83-Year-Old Gets Breast Implants To Stay Young

SANTA ANA (CBS) — An 83-year-old Santa Ana great-grandmother is making national headlines for getting breast implants.

Marie Kolstad, of Orange County, is the mother of four, the grandmother of 13 and great-grandmother to 12.

Last month, Kolstad decided she needed a little boost in her breasts. So she spent $8,000 for a three-hour procedure.

She figured her family wouldn’t approve, so she didn’t tell them about the surgery until a day before she was scheduled to go under the knife.

Kolstad is not unique. The New York Times reports that a growing segment of the population, namely seniors, is opting for age-defying plastic surgery like never before. And Kolstad told the newspaper that her doctor has patients even older than she.

One NY plastic surgeon said nearly ten percent of all procedures involve people over 65.

A fountain of youth, indeed. Apparently 83 is the new 38.

Kolstad, a property manager, told the Times that it wasn’t about lifting her boobs as much as it was about lifting her self-esteem. “It was more about looking in the mirror and liking who I am,” she said.

And she likes what she sees. “I just wanted nice ones,” she admitted.

Kolstad said she was always a 32A, but now boasts a 36C figure. She was unreachable at the moment for further comment — she is currently rocking a bikini on vacation in Hawaii.

  • Peter

    Cool!! When are you going to start doing granny porn? try to get octomom as your co-star.

  • Charlie

    Is she single ? I’m avalable,

  • Timothy McGarry

    I dunno, I’m thinkin’ the 8 grand would have been better spent on an assisted living facility. Granny’s marbles all rolled under the bed.

    • Freemarket

      That’s the beauty of it. When you have 8 grand, you can spend it on assisted living, she chose to spend it on augmentation. See, you both get to do what you think best.

    • Alice Ramirez

      You comment indicates you look down upon the elderly and are offensively stereotyping.

      She doesn’t sound as if she needs assisted living. She still works and maybe a younger appearance is advantageous in her property management job. Although I doubt that I’d spend $8000 for something an excellent $50 bra could solve when I’m her age, it’s her money and she can do with it as she pleases. All the more power to her.

  • John

    Guts? It takes guts to age with grace, it is easy (if one has the money) to seek the easy way out and seek out plastic surgery in an attempt to look younger. An attempt which in the end is only vanity and conceit. Not to mention the poor example she sets for you and the rest of her descendants. Ultimately the blame lies with our culture that teaches such values. A culture that teaches the easy way out; that values contrived plastic beauty over reality. A true shame.

    • Anon

      Oh, shut up already! No one gives a damn what you think. You’re a complete boor

      • rufus levin

        sounds like someone hit a Democrat Progressive Loon’s hot button…..shut up is the new Ebonics term for “honkie”.

    • Danielle

      Shame on YOU John.

    • Roni

      Since your name is John, I’m assuming you are male. No offense but you have no right to judge a woman and what she does with her body. In my opinion, comments like yours are one of the reason many women have low self-esteem. I think it’s awesome that at her age she still wants to feel young and sexy. Really where is the harm in that. She is a cougar!!

      • rufus levin

        anyone that CHOOSES to do so can FEEL young and sexy without surgery. Kinda like putting more chrome on an old car or spinners on a cheap vehicle…might make you THINK you look cool, but you are kidding your delusional self. Cougar is a newage name for pathetic old byche with no real life or morality. Belong in a zool

      • rj

        tell us how you really feel rufus levin

    • Bill


      That is nonsensical. One does not have to be a female to recognize a bad decision by a female just as someone doesn’t have to be male to criticize a male. As far as the low esteem BS, women are far more judgmental & catty of the appearance of other women then men are of women.

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  • Eliza

    When I first saw the headline, I was shocked. As I read into the article, I found myself kinda smiling FOR her decision. Plastic surgery is such a double edged sword, imo. It’s so easily available (if you can afford it), and it makes a person feel better about themselves. Nobody wants to look bad, old or unattractive. Some naturally age better than others. Any younger person who criticizes an older person having work done has yet to feel the emotional toil of sagging, flat breasts or a face that starts to resemble a melting candle. It’s easy to judge if you haven’t been there, especially if you’re a woman. I have no problem with people who want to do a little bit to help themselves feel better. I DO have a problem with the Heidi Montags and Joan Rivers of the world who don’t know when to stop though. But….good for this grandma. She obviously feels better about herself, whether it took some $ and some “plastic” to get there.

    • PatricParamedic

      Eliza –

      Absolutely. Your sentiments are the same as mine were. My initial reaction was stupid.

