PACIFICA (CBS) — A family pit bull has reportedly killed a pregnant woman in Pacifica.

Darla Napora, 32, was discovered in a pool of blood when her husband Greg came home from work Thursday afternoon.

According to police, when they arrived, the 2-year-old pit bull bolted from the residence. Police said the dog approached first responders on the scene and they shot the dog three times killing it.

Napora was 6-months pregnant at the time of the attack.

Conflicting reports say the woman’s body was found in the front yard while other say she was found in the front room of the house.

Neighbors said a bloodied and distraught Greg Napora was “all frantic and yelling” in his driveway. Kathy Karlson told the San Francisco Examiner that “he had blood on his hands, blood on his shirt and blood down his pants.”

The family owns two pit bulls.

Officials do not believe the second dog was involved in the attack.

That dog was reportedly turned over to the Penisula Humane Society.

The couple has been married for two years.

It is unclear if the couple had children or if Napora was pregnant with their first child.

Comments (34)
  1. shiggity says:

    Call Shorty Rossi the Pit Boss. I’m sure he’ll defend the pit bulls actions..

    1. Mike says:

      7 million Dog bites every year in the united states and the only ones you hear about are the pitbulls. Whats that? Maybe 1% or less. Your just as much of a moron as the the people who only broadcast pitbull stories.

      1. s. miles says:

        go mike you tell em’

      2. Michael J. McDermott says:

        You did say; “dog bites” didn’t you? Bites, correct?

  2. Karen says:

    How many people have to DIE before they stop breeding and selling these KILLER DOGS? Keep them away from me and my gun. I just shoot to kill. I REFUSE to take chances with these KILLER DOGS.

    1. Shiggity says:

      I’m sure you’ve never shot anything in your life. Another internet tuff person..

      1. Karen says:

        FU – why don’t you post your OWN opinion instead of your insecure reaction to put another person down. Only INSECURE people attack others.

    2. banignorantpitbullhaters says:

      blah blah blah how many people belive every story the media says before the find out the truth.. can you say sheeple that is what you are you belive every story they tell you and they do not have proof or facts but you belive it because they said it so funnywhen they find that the women died of something else like falling off a ladder and hitting her head something they forget to mention in story but oh know it was the dog of corse because it was a pit bull and it was standing over her

      1. EAH says:

        The ladder story has now been wholly discredited. The coroner’s report confirms the dog killed its owner.
        If any ‘irresponsible reporters’ should be fired, I suggest we start with the author of the ladder story.

    3. Jessica says:

      You cant judge an entire breed by the actions of a very small percentage. That is discrimination and racism. Get you facts before you judge. Like the other said you don’t know the entire story. Ignorance explains it all.

  3. BATO 213 says:

    my son was bit by my neighbors on his foot. that was the last thing he bit sorry i cant stand pit bulls

    1. Jessica says:

      You cant judge an entire breed by the actions of a very small percentage. That is discrimination and racism. PURE IGNORANCE!

  4. dan says:

    Pit bull owners are quick to say that “it is not the pit bulls fault.” its the owners fault for not training the dog ” BS to to that.

    One day when the same pit bull they are defending attacks them or their family member is when they find out that the pit bull can attack anytime…does not matter how well they are trained….So round up time for the pit bulls….

    1. Jessica says:

      I think ignorant people like you should be rounded up.

  5. Michael J. McDermott says:

    I bet he’ll never buy another pit bull. What did he learn today children?

    1. elmo says:

      we learned that those doggies are vareee vareee big meanies

  6. Veteran says:

    Any dog that attacks unprovoked should be eliminated. I was attacked by a chocolate lab. Any dog can be dangerous.

    1. Karen says:

      Oh please spare us. While I agree that some dogs are dangerous, ALL PIT BULLS ARE KILLERS. Period.

      1. Frank says:

        You really don’t know what your talking about.I have been around many different dogs in the rescue community and out of every dog that I’ve had come close to biting me or biting others the pitbulls were never the ones. Black labs were several as well as Rottweilers and shepherds. Stop writing with your passion to hate and use common sense.

