LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A 39-year-old Mt. Baldy man died Wednesday when his motorcycle hit a car that was turning left in front of him, police said.

The collision occurred about 2:30 p.m. on Los Feliz Boulevard and Rowena Avenue.

The motorcyclist was going eastbound on Los Feliz when he hit a 2010 Infinity G37 driven by a 20-year-old man from Los Angeles who was going from westbound Los Feliz to southbound Rowena.

The unidentified motorcyclist was taken to a hospital where he died a short time later. The driver of the car was not injured.

The investigation is still underway. Anyone with information was asked to call Detective M. Kaden at (213) 972-1837 or Detective J. DeLeon at (213) 972-1845.

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Comments (17)
  1. Leeland says:

    Had to have been an idiot in a big hurry in his G37. You killed a man because you couldn’t take one second longer to check the road to see what was headed in your direction, a motorcylist that had the right of way. I hope your license is revoked. Learn how to drive you moron. LEARN TO SEE MOTORCYCLES. SHARE THE ROAD. I’ll bet you’ll see Motorcyles now, you dolt.

    1. just me says:

      Revoke his license?? He is a killer. Vehicular manslaughter, at least. He deserves long jail time. Take his lifetime away, and let him rot his life away..

    2. Mattcut99 says:

      The motorcyclist was speeding in between parked cars and stopped traffic. The car was turning in an intersection where the other traffic was stopped. The motorcyclist was an idiot going way too fast in between cars.

  2. Mel Gibson says:

    Motorcycles should not be allowed on Roads at all. Neither should we allow Bicycles. Too many idiot car drivers

    1. RJ says:

      Why disallow motorcycles and bicycles on the roads just because car drivers are the idiots? I see so many people in cars do such stupid things–where is a cop when you need one? The city could make a lot of money just by having police ticket all the drivers with a death wish. Speeding, talking on cell phones, changing lanes without signaling, running red lights, failing to stop at stop sgns, tailgating–I see it all the time. I just wish the police were around to see it when I do.

      1. Mark Halman says:

        you cnnt catchb em all

    2. Mark Halman says:

      mabye idiots like you should not be allowed on the road.

  3. TH says:

    Left turns are a constant danger. The law should be changed to forbid left turns in non-controlled intersections that require crossing more than one lane of oncoming traffic, as was the case in this accident. Intersections with left turn lanes and lights need to allow more time for more cars to make their turns, so frustrating that only 3 or 4 make it through when there’s a long line of cars waiting, sometimes waiting through two cycles of the traffic lights. The pressure to make that turn oftentimes causes drivers who get caught waiting in the middle of the street to want to “squeeze” themselves through when they see even the slightest opening. By changing signal timing, left turns don’t have to be the anxiety-inducing “hit the gas” situation that they are presently.

  4. No signal drivers says:

    Most left turn collisions happen when the car turning left DOESN’T signal. Why don’t ppl signal? Because the CHP and police DON’T write tickets unless it suits them….

    Our DMV needs a new set of rules. Safety issues like tailgating and failure to yield should result in loss of the driving privilege. also

    Better watch out for the south-of-the-border drivers; they have a new game. They look right at you and then pull out in front of you. Doesn’t matter WHAT you need to do to avoid a accident or they look for opportunity’s to have YOU be at fault to collect $$$. I have noticed this activity is on the rise so be careful!

  5. James says:

    Take away his license forever! Jail time too! He killed someone….literally killed someone yesterday. This city is way to “anti motorcycle” either way. They conserve gas, emissions and parking and we treat cyclist like criminals. I guess we have seen too many Mad Max movies where the bikes are the bad guys.

  6. VokMan Rishad says:

    I really wish that people would put down their cell phones and DRIVE when they are behind the wheel. PAY ATTENTION to what is going on around you.


  7. fyall yo says:

    Motorcyclists deserve everything they get- arrogant idiots.

  8. Leon says:

    That was my best friend that was killed. He was a safe rider that always wore all the right gear. I will miss him very much and will take care family of pets. I will miss you CREEP DOG

    1. Jo says:

      I saw him a few times, but did not really know him. May God bless him. May he rest in peace.

  9. facetoface says:

    It was in NO way the vehicle driver’s fault. Unfortunately, the motorcyclist was riding too.

  10. Jo says:

    All of you guys argue too much.
    Nothing can be undone. A Life ended, and friends and families are left devastated.
    Can everybody please take a moment, speak a prayer, or light a candle for this young life lost.
    Maybe this is a wake up call to some people to pay more attention in whatever they do in life.
    Whoever is at fault, it is done, nobody can turn the clock back, just look forward, and live the best life you are able to life.
    May God bless all of you.

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