ORANGE COUNTY (CBS) — An 18-year-old Orange County woman says she was the victim of an unwanted sexual encounter with Congressman David Wu, prompting the Oregon lawmaker to resign.

Within days of the woman’s accusation, Democratic leaders requested a House ethics committee investigation.

Wu was elected to Congress 13 years ago.

He is the first Chinese American to serve in the House.

The lawmaker says he’s resigning to avoid being a distraction.

Comments (9)
  1. Lindsay Harrison says:

    If you have proofreaders, they’re overpaid. “Oregan,” especially in a headline? Really?

  2. Joe Irwin says:

    Let’s start by learning how to spell Oregon. After you fix that in the title and in the article…I’ll read the rest.

    If this were a school report done by a third grader, I’d let it slide. However, this is isn’t….or is it?

    1. joesdumb says:

      Don’t judge people on grammar when you can’t type yourself. This is isn’t. What does that mean?
      Let’s start by learning how to speak English, idiot.

  3. Gavin Black says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure what Oregan is.

  4. Larry Grissom says:

    They put and extra e in they meant Organ!!!

  5. Joe says:

    Did you hear about the streaker in the church?
    They caught him by the organ.

  6. Enter WuTang says:

    The girl accusing Congressman Wu is the daughter of his friend from back in high school. We can assume that the girl’s father is the friend of Conressman Wu. Obviously this presented a difficult dilemna for the girl as she began taking the steps necessary to confont and recover from the “unwanted encounter”.
    Its clear that the “unwanted encounter” has left Conressman Wu’s friend’s daughter with the impact of having experienced being raped.

    The victims euphimism.”unwanted encounter” and her actions reflect an attempt to strike a difficulkt balance. On one hand, she has the need and the right to expose the man who victimized her. On the other hand, she wants to avoid damage to her relationship with her father.

    Congressman Wu’s opportunity for the encounter arises solely from his acquaintance with the girl’s father. The girl’s presence with Wu and level of trust in him arises solely from Wu’s friendship with her father.

    The girl knows that her father would not have introduced her to Wu if he had any reason to believe she would be placed at risk. She doesn’t place any blame on her father and she wants to ensure that her father doesn’t start to question or blame himself.

    The accusation alone without a criminal complaint reflects the balancing act of the victims initial approach to dealing with the aftermath.

    The rapid progression of events for Congessman Wu during the last week reflects that the victims initial approach was successful and is completed.

    Congressman Wu contacted House Minority Leader Pelosi so that she knows where to mail his pension and benefits check. Wu is in a rush to bow out with a brief “adieu”.

    The victims initial approach was successful and is completed. That means she now has the support of her family to file the criminal complaint. It also means that her father now has a complete understanding of what occured with his daughter and his old friend Wu.

    Which means Wu understands that to survive he needs to disappear for a long time beginning right now.

  7. Paul says:

    Enter WuTang, you seem to know a lot about the issue and Wu’s activities. Perhaps you are related to the young lady or work in congress?

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