ANAHEIM (CBS) — A local group of self-professed atheists in Orange County have launched a provocative ad campaign that challenges the Bible and questions the existence of God.

Backyard Skeptics debuted the campaign on Friday at an Anaheim bus stop with an ad depicted a picture of the Bible with the group’s slogan underneath reading, “Have doubts? So do we.”

A spokesman told the Orange County Register the $8,000 effort is aimed at letting “nonbelievers know there is a community of non-theists who share the idea that we can be good without God.”

The group, which claims membership ranks numbering over 400, wants to “encourage others to look at their world view with critical thinking skills so they too can feel they can be good without God,” according to their website.

As many as thirty bus-shelter ads are slated to go up in neighboring cities, including Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Mission Viejo and Newport Beach.

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  1. Big H says:

    This is 100% ANTI American. We are a Christian Nation, in God We Trust.

    1. lori says:

      No we’re not obviously by your comment. I’m a proud Atheist and so are my kids and husband, but we respect people’s views and beliefs, whatever they may be.

      1. believer says:

        You and your family dont belive in God ? You certainly will when you meet Him.

      2. cloudnine says:

        Are you serious???? Proud Atheist??? Seriously. I can guarantee that when you or one of your family members is taking their last breathe they are going to BEG HIM for forgiveness & to have mercy on you. The great thing about GOD is that he will give you that because no matter what you say HE will always LOVE YOU!!!!

    2. freethought says:

      It is about time that you learned American history from somewhere besdies the pulpit.

      1. Joe Dionne says:

        It is about time that you learned American history.

    3. notbrainwashed says:

      How can we be a christian nation when there is supposed to be a separation of church and state? Further more forcing your religion on others is unamerican, remember why the pilgrims came here in the first place.

    4. AgnosticLady says:

      Really? You and I must live in different Americas. The one I live in allows the freedom to choose. Black and white thinking, like what you’ve exhibited, is dangerous and ignorant.

    5. American Stan says:

      Get out of my country. NOW! Religion does not belong in politics. Period.

      1. ablecynic says:

        Then why does the Constitution GUARANTEE the free expression of religion to every citizen? I think that you are the one who needs to get out of OUR country. You certainly don’t belong in it since you don’t support our Constitution.

    6. Will Williams says:

      A nation that collectively aborts 1.2 million babies a year can hardly be called Christian.

    7. noneoff says:

      When you think about it who actually wrote the bible? Today’s version exists in many different languages, and many different Christian branch religions. There is Christianity, Catholics, Lutheran, and Unitarians, just to name a few. And this is all the New Testament. From the point in time when the New Testament was written to now, how many translations and rewrites have there been. Then your have the Old Testament. Why was it re-written to the New Testament? What was wrong with the old one? And who did the translating from the old to the new. Who wrote the original bible? And from the point in time when the Old Testament was written to the time when the New Testament was written, how many translations and rewrites have there been. Can any one come up with legitimate answers to these questions that does not involve god being the original source, because I do not believe that god spoke to any one to write this all down.

      1. Christian Girl says:

        Hahaha… The New Testament isn’t a new version of the Old Testament. The “Old” refers to the portion of the Bible originally written in the Hebrew language and covers creation and a history of God’s relationship with the Isrealites. The “New” refers to the portion written in Greek and covers the life and ministry of Jesus Christ along with the book Revelation which addresses Armegedon, i.e. God’s war against mankind’s governments which ends with their destruction and the installation of God’s Kingdom here on earth which will mean the earth being transformed back to a beautiful paradise like God originally purposed for mankind.

      2. noneoff says:

        Christian Girl,

        You still did not answer my questions as to who wrote either testament.

      3. ImChristian says:

        The beauty about the bible is it coincides with historical events. it’s a book that was written by 40 men over about 1600 years and yet all authors points to Christ. If you really want to find out more you can read the bible first and then comment. Also, here’s a good link that you can go to

        it’s a conversation between an atheist and Matt Slick…very interesting.

