(CBS) — Really there are three ways you can go at Major League Baseball’s non-waiver  trading deadline, you can trade your minor league prospects to improve your team for the playoff stretch (Cleveland), you can acquire minor league talent to build for the future (Seattle) or you can do nothing (Angels).

Maybe the Dodgers found a fourth way  — and that’s not a good thing —  It began with the smart deal by moving Rafael Furcal to St. Louis and ended  with the strangest move during the deadline, trading away the hometown kid, Trayvon Robinson in a three-team trade to the Seattle Mariners in the deal that sent Erik Bedard to the Boston Red Sox.

Robinson, the former star at Crenshaw High School slugged 26 homers this season at Triple-A Albuquerque to go along with his .293 batting average and 8 stolen bases and is listed as a top 50 prospect, in return the Dodgers reeled in Tim Federowicz, Juan Rodrgiuez and Stephen Fife.

Now just a little bit about the trio they landed from Evan Brunell’s blog at CBSSports.com

“You’ve got catcher Tim Federowicz, who has a strong defensive reputation but whose hitting will be challenged enough that he best profiles as a long-term backup catcher. Those aren’t tough to find.

Add in starter Stephen Fife, who has pitched to Federowicz all season for Double-A Portland, who profiles as a back of the rotation starter or solid middle reliever.

Lastly, Juan Rodriguez, a reliever who throws smoke but is 22 years old and in Class A. Splendid. Oh, and all three will be Rule 5 eligible after the year, meaning they need to be added to the 40-man roster or risk being lost in the draft — and all three would be strong candidates to be taken.

The Dodgers, in one fell swoop, traded away one of their few high-ceiling prospects for three organizational players who will all require 40-man spots, which are incredibly valuable.”

So in the 24 hours leading to the deadline, the team is unable to convince Hiroki Kuroda, the most sought out pitcher next to Ubaldo Jiminez to waive his no-trade clause, trade away Robinson, and sold Furcal to St. Louis.

Probably not the best deadline day for LA.

  1. enbeuu says:

    Watching the Hot in Cleveland Marathon, and the LA game on TV 2, it appears that the boycott is working for the nation to see. Great work LA fans!

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