Caltrans Worker Dies After Being Struck By Suspected Drunk Driver

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A Caltrans worker struck by a suspected drunken driver on a closed section of Riverside freeway has died.

Barry Steele, 52, died at a hospital Sunday, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Steele, a Caltrans contractor, was working on the closed Van Buren on-ramp of State Route 91 last week when a car blew past the closure, down the dirt ramp, hit a concrete K-Rail and struck him.

The driver, who tried to flee, was identified as 21-year-old Brandi Holmes of Victorville. She pleaded not guilty Friday to felony drunken-driving and hit-and-run. She remains jailed Thursday.

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  • rjsmitty

    Not guilty?

  • Big Jue

    she’s cute

    • I hate Idiots!!

      Typical-What’s next, your going to put money in her books? She KILLED someone-HELLO!!!!!

      • Dingus McDork

        Hey queeb, she’s hot, don’t change the subject.
        You like boys or something?

    • R.I.P.

      Really?? She killed an innocent person and you think that’s cute? Who cares if she’s cute or not, which she isn’t even all that great with that ant-eater nose on her alien looking shaped head. She killed an innocent person and now she needs to go to jail and suffer the consequences of drunk driving.

  • Mom-Nama

    What is the Stupid Girl doing? Driving drunk & then trying to get away after she hits & kills an innocent man who is somebody’s precious son, a great Dad, a wonderful brother. If she was really trying to hurt herself, Dear Lord, why didn’t she?? My husband says: ” hope she doesn’t change her name Lindsey Lohan, the judge may only give her 2-3 days in jail because of her name”.

    • Chester

      Lindsay is such a babe….

  • Give me a break

    RIP Barry Steele. Prayers for you, your family, friends and coworkers. When will the law stop taking “mercy” on the guilty and give justice to the victim and their families? Plead guilty, accept responsibility, get help, apologize and speak about the evils of driving drunk. Learn from all the others who have done the same. Is there a registered drunk drivers registry to prevent these people from driving again. A person’s life is too much of a cost for someone to keep the PRIVILEGE to drive.

  • Jenny

    My dad is in construction business and has worked on the highways in California. He tells us how dangerous things can be specially at night. Many of these highway workers are just trying to make a living and support their families at the same time. The work isn’t easy, but someone has to do it. Please be considerate of everyone on the road, highway workers, CHP, and the general public. Being 5 or 10 minutes late is better than sending someone or yourself to the morgue, and spending the rest of your life greeving or feeling guilty about what happened that one night. Please drive carefully. Thank you.

  • Red

    I’d do her


    What a waiste, she’s one hot piece of ASS.

    • Big Jue

      i second that

  • Jack

    Victorville = Meth Head

  • HollywoodSaint

    I guess he wasnt the man of steele after all……ooh, whos the babe?

  • UnkNownGrl

    First of all I know this girl. Secondly, she is not a meth head. She takes full responsibility. I love her. She has a heart of gold, she made a fatal mistake. She got behind a wheel and drove drunk. All most everyone has done it in there life. Only difference is YOU didn’t get caught. She will spend the rest of her life in guilt of this. The girl that I love and know has been changed forever. My heart goes out to the Steele family it really does, I pray for them daily. I also pray for her because, i know her. Last, please be respectful and do not call her a hot piece of *ss or anything else. Two people’s lives have been lost here. Brandi’s life because, she will lose most of her 20’s for a irresponsible mistakes and Steele family who’s lost a loved one. So instead of making dumb comments and being rude, lets pray for them. Pray this will never happen to another family again. Thank you.

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