      4. Eric Dutton says:

        I just read the conversation at the link you provided. There were no atheists on that page. “Dan” says that he isn’t trying to prove that God doesn’t exist, and he says that only God knows the future. He doesn’t even sound like an agnostic, He’s more of a weakly theist chat room troll who argues like 14-year-old. Disliking or being angry at religion doesn’t make one an atheist.
        You could say the most profane things imaginable about Jesus, Moses, the Pope, Mary, and Jerry Falwell, but if you think that any god exists in any objective way except as a recurring character in literature and oral traditions, then you simply aren’t an atheist.

      5. Arod says:


        The bible was written by different people as in “the book of …..” but all were inspired by God. The belief in these writings is where faith comes in.
        I am a christian and believe In both God the creator and Jesus the saviour. Muslums and Jews believe in the same God but that Jesus was only another good prophet, not the messiah (saviour).
        The old Testament covers the time under old Jewish law, (The law of Mosses) and the use of blood sacrifice to ask God to forgive sins made by man,
        The New Testament begins with Jesus and the “NEW” coveant or law with God with Jesus being the last sacrifice. His blood on the cross forgives the sins of those who believe he was sent as their saviour, again this is where faith comes in. Most jews and muslums do not believe Jesus was the true messiah and believe the messiah will be born in the future.
        This is where most of the fighting and disagreement come from and people feel strongly enough about their faith and belife that wars are started over the subject.

        As for this artical…of course peopel who believe there is no God can still be good and wonderful people but the bible states that “good works alone will not be enough to enter heaven. First you must believe there is one and that God created everything and that Jesus was sent to forgive your sins.

    8. Tony says:

      If you say that the majority of Americans are Christians, then I agree. But to claim that any negative statements challenging this “imaginary god” is unamerican is just plain silly.

    9. IEguy says:

      “I have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the world, and do not find in our particular superstition (Christianity) one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology.” Thomas Jefferson

    10. IEguy says:

      Gosh! Maybe you could explain that to Thomas Jefferson & Ben Franklin & Thomas Paine & George Washington among many of the Founding Fathers who were either outright Deists (and not Christian) or simply Freethinkers.
      “Christianity neither is, nor ever was, a part of the Common Law.” Thomas Jefferson

      “Some books against Deism fell into my hands. . . It happened that they wrought an effect on me quite contrary to what was intended by them; for the arguments of the Deists, which were quoted to be refuted, appeared to me much stronger than the refutations; in short, I soon became a thorough Deist.” Benjamin Franklin

      “What is it the New Testament teaches us? To believe that the Almighty committed debauchery with a woman engaged to be married; and the belief of this debauchery is called faith.” Thomas Paine

    11. Sgt. Fowler says:

      You say being an atheist is unAmerican? What branch did you serve in? I am a proud Marine and a Christian, not Atheist and I know many Atheists in the Marines and Navy that I serve with. Do you think they are unAmerican? This country was founded on freedom of religion and free from religious persecution. When you judge someone for not believing as you do, you are no better than the Taliban I have to fight who force their views on others. Judge not lest the be judge. You are not the judge, only GOD. I pray for you because their are Atheists fighting for your right to believe. Take a second and reflect.

  2. Maluhia says:

    This is perfectly fine – if a church can do it, so can a non-church. But what gets me, is why do EITHER organizations (church or atheist) need to try so hard to solicit fellow believers or non-believers? Why can’t we all just believe whatever we want without trying to pull others into our same view?? The attempt to get people to believe what you believe is SO WEIRD to me!!!

    1. AgnosticLady says:

      I agree! And how exhausting it must be!

    2. believer says:

      As Christians we are to share our faith and the word of God with as many people as we can but not force it on them. If you dont accept the truth about a living God then that is your choice but unfortuneately for people that make a choice to not believe in God will regret it when they meet Him. Eternity gets closer and closer as the years go by so find a good Bible based church and seek the truth about God. The enemy has lied to and confused anyone who doesnt believe in God and as Christians it hurts because none of us want to see anyone go to Hell. Thats why you may misunderstand someone you feel is forcing their faith in God on you. Harvest Crusade in Anaheim Aug 12-14 is a good place to be for those that want to hear the truth about God.

