SUN VALLEY (CBS) — Police say 24-year-old Ernesto Vasquez, who they believed had abducted his 2-year-old son earlier Sunday evening, has reportedly brought the child to a police station safe and sound.

Police accused him of firing a shot at an unknown person inside the home of his estranged wife. He then reportedly took the child, also named Ernesto.

The child was brought into the Hollenbeck Station.

Vasquez is also reportedly carrying a semi automatic weapon.

The person Vasquez reportedly fired upon was not injured.

It is not known if Vasquez will face weapons or child endangerment charges.

Comments (9)
  1. colleen says:

    Rube….There is bad behavior in every race of people, stop being so STUPID! Grow up

    1. Just the facts says:

      Racism bad. Yes, we know.

      But look at the numbers and it is interesting to see that in a mixed population, the Hispanic population outnumbers all other races combined as being suspects by a factor of four.

      here are the numbers for the past year and a half:

      2 white suspects
      2 black suspects
      16 hispanic suspects

      Rather than playing the race card and pulling posts to hide this information – why not bring this up to authorities to do some PSA’s or other outreach to get the message out in the hispanic communities and help try to reduce the numbers.

      Just because race is a factor sometimes does not mean we can’t take appropriate actions like adults rather than call people names or lose the message and ignore the problem because it might be twisted to be racist.

    2. BB&LB says:

      This doesn’t fix anything. Big balls is still in trouble for kidnapping little balls.

  2. Just the facts says:

    After Rube and Gerbear’s comments, I had to go look.

    In California since Feburary of 2010 (as far back as my records go) there have been 20 Amber Alerts. 2 were White suspects. 2 were black suspects. 16 were Hispanic suspects.

    Looks like Rube has a point. Why are Hispanics so overrepresented in kidnapping kids?

    1. Gerbear says:

      Stats or not, Rube’s comment was simply uncalled-for. While you do have a point, I was mostly pointing out Rube’s unnecessary generalization.

      Where do you have these records, though?

  3. Just the facts says:

    That’s how long I have been a subscriber to the amber alert messages. I went and reviewed the past messages which give location, and basic information on suspect and victim. I’m sure there is probably some place online that has all the past info/alerts. And I’m not even sure if this trend holds true to other states. Not to mention it is a fairly small sample size to draw any meaningful conclusions from. But the numbers are staggering.

    Rubes comment may have been, well, rube-ish – but it made me look and found the stats that I posted above.

    1. Gerbear says:

      Thanks for the stats, then! While it is a very small sample size, there does seem to be a trend that could be looked into with more data. I can’t find up-to-date stats online, but I can’t be bothered to trawl Google right now. XD

  4. DinDin says:

    Stupid Latin Soap Opera Drama again.

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