happy occasions — like family weddings, or the birth of Kaplon’s twins (born weeks after he was gunned down) — are bittersweet and even sometimes “extremely sad.”

Kaplon says he is “angry. My bother is gone. So, I’m angry. I just want justice.”

Kaplon also says Armstrong hasn’t even apologized for his role in his brother’s death. “He just goes on with his day.”

Armstrong faces up to 25 years in prison if he is convicted.

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  • Rosie

    Why would someone kill one of their childhood (probably a best) friend? Sounds like an accident to me. Just because he hasn’t reached out to the family does not mean he murdered his friend. His lawyer probably told him not to talk to them. So sad but sounds like an accident. This story is one reason guns should be outlawed.

    • Brian

      Hey Rosie, ever hear of someone lying before? This man was NOT his childhood friend. He and his family are liars and will be forever. This may have been an accident, but tell the truth!!!

      • kdk

        completely agree..the family of the murderer are complete liars….

  • barf

    Sounds like involuntary manslaughter. murder is overcharging.

  • 3 under 3

    The justice system sucks. If we lived in countries like Iran, where their is an eye for an eye, do you really think David armstrong, accident or not would have taken out his gun drunk and Killed brian. This is a joke.They were not best friends, barely even friends. His father in law buys him out of every situation. There white trash. Murder in this country is a joke. No wonder why there are so many murders. Kill someone and its a slap on the wrist. sick

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