      1. noneoff says:

        Which god are you talking about? The god of the christians, the god of the jews or muslims. Which One? There are many religions, why do I have to believe that your god is the one and only god.

      2. believer says:

        The God that created Adam and Eve. The God of JAcob and Abraham. The Alpha and the Omega. The God that gave His son The Lord Jesus Christ to die for your sins. The God you will meet and determine your eternal life.

      3. noneoff says:

        But what if I’m not of your faith? What if I’m a Buddhist, or I’m Hindi, am I still subject to your god?

  3. Judy says:

    Why is it ok for them to spread their beliefs in cities, but if we say we believe in God we get attacked? God is real! As the comment above-in GOD WE TRUST!

    1. GAIL MERCER says:



      1. Jason says:

        Could your statement possibly be any more preposterously ironic? Protesting that they are pushing their beliefs on you, while at the same time telling the atheists that they should shut up and accept public expressions of your God; have you any self-awareness whatever?

    2. lori says:

      You believe God is real we don’t simple as that. No one is spreading their beliefs. They’re not going to your door and giving you pamphlets and riding on their bikes on a mission. We just need to respect one another.

    3. TT says:

      Im not trusting anybody else BUT GOD ALMIGHTY – can you imagine the results? i dont think they would be good……A while back I got into a very trying situation – and it made me realize why we should ” lean not on our own understanding” – all my “bright ideas” I realized weren’t so great after all… I trusted Him and He was Faithful… It all worked out….

    4. Sgt. Fowler says:

      A good Christian will share their faith and belief in the lord but not force it upon others. Be a fisher of men but don’t use a spear to bring them in. More people are turned away from the church due to members of the church that judge, tell others how to live and if you disagree with them you are damned to hell. The Christian fath is about acceptance, do on to others and if they disagree all you can do is pray and said you tried. Any more than that and you are no better than the islamic nations that force religion down your throat and have religious police to enforce religious laws. There is separation of church and state for a reason, last thing we need is a holly roller in charge wanting to lead another crusade,. As for IN GOD WE TRUST, that was place on currency during the Eisenhower administration as a publicity rally against the Soviet Union to point out we are a Christian Nation and they were Godlees heathens. Fact is the two primary religions at that time were Russian Orthodox (protestant) and Russian Jews.

  4. Jeremy says:

    It is ok for you to put up ads about Christianity, in fact it’s done all the time. People are constantly spreading their Christian beliefs. Education is important, God or not, remember that ;).

  5. JOHN says:

    I’m glad to see these guys come out of the closet. It’s dark and dingy in there, but where they are going to ultimately end up is quite dark, cold, and I would not want to spend my eternity in their shoes.

    Atheists are very ARROGANT people and this is just another way of demonstrating that arrogance. To have a NON-BELIEF in GOD means that you would have to somehow believe you know everything. That is pretty arrogant. If you are an Atheist and don’t believe you know everything, then GOD certainly could be in that part of everything you don’t know. What is truly amazing to me is that this arrogance spills over into the question of intelligence. Most Atheists I know believe they have superior intelligence, but I find them rather boring and lacking in understanding of the world in general.

    1. lori says:

      Sorry that you’ve meet people like that, not everyone is like that. I can say the same thing about people that believe in God, but they are Christians that respect Atheist.

  6. lori says:

    You believe God is real we don’t simple as that. No one is spreading their beliefs. They’re not going to your door and giving you pamphlets and riding on their bikes on a mission. We just need to respect one another.

    1. TDZ says:

      No, your group is just posting opinionated bus terminal billboards. Just because we have freedom of speech, doesn’t mean it’s always in good taste.

      1. lori says:

        Just like the billboard about the Rapture. I’ve seen plenty of pro-religion billboards and it’s about time there is one for Atheist.

  7. The Mad Man says:

    How about the mysteries of the govt? Why do we fly a flag that we no longer believe in? Beliefs? Now there is a joke!

  8. Sean McDonough says:

    You know what’s a good way to be “good without god”? Taking that 8k and giving it to a secular charity instead of putting up a bunch of petty billboards.