  • Georgette Mason

    Insulting language; poor reporting; disgraceful terminology in this entire article. This is not “cutesy”, this is “yellow journalism” in its lowest form. Shame on whomever hired you, and shame on your editor to have let this kind of trash-talk slide by. Shame. Have you no thesaurus or even a high-school education that would allow you to use less offensive phrases in an on-line publication? Disgusting; much more so than the content of the article itself which is nobody’s business but her own. Women have breasts, not “boobs” (a bird), and to refer to nipples as “headlights” went out with the pre-pubescent gigglers long ago.

    • omg

      Stupid article about a granny who’s senile an wants two ewgly boostlies? journalism at its lowest form, get another job moron!

    • Nageur

      Great point. I agree Georgette.

    • Will Campbell

      I too agree with Georgette. I have much more of an issue with the juvenile tone of this article (from someone with a degree from the TMZ school of journalism), than I do with its subject’s decision to get her breasts augmented.

    • WGAF

      Who do you think gave the interview, morons? Now her face and a$$ sag lower than her b00bs.

  • Veronica

    seriously people! I agree with John. To think that an 83 year old woman would get C-cup implants is just gross! Honestly, at that age, they’re useless!! Just be a grandma, stop trying to deny reality- you’re time for sexiness had long since past. Have some dignity!

  • igor doublebubblevich

    I paid $3500 for an x girlfriends here in the inland empire, lot cheaper here.

  • J Alan

    Some Women just never give up the battle…even after years of losing the War.
    an 80 year old plastic surgery queen in a bikini….yuk….

  • YourNeighbor

    Pictures or GTFO

    • Erik

      Ditto! We should be able to judge for ourselves the end results. If it was money well spent or a great big waste! Before and after pics or GTFO!

  • Bill

    Disgusting. Wasting money on an act of vanity at an age where you would hope someone has come to grips with the fact that we as human beings age.

    I have to wonder about the appalling lack of professional ethics of the plastic surgeon. In some ways this isn’t much different then the con artist scamsters who prey on the elderly selling them unnecessary home repairs.

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  • curious

    I’d like to see a (clothed) before and after.

  • JL

    It’s her money and her life. Who are we to say what she can do with either?

  • gramps

    Where did they install them? Her knees?

  • markydocs

    Meanwhile, how much surgery has been done on the gal presenting the story? Looks like nose, cheekbones and breasts at a minimum.

  • Lance Mannion

    This is sad but is anyone really surprised? Spending on a genuine medical need would be fine but blowing it on cosmetic surgery is disgusting. Start college funds for your grandkids if you have so much you’re looking for ways to blow it.

  • Ranger01

    Hey, if the headlights were belly level, that could be difficult to live with. As long as she spent her own money, who cares? Good for her.

  • George Johnson

    Stupid women. They whine about guys caring too much about their breasts, but look at them! They’re more focused on tit size than guys are!

  • Peter F.


  • Barry Friedberg

    Without a brain monitor, anesthesia over medication is given 99.9% of the time; i.e. it’s like Russian roulette.

    People over 50 are more sensitive to the negative effects (i.e. delirium, dementia & death) of anesthesia over medication.

    While one cannot undue previous dementia after anesthesia, for future care do NOT have more anesthesia without a brain monitor.

    Ask before admission, ‘will I have a brain monitor during anesthesia?’

    This ‘request’ must be non-negotiable.

    More information & free suggested letters @ http://www.drbarryfriedberg.com.

  • littleleers

    At 83, it may seem extreme to get breast implants, however, I empathize with this woman. So many “older” women these days are healthier and more physically active. We have given up the rocking chairs, the knitting, and the hair pulled back into a tight bun.

    I say more power to her. I am 60, very fit and active and have considered breast implants. As mentioned, most women my age and older only want to have something to put into our bras. I am not in the mood to be “busting” out with big ones. However, some parts of the body age more rapidly than others. It is possible to have few if any wrinkles but have shrinking deflating breasts.

    Plastic surgery should not be carried to extremes and too much can indicate psychological issues. Just take one look at Priscilla Presley. She looks like a wax figure from the wax museum.

    • rufus levin

      Consider working on your MIND and INTELLECT with learning, instead of attempting to HIDE what nature has done to your body. If you have no power to think and dream, the body part is merely to try and make OTHERS think you are something YOU ARE NOT, and will NEVER BE AGAIN…..like drinking from a bottle to pretend you are a baby to get attention…..grow up and mature, lady. Your shallowness narcissism is showing.

  • Aleina

    At least she is very lucky. Carol Ortiz Has Gigantic Breasts,Desperate for Reduction Surgery. But she has no money..


  • Hose A

    kinda like a tennis ball in a tube sock?

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