REDLANDS (CBS) — A Redlands man is in custody for allegedly abducting and molesting a young girl.

Terence Giberson, 52, was arrested at his apartment in the 900 block of Pine Avenue after another girl in the complex saw the 4-year-old girl inside the unit. The victim was naked, screaming for her mother and banging on the window to draw attention, according to witness reports.

The girl outside found the victim’s parents, who then ran to the apartment to allegedly find their daughter naked and Giberson naked.

terence gibson Naked Girl, 4, Rescued By Father From Redlands Neighbor

(credit: Redlands Police Dept.)

The suspect then hid in a room until police persuaded him to come out about 30 minutes later.

The girl did not suffer physical injuries, according to police.

Giberson faces child molestation and kidnapping charges.

Neighbors said Giberson has lived in the apartment complex for about three years with his wife and adult son. They also said he’s a grandfather.

The suspect has not had any problems with his neighbor up until now, except for yelling at kids to keep quiet because he works a night shift.

Comments (29)
  1. Astonished says:

    I tried saying it before, but apparently got bleeped. First why was a 4-year old outside playing without supervision. Never mind that 4-year olds can get into all kinds of trouble without help. That may have been safe 40 years ago, but not today, and not now.

    Having said that, If this were my child, they wouldn’t have to arrest or try the guy, just mop him up and stow the remains in a petrie jar.

    1. me says:

      I agree, a 4 year old playing outside without supervision was not a great idea. I don’t know what the dad was thinking leaving her but I am not here to judge because I wasn’t there and don’t know what really happened. Maybe he turned his head for a split second and the guy grabbed her..? Who knows, but it’s great her dad found her and they caught this disgusting creep.

      1. REAL NATIVE says:

        I Agree. All White people are Perverted pigs and can’t stop Molesting, Raping, and Killing kids. They should all be castrated and deported.

    2. Sal says:

      Don’t even try blaming the kids dad
      He acted quickly and deduced from
      finding the sippee cup the child’s location
      before any physical abuse occurred
      He is a hero

  2. Cmon says:

    I never try to say someone looks like this or that based on appearance, but this guy looks like a child molester.

    1. yikes says:

      He is the kind of guy you avoid on the streets.. he looks crazy all the way

  3. greg says:

    How he was able to walk out of his apt. is odd to me, the dad must me a major puzzy, if it was my daughter the neighbor would have been taken to county USC in an ambulance

    1. Clown says:

      Dude are you for real? Gee, tough guy, lucky for him she wasn’t your daughter. You probably need to get a date first though, dorkwad.

      1. Steve_B says:

        Obviously you are a Clown and not a parent since I would have done the same thing. By the way I am a tough guy and you ought to quit “acting” like one on the keyboard, move out of youyour Mommy’s house and get a life yourself you D_ouche Bag.

      2. Steve smokes pole says:

        Hey Steve B.
        Anytime, anywhere. Make sure your affairs are in order first, you tool.

      3. greg says:

        Yeah clown, some of us actually would do what we say we would do, and what the he ll does a date have to do with my comment, you miss your meds or are you around 12 yrs old. You call yourself clown for a reason im sure

      4. Boyfriends 4ever says:

        Greg and Steve B.
        Anytime you ladies need a good beating, let me know. I’ll meet you in Van Nuys.
        Talk about internet talkers, you two dorks take the cake.

      5. Jeezus says:

        van nuys?….he said fight you not f*** you.

      6. ND says:

        @Clown/Steve smokes pole/Boyfriends 4ever .. Why don’t you use one name? For someone who ALWAYS “tries” to act tuff on these blogs and wants to meet people up I would think you would put your real name and not hide behind your computer with your empty threats. Do yourself a favor and get a life you imbecile.

  4. BD McGee says:

    Personally I think he looks well-educated and extremely mentally stable. Maybe the girl was setting him up…huh? huh? Think outside the box ya’ll.

  5. Talega says:

    Sometimes we think that a fence around our property will protect our kids. That is not the case. When my son was small, I was always outside with him to make sure nothing untoward happened.

  6. james says:

    Wow, Christian Bale’s a pederast! Whoddah thunk it?

  7. DH says:

    How was a 4 year old outside without parents watching? What the heck is going on here? Can’t expect other kids to watch your kids when they are outside. Sorry, this is the real world now.

  8. Fed Up says:

    A dirty, repulsive white guy as the suspect, no surprise there!

    1. Jeezus says:

      hmmm….not sure what you’re getting at but the other story today involves a young mex who looks clean cut and just like every other decent immigrante, pero he’s just as filthy if not worse than this guy since the latino is young and already bringing the filth.

      I bet you’re FED UP……bet your crazy mex uncle laid into you real nice and kept you fed up.

  9. Jim Gates says:

    if im the father im finding that guy and kicking the crud out of him before i hand him over to police

  10. johnnybgood says:

    why dont guys like this resist arrest and get tazed and beaten down to a pulp like the poor fella from fullerton..

  11. EX-TROUBLE MAKER says:


  12. steve says:

    no offense meant to anyone here..but yes..had it been my 4year old daughter…the man would be dead. no plea insaniity the dog told me to do it or it was the ‘voices’ that told me …JUST DEAD.and with no second thoughts or regrets!

  13. LOLz says:

    I just gotta ask What’s wrong with you white folk?
    Is it the crack and meth that turn you into
    sexual predators/ deviants?

    1. Jeezus says:

      the difference between whites and blacks is that blacks stay together and will link up by color alone, whereas whites link up through mental capacity….the dumb and criminal with the dumb and criminal of any color, and the smart and respectful with the smart and respectable of any color……occasionally there’s a slip up, but on the whole, whites dont just foolishly and blindly follow others ’cause of skin color as do blacks.

      also, black people can even take a useless word like LOL and ebonic it with a Z. dont even use that phrase let alone trend it up even more. it’s like saying “real talk”. you just dont do it, atleast certainly not anymore.

  14. Write says:

    I cant believe I use to work with that son of a B**** that man always seemed odd and never talked to anyone if I would have known he was a perv I would have kicked his ass.

  15. EllenaSmith says:

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