    1. Eric Dutton says:

      Of course! This cause isn’t important enough, is it? If we could just rank all causes and figure out which one is the best, then we could just give all the money everywhere to that cause and let every other cause in the world wait its turn. What’s the point of working on equal rights for women AND minorities at the same time? Aren’t we just spreading ourselves thin? Why are we even worried about homelessness when some people have cancer? Why worry about cancer when there is torture? Anyone who cares about people who feel like they can’t accept the doubts they have about their place in the universe . . . well, they need to get their priorities straight. We just don’t have time to care about them. Sheesh! First-world problems.

  9. brian says:

    Atheistism is the new religion, now if they will just shut up, nobody cares.

  10. notbrainwashed says:

    Come on people, if I were an all powerful god I think I could do better than creating humans as my crowning glory. A supreme being created by a god would not war, would not dominate with fear and violence, would not pollute it’s planet to destruction, would not overpopulate itself, etc. etc. God belonged to the dark ages when humans did not know any better. As a progressive species why would I want to believe in a 2000 year old concept of god made by humans that can’t even agree on which god is real or not?

    1. Mark Anthony says:

      So you would create ‘robot-like’ creatures that can only do what you deem is good?

  11. Jeremy says:

    I love all the hate, intolerence, and stereotyping displayed in this forum, I’m sure Jesus would approve lol.

    And yes I’m mostly referring to the people speaking on religions behalf.

  12. Jay says:

    Having a rock-solid belief that there is without question a god…or a rock-solid belief that there is NOT a god are equally ignorant/foolish/arrogant/cowardly belief systems.
    The only belief system that truly makes any sense whatsoever is AGNOSTICISM!!! Ya know…the belief that we here on earth really & truly dodnt know a goddam thing, and that the only ones who do have a clue are dead & gone & aint telling us anything. Christians who state unequivocally that there is a god are fools who are too scared to face the possibility that this all happened by chance, and atheists are basically arrogant elitists who refuse to allow for the possibility of a god.
    Either way, I dont want a f’ing thing to do with either camp.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Jay, your ignorance about atheists is obvious, so I’ll offer some enlightenment. Agnosticism if a cop-out. I’m an atheist and I readily admit I can’t disprove god. However there are many things I cannot disprove, I also can’t disprove the existance of Zues, or Apollo, or a giant flying invisible teddy bear. However that doesn’t mean I’m agnostic towards those things. It just means that logically I can conclude they most likely don’t exist. I am in no way part of any camp, I don’t have any affiliation with any official atheist group. But that doesn’t mean I can’t see the folly of your argument. Hope this helps clarify some of your misconceptions.

      1. Joe Dionne says:

        “I readily admit I can’t disprove god” Sounds agnostic to me.

      2. Jeremy says:

        That’s because you don’t understand critical or logical thinking, there really isn’t anything one can positively disprove.

      3. Joe Dionne says:

        So your saying the earth might be flat and might be the center of the universe? You might be wrong. You have no idea what I understand. If your comment above is an accurate description of your beliefs then you my friend are an agnostic.

      4. Jeremy says:

        You’re lack of understanding is saddening. Yes, in fact I am saying those things are a possibility, it’s extremely extremely unlikely, but I can’t completely rule out the possibility. And actually I do have a very good idea of what you don’t understand, since you seem unable to grasp the concept of a lack of certainty. And no I am not an agnostic, and your inability to comprehend the fact that just because I can’t say with complete certainty that there isn’t one, does not mean I’m an agnostic.


        a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.

        I do not believe in the existance of a supreme being, or beings. I cannot prove this, or say it with 100% certainty, but this is still what life has led me to believe. Therefor I am an atheist. is your friend.

  13. John Dale says:

    And a very much needed ad it is too, judging by the ignorance of a handful of the posts to this thread.

  14. Joe Dionne says:

    If that ad had a picture of the Koran or a book of Buddhist teachings it would be considered insulting and not be allowed.

