SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A trio of crosses erected along a Southland freeway may be moved to a new home after being uprooted after a citizen’s complaint to transit officials.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports the crosses on Inspiration Point are technically on state-owned land — but likely not for very much longer.

The location along Highway 79 has a panoramic view of the mountains looming over the desert floor near Julian that has served as the backdrop for Easter sunrise services for decades.

But Cal Trans spokeswoman Catherine Bruce-Johnson said local pastor Rick Hill with the Hillside Community Church has claimed the crosses and is prepared to transplant them.

“We have an agreement with him that we will remove the memorial and store them, and some time in the next 30 days, he will find a place on church property to reinstall them for the community,” said Bruce-Johnson.

Despite the agreement, many locals have launched an effort to keep the crosses at their current location.

Crosses on public property has been a source of controversy for years in San Diego County. Despite numerous lawsuits and court rulings, large and highly visible crosses remain standing on Mount Soledad in La Jolla and Mount Helix near La Mesa.

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Comments (25)
  1. Matt Anderson says:

    This infuriates me.

    1. Ben IncaHutz says:

      No one cares about what you think Matt.

      You’re a nobody.

      1. Ben's Daddy says:

        Speak for yourself, loser, I mean Ben. So typical of idiots like yourself to think you represent everyone’s opinion.

  2. Jim says:

    Christians think everyone is a Christian, or should be. They see nothing offensive about placing their false idols everywhere for them to worship.

    Wait, doesn’t their book of instructions forbid that?

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      Too bad you are narrow minded and so full of hate. I thought diversity was a good thing, but you hate people with a diverse point of view.

    2. Curious says:

      So curious Jim. What’s your take on Islam and their mission to rid all religions of the world except Islam?

      In your opinion, is that offensive by placing false idols everywhere as well?

      Just curious.

      1. derp says:

        that’s about as much the goal of true muslims as the norway killer is representative of christians. they no more want to rid the world of all religion then do christians, although that to could be pulled out of the bible…

        just curious, have you even met a muslim? talked to one to see if it’s their mission?

        just curious!

  3. Charlott Dale says:

    America Land of the Free… ? We wanted freedom of religion ohh is that only for Muslims Buddhists etc.etc.etc. but certainly not for Christians?…Grow up get over it and get a life. Leave the crosses!!

  4. A M says:

    Anything to do with Jesus has to offend someone, how sad!!! God bless them!!!

  5. TT says:

    “Crosses on public property has been a source of controversy ” Dont we have more important issues than this to deal with – unemployment at an all time high, food pantries dont have enough money to take care of people and they are taking down a memorial and messing with peoples memories because its on land that belongs to the state !!!! LEAVE the CROSSES ALONE !!! And find something more constructive to do with your time !!!!!!!! Go to a shelter – feed a hungry child – have a purpose …..

  6. Joseph says:

    Imagine this, Ben & Jim members of the “Lame Stream” don’t even know that the cross is NOT an “Idol” but a SYMBOL representing the Death of Christ!
    Sad pathetic beings angry that there IS A GOD and it is they that are TRULY NOBODY’S. Enjoy you’re Final destinations!!

    1. derp says:

      thank you for reminding me why i left christianity. the idea of someone like you thinking they’re righteous and getting joy at idea of someone’s eternal suffering because they don’t believe what you do is so against what i see as god that it’s not even in same ballpark. how very extremist of you!

  7. Xen says:

    Next that complaining idiot will want the “In God We Trust” taken off our dollar bills and coins. This country was founded on Christian principles. That idiot should move to aethiest Russia.

  8. "RJ" says:

    To me this falls within the realm of free speech. If we arent allow to say our piece whether it be Christianity, or any other religion then our US Constituion is a joke.

  9. Jeff says:

    The gay flags and banners in west Hollywood offend me. Should we start a campaign to rid the city of them?

  10. susan says:

    the new pepsi can has left out in God we trust so they dont offend anyone! Ok but now crosses people! my neighbor has a buddaha in the front of her yard, i am offended so take it down. how pathetic that sounds. The people that r complaining are fu!!ing parasites

    1. derp says:

      sigh. there’s a big difference between PUBLIC property and PRIVATE property. you can bet your soul that should some guy come and put huge buddhas up on side of freeway on government land that the christians would be howling for their removal.

      1. TT says:

        like i said dude – find something more constructive to do with your time and maybe find a way to contribute to society

  11. Curious says:

    @ Derp, in response to earlier comment.

    If you compare both the muslim and christian religion, lets set aside actions of the followers of both religions for a moment. Instead lets look at the foundation point of refference, of both religion, the Qu’ran and the bible.

    In the bible, scriptor reads that it is not anyones responsibility to convert people to christianity. But however to pass ont he message and let those decide on their own. Now if an individual trys to make someone convert, that is the individual but not the message of christianity.

    However, in the Qu’ran, there are many scriptors that read, with specific instruction to convert or kill nonbelievers. And all nations and people of the earh are to worship Allah. There is no flexiblitiy there. Now for those that take extreme measure, they rationalize it with specific instructions from their belief.

    And, yes I have met many muslims. Those I have met, I have hand the plesure of meeting very pleasurable people.

    By the way, I invite you to look up all the above-mentioned information as I have. Base your beliefs on facts as I have.

    1. derp says:

      sorry, but suffer not a witch to live sounds pretty convert or die to me…

      also it very clearly says in Deuteronomy 17 if you find a person who doesn’t believe stone them till they die!

      those are the facts! that you can pull out quotes from either book and make it look evil!

      1. Curious says:

        You bring up a very good point, but correct me if I am wrong. There is more to Deuteronomy than just stoning for nonbelief right? Does’nt it also talk about in the same passage, violation of certain type of laws based on those times?

        And if that is just a small portion of believe in Christianaity or die, is there any other passage that reieterates that point. I’m asking from an open mind and acknowledge there might be.

      2. derp says:

        and that’s exactly what i was saying, your second paragraph. it’s a very small number of muslims who actually believe the convert or die parts, just as in christianity. to many people want to think it’s just THEM whomever they are while refusing to see that they could be seen the same way. when we pick and choose parts that we think represent a religion, we usually miss the whole point of it!

  12. Chris says:

    “As long as Religions exist between the many races of this planet…there will always be war” How true this is…there will always be death…always sadness…..Religious groups should get off their high horses!!! This should be, One people, One planet!
    Stop thinking that something or someone higher than you created your pathetic lives and that you are better than anyone else!!! JUST LIVE!!!! If you need something to believe in….believe in yourselves! ^

  13. curious says:

    @ Derp,

    Thanks for the enlightenment, very interesting points you made..

    I appreciate your input.

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