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One out of five of us drops our cellphone down the toilet. Actually, 19%… almost one out of five of us.  Cnet reports the findings from an MSNBC story, relating a poll by Plaxo. I’m exhausted.
The reasons vary: it’s in a back pocket; it’s in a front pocket; pockets these days are too shallow; and –God help us– it’s being used. Is there anything more annoying than someone using a public restroom stall as a 21st-century phone booth?
I’ve heard of potential remedies. Most require more patience than the average user may possess…. Letting it dry out on its own — no hair dryer, no oven — without punching the buttons, to see if it ‘works right.’ Or, putting it in a box of uncooked rice (which pulls out the moisture).  But even if these  remedies were effective, given a choice, would we still want to use that phone?
Still, one out of five seems a bit high.
Comments (3)
  1. Patricia Bunin says:

    That’s more technology than this writer needs!

  2. laughing in el monte says:

    A feces-stained smartphone is like a feces-stained child. They’re both lavishly expensive and just need a bit of cleaning, except that replacement parts/assemblies for the phone are super cheap on eBay.

  3. Gator says:

    Given the fact that at least 19% of cell phone users’ heads are already located close to the toilet seat, I’m not surprised!! :>)

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