  15. Joe says:

    I have one question to atheists: Dig deep into your heart and find the source of why you do not believe in the existence of God. Take out your pride and alleged superior intelligence and bring out the root of your reason why you think that the God of the bible does not exist.

    Have you bought to human reasoning that questions the consistencies or the truth about the events of the bible? You don’t think they are true? You don’t think that Jesus Christ is the Messiah?

    The bible mentions a lot of incidences of people doubting God. When Jesus came down to earth, many did not believe that He was the Messiah even though He performed miracles and healed the sick which were witnessed by many people. Even religious leaders doubted Jesus. In spite of the proof that Jesus showed that He was indeed the Messiah, there were still people who did not believe.

    Atheists belong to the same group of people who will always doubt that there is God regardless of the proof that is shown to them. They will always find a way to plant doubt on the Word of God because they don’t want to submit to God’s will. Atheists will always ask for some fantastic miracle as a proof of God’s existence. The only time atheists will realize how wrong they were is when they die and their soul is brought to the presence of God. It is only then that their worse fear will be realized.

    It’s your soul. It’s your doubt. It’s your eternal destination.

    Have doubts? Doubters had been around since the old testament. The road to hell is paved with doubters.

    Jesus Christ is the only Messiah. Give your lives to God because God exists. I don’t care if my belief is made fun of by atheists. As long as I know that God loves me, that is enough comfort for my soul. I want to be with my God when I leave this earth.

    Don’t leave this earth without Jesus as your Messiah. Good deeds will not save you. You need a savior and that is Jesus Christ.

    1. Jeremy says:

      That’s a very fancy way of saying, believe in Jesus or go to hell. Because that’s what Jesus taught, believe in what I say or suffer the consequences. You my friend, are a perfect example of the teachings of Jesus Christ gone awry. I’ll choose not to believe in something simply because I’m afraid of the consequences of not believing, thank you very much.

      1. Joe says:

        Jeremy, in your note, you said, “That’s what Jesus taught…” I am delighted at least that you acknowledge the existence of Jesus.

        You have the freedom not to believe in Jesus as the Messiah because God gave us the freedom of choice. You also said that you chose not to believe because there is a consequence of not believing.

        Well Jeremy, your choice is not to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Tell me then, WHAT or WHO do you believe in? Are you hoping that hell is just a human creation to scare people into behaving?

        If your choice is to not believe in God then be prepared for the eternal consequence. I am sure you won’t like it.

      2. Jeremy says:

        It is indeed one’s right to believe in something or not believe in it. But I’m afraid you misquote me, I did not say that I do not believe in Christianity because there is a consequence for not believing. I said that believing in Christianity because you fear the consequences of not, is the wrong reason to believe. I suggest you look introspectively into your own life and tell me whether you think it’s a good idea to believe anything because of fear.

        As to what I believe in, I can’t say for sure yet, I don’t believe in a divine or supernatural being if that’s what your asking. I do believe in morals and ethics however, because the two are quite seperate. Hope this helps.

      3. Christian Girl says:

        Hi Jeremy… it bothers me that people are speaking about “hell” as if it’s a place of burning torment. The God I worship does not burn his children eternally and it’s teachings like that which have casued so many to turn away from the real, true God of the Bible. The English word “hell” is translated from the Greek and Hebrew words “Sheol” and “Hades”. Both words simply mean mankind’s common “grave”. In fact, many of God’s servants, when in difficult situations, asked to be “concealed in Sheol” and express that they know God will remember them there and resurrect them again to life. So, Hell is not hot. False religion has used this teaching to “scare” people into doing what’s right in their eyes, i.e. donate all your money, kill others who are unbelievers so we can take their land and resources, etc. God has been soooo misrepresented to you that it’s no wonder that you don’t want to know Him. I wouldn’t either.

      4. Mark Anthony says:

        @Christian Girl,
        I agree with your concept of Hell or Hades. It is the place of the dead. Nothing more. But isn’t the following part of the same Bible you read? The book of Revelations speaks of another place, which is defined as the Second Death – “And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever…Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.

