STUDIO CITY (CBS) — The CBS Evening News came to Los Angeles!

Crews have been setting up at the Studio City Broadcast Center all week. They put together the anchor desk and made sure everything from cameras to lighting will be picture perfect.

Pelley, who has been the evening anchor for about eight months, sat with Pat Harvey and Paul Magers to discuss coming to LA, how he hopes to travel all over the country and bring the anchor desk with him as well as challenges of reporting late-breaking news, the economy and goings-on in Washington.

img 0179 CBS Evening News Broadcast From Studio City Wednesday

PHOTOS: CBS Evening News In Los Angeles

Comments (5)
  1. Hollywood Reporter says:

    Big Deal.

  2. The Mad Man says:

    AND this affects my life…how?

  3. nomechifles says:

    This will not inprove my unemployed status. I wish it did.

  4. LA's the place says:

    Why is this important to residents of LA? Are we all going to get a piece of the action? Np, so big deal.

  5. Florence Ferrara says:

    This is a featured announcement which just shows why news in LA is so stupid.
    Are we suppose to be excited and overjoyed that another dumb news show is coming to LA as if they didn’t have enough already – what – no other news in the world was as important as this. Please – wind up and go back over newscasts from years ago when networks knew what news was and reported it.

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