105003760 Hes The Man And He Damn Well Knows It

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In 2003 a movie called All the Real Girls opened on seven screens across the United States. Unless you were one of the three hundred or so people who went to a theater and saw it, you missed the silver screen debut of Danny McBride. McBride is best known for his role as Kenny Powers, has-been baseball badass in HBO’s hit series Eastbound & Down.

Kenny Powers, a cross between John Rocker and Jesus, spent the entirety of Season One trying to, and eventually succeeding, at hooking up with the plentifully chested April Buchanon (played by Katy Mixon). He then gallivants on down to Mexico to for Season Two and partakes in Vida (Ana de la Reguera) for a good while. Kenny Powers Mojo knows no border patrol. Yes, his Mojo is powerful enough to require capitalization.

Before he was throwing heat as KP, McBride was featured in the understated, overly-funny Hot Rod as Rico. He was also in Drillbit Taylor, but nobody saw that so let’s move on. McBride (note: I typed McRib on my first attempt there) appeared in Tropic Thunder alongside man’s man Robert Downey Jr., boy’s man Jack Black and that one man Ben Stiller. McBride played a pyrotechnic, every man’s childhood dream. Also in 2008 was hemp-bromance comedy Pineapple Express, where he got high a lot and betrayed his best friend. But, like a true man, he avenged his former blunder by running someone over with a Daewoo Lanos.

104202073 Hes The Man And He Damn Well Knows It

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McBride had smaller roles in Observe and Report (mall cop movie that isn’t Paul Blart), Land of the Lost, and showed his more dramatic side in a few great scenes from the even greater Up in the Air. Just talking to George Clooney, on or off screen, earns you a man badge. Recently, McBride produced, wrote and starred in Your Highness, where he went medieval on Natalie Portman (high five!). He has also showed his more animated side, lending his voice to Despicable Me and Kung Fu Panda 2.

McBride’s man-range has gone from pot smoker to baseball player who happens to smoke pot; he’s been a wolf and a pyro. Along the way he’s written and produced many of his most popular roles.

Coming up he has 30 Minutes or Less, where he straps a bomb to the guy who invented Facebook (Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network) and forces him to rob a bank. Alongside the two is comedy bad boy/heart throb Aziz Ansari, whose name surprisingly didn’t get a red squiggly line underneath it when I typed it out.

Kyle Ayers is an astronaut and craft-fair attendee who hopes someday he won’t have to lie in his byline. Follow him @kyleayers on twitter

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