LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Hundreds of people met at City Hall on Friday for the first full council discussion of a proposed downtown NFL stadium.

Guests included three high school football teams, dozens of construction workers, and former Laker star Earvin “Magic Johnson.”

The City Council chamber was standing room only by mid-morning, and about 200 people were forced to stand in the City Hall Rotunda and outside in a forecourt along Spring Street.

Anschutz Entertainment Group wants to build a $1.2 billion football stadium, convention hall, and two parking structures on city-owned land downtown.

City officials recently released a draft agreement between the city and AEG that explains how the plan would be financed, including $275 million of city-issued bonds.

A committee of five members has been holding public hearings on the plan this week.

The hearing would be the first time many citizens would hear the details of the plan, Council President Eric Garcetti said.

The city’s chief legislative analyst, city consultants and AEG President Tim Leiweke planned to give presentations on the plan and answer questions from the council.

Comments (7)
  1. Noneoff says:

    Let the City of Industry have the stadium , and all the headaches that go with it. Downtown L.A. does not need any more congestion.

    1. Tim says:

      Nice comments. Way to uphold the stereotype the rest of the country continues to see us Los Angeles fans as arrogant, self-centered, fair weathered, and disinterested! You done good Drunk Driver! If all goes well, you can continue to stay at home and watch football from the comforts of your potato-filled couch and fridge full of cold ones. Since most real football fans could care less how you drown your negative sorrows in your own home, just do a favor and stay the hell off the road jack!

  2. KeithS says:

    I do not care about this stadium. What I care about is the lies that are fed to us to convince us to build it. First, there are the idiots that say a stadium will be good for the economy. It has been been proven in studies in other cities this is completely false. Second, that so-called study by the people building the stadium which said LA will make $22 million a year is like having the tobacco companies do a study of whether cigarettes are good for your health. Of course they are going to come out positive Third, this idea that we need a new stadium in order to develop a world class convention center is a joke. The convention center is like the Coliseum-a one time great structure that our city leaders stopped caring about long ago. Saying we need a new stadium to get a better convention center is like saying a McDonald’s needs to be in a neighborhood in order to prevent people from starving. .
    Please, give people the facts about what this stadium really is-another place for upper middle class white people to spend their money on 8 different Sundays. If we want that, then approve it. Just don’t lie it is anymore than that.

    1. elisa says:

      ok…we want that, so approve it ASAP! thanks

    2. BareGunner says:

      You are just a hater and have not read any detail of the postivie impact the stadium, the convention center, or any other revitalized area in the Downtown corridor brings. Compared to other major downtowns across the country, we are underachievers to say the least. Quit being self centered because you are lazy and enjoy sitting around at home watching different sports teams on Sunday. They have made Direct TV affordable for jealous losers like you! Let the powers that be finally get this thing rolling and put our city back on the NFL map!

  3. Joan says:

    Do not approve this mess. It will just attract low-life thugs and revive or create another gang culture a la Raider “fans.” The jobs the stadium will bring will be low-level and for the unskilled workers, minimum wage at best. Just tour any existing sport venue in L.A. and see the filth created by the morons who spend their money on watching overpaid dumbos dribble or toss or kick balls around. And, if the stadium is allowed, look forward to many more riots. This is how L.A, sports fans celebrate wins or grieve losses — by rioting, burning police cars, looting and discarding their trash all over the streets and freeways. Oh, and we can look forward also to more of those idiotic flags that stupid fans affix to their cars. Way to stay classy, L.A,

    1. BareGunner says:

      Need a little “anger managment” course Joan? Stay in your little safe virtual world in your 3 bedroom/2 bath haven and continue to condemn the outside world, those that try to improve it, and put down job creation as worthless because it does not meet your pompous, self-centered criteria. Your glass is even less than half empty!

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