US Ties Mexico 1-1 In Klinsmann’s Debut

PHILADELPHIA (AP) –  Jurgen Klinsmann’s debut is out of the way. All he needs now is a win.

Klinsmann’s debut coaching U.S. soccer was bolstered by Robbie Rogers’ tying goal late in the second half to help the Americans salvage a 1-1 draw against Mexico on Wednesday night.

Oribe Peralta scored for Mexico in a rematch of the Gold Cup final.

Klinsmann kicked off a new era in American soccer less than two weeks after he was hired.

He needs more time to make his mark. Klinsmann only held three practices since he took over a program that need a clear jolt after years of mediocre results.

The Americans, with a revamped midfield, need to develop a feel for each other and an understanding of what to expect out of Klinsmann.

  • tom s.

    The US was 15 yds offsides when they scored and neither the us tv or mex tv showed a replay !
    Just a clown show for a few paychecks, wait for world cup the US won’t make it out of the round robin as long as donovan is allowed to play, (since his daddy pays for their travel).
    Klinnsman doesn’t run this club, donovans daddy does!

    • bababooey

      Know the rules before you comment, idiot. According to the laws of FIFA, there is no offside call if the player receives the ball courtesy of a throw-in. However, for this to happen the attacking player must receive the ball directly from the throw. Once the ball is in play and another player touches it, that attacking player must return to an onside position before touching the ball.

  • James

    I wish Klinnsman well, but the best choice would have been Marcelo Bielsa for US Coach. Most people that blast coaches coming from South America have no clue the type of coach Bielsa is. His style is not “South American” or “Argentinian”. In fact, during his tenure as Argentina’s coach, many in the country accused him of trying to bring in the “European” style of play. During his time in Argentina and Chile, the national teams were on top of the qualifying list. Bielsa’s style doesn’t belong to any “country”, but a system that has worked everywhere he has been. The US perhaps missed their mark by not selecting Bielsa. Let’s see what happens…

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