    2. lori says:

      YAWN. It’s great that you believe in that and respect your belief, but you’re going to be disappointed when your just, well dead.

      1. Joe says:

        My human body will die but my soul will live for eternity in God’s paradise.

        Physical death to the real servants of God is just a departure from the sufferings of this world. Physical death takes the real followers of God to His presence where earthly pain no longer exist.

        This might sound like a fairy tale story to you but God’s paradise is true. It is a place where non-believers and atheists will never set foot on.

    3. noneoff says:

      God or those who say the son of god did not die on the cross. Some man was crucified by the Romans, and is now depicted as Jesus Christ the savior.

  16. Steve C. says:

    Being an Agnostic myself I think this is a great idea. People should be aware that there is nothing wrong with having doubts. Should you choose to believe, that’s fine, but as Americans and human beings it is within our rights to declare how we feel.

    As for some of the comments regarding this, I am reminded of the first graffiti I ever saw as a kid. “Jesus saves…Green Stamps!” Dated but still funny!

  17. Ron -> says:

    Love it.

    And now I feel compelled to invite each and every person here to my blog:

    You’ll be a better Christian for it, Jesus told me so.

  18. Joe Dionne says:

    There is not a doubt in my mind that God is real. Not because I’m afraid of the eternal consequences but because I see him make a difference in my life and the lives of others on an almost daily basis. Even If I was to have proof that there was no God, I would still live a Christian way of life. I do not care to contemplate the consequences of not doing so. God answers prayer, He guides me in making difficult decisions when I don’t have a clue what to do. And if by some wild chance when I die there turns out there is no God, I have lost nothing and will have a very great life. All of you keep going the way you’re going you’ll find out.

    1. lori says:

      Just because you think you’re living a “christian” life, whatever that may be, makes you a better person, I highly doubt it. We live an atheist life and my family is doing pretty good.

      You don’t know how an atheist person is. For all you know your boss can be an atheist or your neighbor or someone close to you. Atheist are just like everyone else, we just don’t believe in anything superficial, god or satan and everything that goes along with it.

      There are Atheist that are good people, better than some Christians. My family and I will also have great life. We are proud Atheist nothing to be ashamed of.

      1. Joe Dionne says:

        How in the world do you get from my post that I think I am better than anyone else? You really need not be so defensive I am not attacking you. And where in my post did I say you should be ashamed? Just think on this, Which one of us stands to lose more if we are wrong?

  19. Mark Anthony says:

    Are there any plans on this campaign going international? Saudi Arabia is in dire need of this enlightenment.

  20. David Tiffany says:

    You don’t doubt. You know God is there.

    1. Bobby D says:

      Where was this wonderful “god” when 19 Saudis slammed airplanes into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and some random field in Pennsylvania? This “god” is so great but slaughters 3000+? Even better, this “god” allowed a powerful earthquake to hit Haiti, one of the most religious Caribbean nations. Death toll: 200,000+. I fail to see your logic.

  21. bobby d says:

    the postings on here are hilarious. Most of the pro-Christianity comments are “believe in Christianity because we say so. If you don’t, deal with it.” Sounds like Taliban-lite. Although. My favorite commentary was when it was mentioned that atheists can be arrogant. The atheist responses to that post were beyond arrogant.
    To those actually reading through the comments, put your critical thinking hat for a moment and think about some of the more pointed pro-Christianity comments. If you think about it, the comments provided sound like the ramblings of a mentally disturbed individual, possibly schizo… just a thought.

    1. Eric Dutton says:

      Atheists are no more or less arrogant than any other opinionated group. A lot of people think they are, though, because atheism itself just seems arrogant to them. A lot of theists, for some reason, assume that everyone must believe in SOME supreme entity that is worthy of worship, so if you don’t believe in God, you must replace God with yourself.
      Because of this kind of thinking, an atheist doesn’t even have to say anything remotely arrogant for it to sound arrogant to a theist. Any defense of atheism simply sounds like arrogance to a lot of people, whether it’s done arrogantly or not.