      2. Jessica says:

        You are a discriminator and racist. Im sure you hate all blacks too. Get your fuqing facts straight before you judge and enitre breed by the actions of a very small percentage

      3. Christina Hauritz says:

        It is reported on temperament tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society that Pit Bulls had a passing rate of 82% or better — compared to only 77% of the general dog population.

        you dont know anything lady so you should probably not go around judging

  7. Shiggity says:

    I’ve been bitten by 2 different doberman pinschers when i was a kid. One of them I lived with me. Should we ban that breed also? Everyone shouldn’t be pit bull owners. I just don’t think they are a good family dog. I think they are great for a single adult…

  8. Not Dog Whisperer says:

    The dog was reacting to the woman’s hormones

  9. Charlie says:

    mmmmmm. aren’t Pit Bulls the Loving Kind Doggy that is only Vicious because of a Bad Owner. I’m sure that mean Pregnant Lady provoked that very,very loving Doggy. Let’s all get a Pit Bull and live Happily ever after.

  10. banignorantpitbullhaters says:

    the women falls off a ladder and the dog scratches and bites at her to get her to move not in a agrresive manner and its the dogs fault?? This dog did not attack this women..

    1. EAH says:

      Are you talking about Cindy Marabito?
      The ladder story has now been wholly discredited. The coroner’s report confirms the dog killed its owner.
      If any ‘irresponsible reporters’ should be fired, I suggest we start with the author of the ladder story.

  11. banignorantpitbullhaters says:

    If this would of been a poodle it would of been different she fell of a ladder and hit her head. the dog did not attack her if it was a poodle standing over her the media would of never reported this. They would of had it that the dog was looking out for there owner and the dog was.. but the media are such liars they will never put the truth because a put bull mauling even when its not gets the ratings

    1. EAH says:

      When you say media are liars, are you talking about Cindy Marabito?
      The ladder story has now been wholly discredited. The coroner’s report confirms the dog killed its owner.

  12. banignorantpitbullhaters says:

    God forbid you have an accident in your house and have a pit bull.. The media will have it as a pit bull did it even though it had nothing to do with it.. come on autopsy report lets see the truth

  13. banignorantpitbullhaters says:

    I bet Collen Lynn is on here right now running her ignorant mouth another proven idiot that dosnt know anything but what the media says and a loony tune at that is that you Karen? or who else on here that says the same thing over and over about destroying all pit bulls. Collen Lynn could never prove she was bitten by a pit bull since there was no police report about it. So many morons that never owned a dog in there life all the sudden think they can judge dogs and breeds for that matter but know matter the breed there all dogs its us that make them more then that.. like with this if it would of been a poodle the they would of sad the dog was looking out for her when she feel off the ladder but know it was a pit bull so it couldnt be that he had to have attacked her. just shows how dumb people are . Like colleen lynn and the debunked

  14. Andrea Smith says:


  15. Amber Lawrence says:

    can anyone show me the way to the TRUE story? i never once believed that the dog attacked her. come on now people the husband comes in after a “vicious” attack and hes able to get the dog off when hes in that mode? ya f-ing right. besides i heard of the ladder story just not the full thing and honestly the ONLY thing the media is good for is spreading IGNORANCE!!! why dont we hear about all the chihuahuas that bite? or the labs? why dont we hear about all the great stories of pitbulls? like how a mother and her 2 year old son were held by a guy with a knife and a stray pitbull came up scared the man away and hopped in the car with them as they left! and now that woman wants to adopt that pitbull shes naming angel? anyone hear about that one? kuz i did and i dont know why more pitbull stories like that arent on the news!!!

  16. Jim macKenzie says:

    I just can’t believe that a family dog “man’s best friend” would actually kill its own master (or mistress in this case) unless some skullduggery was involved. Think Scott Peterson and THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES. Where is Sherlock Holmes when we need him?

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