16 Men Arrested In Castaic Prostitution Sting

CASTAIC (CBS) — Authorities arrested 16 men in a prostitution sting in Castaic, sheriff’s officials announced Friday.

The sting was held Thursday near Castaic Road, according to officials at the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff’s station.

The operation was in response to resident complaints of prostitution-related activities in the area observed throughout the day and into the evening and night hours, officials said.

One of the 16 men arrested on suspicion of solicitation of prostitution and loitering with the intent to commit prostitution, was also booked for felony possession of a controlled substance, officials said. One had a misdemeanor narcotics warrant, one was wanted by Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement regarding prior deportation and another was wanted on a probation violation.

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  • Alan Hart

    Why does the Sheriff waste taxpayer money on ridiculous arrests like this? Does he think prostitution will suddenly go away?

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  • michael roland

    Prostitution should be legal, I enjoy escorts

    • Zeb

      Agreed, Your mom can handle more than 16 a night

  • Eric Kent

    It is the worlds OLDEST profession and as long as there are men and women on earth this will exist so why do they waste time trying to stop what comes natural. Because pigs don’t want to do real crime work only the easy safe stuff. So my dear fellow citizens there goes your tax money being wasted on things that cannot ever be stopped we are paying the biggest GANG in Los Angeles( the Sheriffs Dept is nothing more than another GANG) To legislate morality. What a joke the whole thing has become. In the words of the Rolling Stones “Just as Every Cop Is A Criminal” truer words have never been spoken.

    • EverydayGuy

      I think i saw your mom out there.

      • John

        It’s not his mom it’s his dad in a dress.

  • TONY V


  • RIPT

    Tony, You must be what I like to call a “Sniffer” Nose all buried in that BUNGER

  • Jo Danny

    Stupid cops, go find some REAL criminals to harrass!


    • Sherrif Bueford

      But gang members have guns and there mean. I might get hurt.

  • Jennifer

    My cousin patrols Van Nuys with LAPD. They do stings on Sepulveda Blvd all the time and he as well as ALL of this fellow officers agree that arresting prostitutes and johns is a complete waste of taxpayer money. Each prostitute or john that’s arrested costs taxpayers $5000.00. Yes, 5K for each arrest. And if the arrestee do not plea guilty and fights the charge that amount doubles to nearly $8K! Arresting these people is the equivalent of placing a band-aide on a cut. Once the wound heals (person gets out of jail) most of them go right back to doing the same thing. Why? Women (especially if their not black, black women never make nearly as much money as non-black women) are addicted to all the cash they make. And why men do it again? For instant sexual gratification w/o commitments and the ability to have intercourse with very young women. Point being, these stings are conducted to give the community a FALSE SENSE that street prostitution is going to lessen when in fact the minute the sting operation is over…its business like usual. These are just my 2 cents coming from a person who has an officer in her family.

    • HollywoodSaint

      how much would you charge? are you over 18 but younger than 30? lets do lunch toots

  • Andy

    They really need to have a Red-Light district here in Los Angeles somewhere.

    Tax all the girls…..and we will be out of this deficit in no time!

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