    2. Helen says:

      Christianity is foundational to western civilization, it informed all our ethics, morals and our legal system. In fact, America wouldn’t even exist without Christians who wanted to be free to practice their beliefs. The motto “in God we Trust”, was a chosen for just this reason. Compare the advancement of civilization in Christian cultures with that of non Christian. See a trend? Denying this, while enjoying the benefits of a society founded on Christianity IS the height of arrogance. But, not to worry, when times get tough again, and inevitably they will, Christianity will rebound stronger than ever.

      1. Eric Dutton says:

        What I am enjoying are the benefits of living in a secular democracy.
        The motto “in God we Trust” was first used in an official way in the United States in 1864. It wasn’t made the official motto until 1956. It was, and continues to be, a political football flung by those who have more devotion to their religion than to their country.
        Those people you speak of who wanted to be free to practice their beliefs, who America wouldn’t exist without–they were also white and male. They wrote whiteness and maleness into the Constitution as a prerequisite for being considered a full participant in the functioning of this country. They didn’t include Christianity of any kind or even a belief in God. In fact, they put guards against the kind of bigotry you’re arguing for. The Constitution has a hell of a lot more authority than a motto. We changed the part of the Constitution about whiteness and maleness because we realized it was immoral, and because we were wise enough to know that it is foolish to think we must imitate the founders in all ways. Even the founders knew this; that’s why we are able to change the Constitution.
        This country was largely founded by Christians, but they founded this country on secularism.

  22. PROUD ATHIEST says:

    I wait For the day that ” In God We Trust” changes to “In REASON We Trust” on our currency.

    Bobby d Is wise btw

    1. noneoff says:

      While the concept of “the separation of church and state” is an important part of our government, the concept of a “god” does not necessarily violate that statement. The concept of a supreme, all knowing, all seeing omniscient being is not exclusive to religion. The Greeks had Zeus, and the Romans had Jupiter, but I do not recall that they had a specific religion. I personally go for “In reason we trust”.

  23. Helen says:

    The farther we get from our Christian heritage, the more chaotic our society becomes. Christianity is foundational to western civilization, it informed all our laws, ethics, morals. Those who are now trying to denigrate Christianity are like arrogant children, dismissing and disrespecting the very belief system that is responsible for our prosperous and civilized society. Compare how women, children and animals are treated in Christian based societies and non Christian. When times get tough, and inevitably they will, Christianity will rebound again. Again just like kids, running to their Daddy for help and comfort!

    1. lori says:

      What?? Yes I guess the people that hurt/molest kids, priests in all religions, are Christians, they do preach the word of the ” lord.” Women are treated like second class citizens and children like servants in Christian based societies,that I’ve seen. So no thank you.

      Guess what, Atheists are here to stay and are coming out in vast numbers.

      1. Helen says:

        Christian based societies treat women like second class citizens and children like servants??? As opposed to whom, Muslim societies???

      2. Eric Dutton says:

        The point is that, when societies attempt the treat women as first-class citizens, religion, Christian or otherwise, is the first to try to stop it. It take religion to keep that kind of bigotry thriving this long.

  24. lori says:

    Yes, I’ve seen it, read about it. Religion, to me, is like a cult, all religion don’t care if you’re practicing muslim, christian, mormon, catholic, buddhist ,pagan , etc…, it’s all the same to me.

    I do like to read about all religion, it’s fascinating to me. I was raised in a Catholic home, my mom and family are catholic and husband’s family too, but we don’t believe in any of that nor do I believe in hell. It’s just silly to me. Our families respect that we’re Atheist and we respect their religion.

    When people start saying your going here and you better do this or my religion is better than yours, that’s when I get al little irritated and start debating them.

    People can pray in front of me and put up signs and give me pamphlets, I don’t care, means nothing to me and I don’t get offended. I don’t tear up their pamphlets in front of them, that’s rude. I take it and say thank you, then when they leave I put in the recycle bin.

    Atheist help their community too. You know it’s possible to be a good person without religion .

    1. Helen says:

      It sure is possible to be a good person without religion. I’m not religious either, and I don’t believe in hell. But I am Spiritual and have a strong belief in God. It’s made all the difference in my life. I’m really sorry if you have bad memories of growing up in church, I think that happened to a lot of people, and totally turned them off religion. You seem like a nice, caring person who is definitely on her own journey.

