LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The two men now named as prime suspects in the beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow are scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

CBS2 and KCAL9 has obtained the first photos of the suspects, now identified as 29-year-old Louie Sanchez and 30-year-old Marvin Norwood, from earlier arrests.

Both men are expected to be officially charged with mayhem, assault and battery in the March 31 attack on the 42-year-old paramedic and father of two, according to the District Attorney’s Office. They are being held in lieu of 500,000 bail.

Sanchez also faces two misdemeanor counts of battery stemming from another alleged run-in that same day. If convicted, Sanchez could get a maximum of nine years in prison, while Norwood faces up to eight years behind bars, according to prosecutors. The two are neighbors in Rialto.

KNX 1070’s Ed Mertz reports

A third person, identified as 31-year-old Dorene Virginia Sanchez, is believed to have been the getaway driver in the crime, according to police. She was arrested but released Friday. Sanchez is due in court Aug. 19, according to Los Angeles County jail records.

Meantime, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said the department is examining their operations following the initial arrest of Giovanni Ramirez, who has since been exonerated.

“We will follow up of course to make sure all the information is valid and that they acted in good faith,” he said. “You have to remember that the information that exonerated Giovanni Ramirez came as we made the arrests of these other individuals.”

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Comments (15)
  1. MR. JOE says:

    HUMAN GANG TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cookie Diva says:

    How about attempted murder??? What a bunch of gang bangin’ trash!

  3. Jansue says:

    Only 8 years and 9 years in jail for destroying a man’s life and health. What kind of justice is that? They are not being charged severly enough.

    1. Josh Butts says:

      If Stow dies the charges will probably be lifted to life in prison.

    2. Craig Steven Bowen says:

      i agree

  4. igor doublebubblevich says:

    Texas and Florida would give these 2 life in prison no parole.

    1. Denise Rae Groce says:

      Not Florida!

  5. David Nyquist says:

    The two men arrainged today in the Bryan Stow beating offically qualified as white and mexican trash. That , of course allows for the punishment equal to crime recomendation. The mayor of L/A has suggested tow U.F.C fighters pumel these loser until unconciousness and near death. ….next in weather…

  6. imho says:

    they may get out of jail before stowe gets out of the hospital.

  7. D-unit says:

    It’s amazing how so many people still expect justice from court rulings or sentencing. What should we do? go the jail and stab these guys? beat em? water board em? get over your emotions and let the justice system do thier jobs. The Casey Anthony trial showed how little people know and how much they lead w emotions. I saw more intent to kill (her) proven by the words of the public than Casey A. herself.

    1. Denise Rae Groce says:

      Oh shut up and get off your soap box!

  8. REALLY THO? says:

    Woww, 9 & 8 years? Are you serious?? They should be charged with attempted murder. Sick people in this world, and that lady deserves the same sentence. She could have stepped forward and said something, but instead went along with it.

  9. Charlie Beck Idiot says:

    I thought the police said the suspects were two “Hispanics”….
    How u mess up your “races” xD …. No wonder they took this long to find their suspects

  10. Clean Cut says:

    These are Raider Fans the lowest sport fan on earth. LOCK em UP!!! Chulos are low class.

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