LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A confrontation at the Hollywood Bowl reported in the Pasadena Weekly raises concerns that a “Bryan Stow”-type incident could happen at the fabled venue.

Kevin Urich, editor of the Pasadena Weekly, said he encountered a group of nearly 20 young people he described as “foulmouthed drunks” while on a recent date with his girlfriend to see the L.A. Philharmonic.

Urich told KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz the situation escalated when he and other nearby patrons asked the group to quiet down.

“A number of guys in the group got rowdy and started shouting things and shouting obscenities very loudly,” Urich said.

But it wasn’t only Urich and his girlfriend who were harassed: he said his girlfriend saw another patron who was with two young daughters being sexually harassed by the rowdy attendees.

“One of the characters in the group grabbed her and groped her…her breast,” said Urich.

Security then reportedly moved the man and his daughters to other seats and offered to do the same for Urich.

But according to Urich, the security personnel were less than aggressive in removing the troublemakers, saying they were not “going to change the world tonight”.

A lack of any visible security presence near the nosebleed seats could be the problem, Urich said.

But at least one local law enforcement official disagrees with Urich’s assessment.

“The Philharmonic decides what kind of security they will have inside the venue,” said L.A. County Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Smith.

Although the Hollywood Bowl is technically property of the county, deputies do not provide security during events at the venue — a move Smith said is “always open for discussion”.

While the Bowl’s assistant director of operations Mark Ladd did not want to be recorded, he did say that they review every reported incident and take all security matters very seriously.

Ladd said that while another Bryan Stow-type incident can happen anywhere, the Bowl does all it can to diminish the possibility of it happening there.

Comments (25)
  1. Paul Castillo says:

    We all know how crazy those Philharmonic crowds get. Talk about blowing an isolated incident out of proportion. Let me guess. This same guy probably thinks that every middle-eastern person he sees is a terrorist.

    1. Marcus says:

      Let’s see how isolated and insignificant you think it is when some drunk grabs your daughter’s breast.

      1. DVSDoll says:

        Then it would be MY responsibility to make sure something was done about it! Speak to a supervisor, call the police myself to report it, something! Not just wait around and let it be written about! Security can’t stop a situation before it happens – there will always be a drunk jerk in every crowd!

  2. Nat Segaloff says:

    Just don’t let them play Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring.” Everybody remembers what happened the first time THAT ditty was performed.

  3. x-bo says:

    There should be zero tolerance for these types of “isolated incidents.”

  4. LA's the place says:

    Foul mouthed drunks …….. I thought this was a story about the lawmakers in Washington DC

  5. nathan says:

    It’s funny security didn’t think they would “…change the world tonight.” last time i was at the bowl, to see Roger Waters, security harassed my friends and i for smoking a joint and physically slapped it out of my hand.

    1. Todd says:

      They should have! It’s an illegal substance, clueless. I am so tired of people doing unlawful things and then complaining when they get caught.



  7. Dottie says:

    I go to the Hollywood Bowl with my friend who has season tickets just behind the box seats and there have been many time that we have had to listen to loud obnoxious drunks drowned out the music. I have never seen one person from the Bowl go up and ask them to quiet down.

  8. Joan says:

    This is an increasing problem. Most of HB patrons are responsible music lovers and enjoy a bit of wine with our picnics. However, my husband and I, after attending summer seasons for nearly 30 years, opted for only one concert this year, and that was nearly ruined by loud, threatening drunks. When you ask them to please quiet down, you get threatened, and in the wake of the Bryan Stowe assault, it is frightening. Because the ushers at the Bowl are young kids nothing is ever, ever done to get rid of the ill-behaved. Another issue is the seat size. Why should I be squished by overweight patrons overflowing into the space that I purchased? It is not fair, and HB needs to address both issues. We belong to a large group that has attended for years, and this year the typical 7-10 concerts that the 16 of us purchased, well, those seats were empty and the HB did not get our dollars. The season offerings were uninspired, the louts in the crowd increasing and uncomfortable seating all contribute to our growing lack of attendance. Save the Bowl!!!!!

  9. Steve says:

    Went to see Tim McGraw at the bowl with my wife. We had “foulmouthed drunks” sitting behind us – two nicely dressed women in their late 50’s – each dropping f-bombs lounder than the music. They were so completely plastered that one eventually threw up all over my back! Fun stuff! The Bowl security did nothing but clean up the mess and offer to move my wife and I to another seat.

    1. News411 says:

      Security doesn’t clean messes up nor do they move people to other seats, that’s done by Hollywood Bowl staff, not the security team.

  10. Joan says:

    If this problem is going to be addressed, all concerned should keep comments informative and accurate. Dragging racism into the discussion is infantile and deleterious to any improvements. I have seen this type of loutish behavior increasing over the past 10 years, and it is a shame, as the HB is one of Los Angeles’ few unique cultural venues. Because of these miscreants, it is no longer on the must-do list for our visitors from out of town, state or country. I have seen this type of drunken, rude behavior exhibited by all age groups and races. It’s a behavioral issue, not an ethnic issue. I’ve seen older, professorial professional-looking people and youngster alike text and blab on their phones throughout classical, pop and other concerts, as if other attendees paid to hear their drivel. News flash – we paid to see the orchestra, the band and the singers, not your inane conversations. Please stay on point, take your racist rants elsewhere.

  11. wee says:

    sounds like sarah greenberg

  12. Joe says:

    I told you that Beethoven guy was bad news. You need to be careful what you let your kids listen to these days.

  13. Ellkay says:

    My son & his wife attended the 4th of July performance. They said the “rowdy group” kept up the noise, fowl language, loud comments and harrassment all during the show. Although security did show up, they never ejected the group and the warnings did nothing to quiet them down. In fact, it just made them louder when the security guy left. Don’t think my family will be attending any more Hollywood Bowl concerts any time in the near future.

    1. DVSDoll says:

      The story needs to be accurate. Security was never notified! Complaints were made to an underage usher. Common sense people, if your complaints are going unheard – ask to speak with a supervisor, someone who knows what they’re doing!

  14. Jacktripper@msn.com says:

    The sky is falling. The sky is falling. Wait, is this the new CARMAGGEDON?

  15. DVSDoll says:

    This story is greatly over exaggerated and I’m sure it was only printed for the writer trying to get exposure and free publicity for his paper! The “complaint” was made to an usher, not security, not a supervisor. Common sense – if you’ve made a complaint to someone that looks like they’re barely old enough to babysit and nothing gets done, tell a supervisor! Had it been my daughter that was assaulted, it’s MY duty to make sure something is done – I wouldn’t leave it up to someone else to call police! I’ve been to the Bowl plenty of times and have had security help me with a few issues when some other patrons were too rowdy and I’ve never had an problem with the way they handle situations. It’s pretty pathetic to compare this situation with the Dodgers incident – using that horrible situation to cause panic at every event location now! This is life people, no matter WHERE you’re at, there’s always a possibilty of some jerk causing a problem!

  16. Karen says:

    I haven’t attended public events in years. If I am on a guest list and can hang out in the VIP section, I’ll go, but that is it.

    As most of the people posting here have said, there are a bunch of loud, fouL-mouthed drunks, just like at baseball and football games.

    I have been turned off to public events for years because of this boorish behavior.

    Gee, I really want a football stadium in Los Angeles – NOT.

  17. Pf bill says:

    Your safer in the Hollywood bowl then down the street on Hollywood blvd.

  18. CT says:

    I will never ever go anywhere in LA

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