  25. parasiticlord@youtube says:


  26. Arod says:

    LOL…..Maybe one of your little green men can beam you out of hell before you burn completely. I think maybe you’ve been probed onr to many times

    1. Arod says:

      owwwwww. Now you have me sacared. owwwwww

      see you know some big words there mikey

  27. Dari says:

    Jeremy – “As to what I believe in, I can’t say for sure yet, I don’t believe in a divine or supernatural being if that’s what your asking. I do believe in morals and ethics however, because the two are quite separate. Hope this helps.”

    My question to you is this…what do you base your ‘morals’ and ‘ethics’ on. Why be kind to someone? Why follow the law of the land? Why not just break the law – murder, steal, etc? What stops you from doing that? You can’t just say that you have ‘morals’ and ‘ethics’. You have to have a reason for that.

    For those that don’t believe in God or Jesus, that’s your right…your choice…the Bible is clear on that…for those of us who do, we have faith…the ‘assurance and evidence of things not seen’…not just a blind faith either. The bible is quite clear that we as Christians are to have an intelligent reply to people who ask why we believe in God and Christ his son…(that’s in one of the books of Peter somewhere – can’t remember offhand)…

    My point is that we are on this earth and have to make choices. What you do with the choice of whether to believe in God or not is up to you. For those of us who do choose to believe in God and live our lives by his word and the teachings of Christ, we’d appreciate not being called names or being persecuted because of our believes…but then we’re not surprised when that does happen, because the bible tells us it will…

    Also, there is a big difference between ‘religion’ and ‘relationship’…people think Christianity is a religion…it isn’t…it’s a relationship with God through Christ…and I, for one, am glad that I had the opportunity to come to know him…

    1. yourbiznes says:

      Those who say the son of god, did not die on the cross. Some man was crucified by the Romans, and is now depicted as Jesus Christ the savior.

  28. IEguy says:

    “We discover in the gospels a groundwork of vulgar ignorance, of things impossible, of superstition, fanaticism and fabrication .” Thomas Jefferson

  29. owen says:

    I wonder how of the “true Christians” here actually follow the bible’s rules.
    If you really are a true christian you should have no problem putting your daughters to death if she is not a proven virgin at marriage.
    And yes she should be checked.
    Seperation of church and state or start taxing the church

    1. Arod says:

      You sound like a true nut job….and there is no seperation of church and state written anywhere. There have been some rulings by a few old men in the S.court but as we all know they change their rulings about the same thing very often.

    2. Dari says:

      ..and Owen, if you knew anything about Christianity, you would understand that the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies, and that Christians are no longer under the ‘law’…Christ came to free us from that. Perhaps you haven’t read far enough into the New Testament to know that though, eh?

      Before you use the bible ‘against’ a Christian, you really should understand it in context…otherwise, you look quite foolish!

  30. Helen says:

    And BTW to Owen, the First Amendment clause regarding the separation of church and state, was introduced in order to protect religious minorities from the government. Once again, Christianity was a key component in the establishment of America.

    1. Sgt. Fowler says:

      The First Amendment regarding freedom was guaranteed to all americans to believe in their faith be it protestant, Judaism, islam or nothing at all. The separation of church insures the guarantee that no president or congress will force their religious views on Americans preventing a Taliban like or Saudi Arabian like Religious Police forcing their beliefs. As a Christian I am disappointed when someone disagrees that they automatically condemn someone. Religion has started more wars than any other reason, fact. Its bad enough Christians can’t agree on and to include attacking other churches such as Southern Baptist vs Catholics, Mormon vs Episcopal and 7th Day Adventist vs Jehovah’s Witnesses. As Christians we are love our fellow brothers and sisters instead of judging and condemning. If someone disagrees, pray for them and an Atheist if they disagree with us should just right it off and neither side get butt hurt. Atheists I know had as much fun with the rapture back in May than I did. Lighten up everyone!

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