Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Want Shriver To Receive Spousal Support

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — If former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger gets his way, Maria Shriver won’t be getting any money from him.

Schwarzenegger has asked the court not to award spousal support to his estranged wife. He has also refused to pay her legal fees.

The couple split in May. Not long after, he admitted he’d fathered a child with one of his family’s maids.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver are seeking joint custody of their 13- and 17-year-old sons.

The couple’s daughters are both over 18.

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  • The Mad Man

    Ya honor, ya honor, I want a divorce.
    She said, and I thought but would you believe?
    Divorce granted!

  • Steve Fisher

    What a pig Schwarzenneger is. Isn’t even man enough to give his ex-wife a few bucks. What do you expect from a guy who counts a Nazi leader (Kurt Waldheim) as is best friend. How this guy became governor shows you how stupid many in California are.

  • The Mad Man

    Wait a minute here, Arnold ‘s wife makes ‘enough bucks’ on her own and I am sure she will make more. It’s about the kids here. I am not defending Arnold, just pointing out a point of law. She doesn’t depend on his income as a means of support and she has a damned good resume so she can fend for herself. There is no pre-nup agreement here and Marie gets paid every where she talks.

    • derp

      she may make what you consider “enough bucks” on her own, but fact remains is that she gave up ALOT more to be his wife. she had a pretty good career as a reporter going on before she married him and had to give it up once he went into politics for fear of seeming to have conflict of interest. and let’s face it, tv is very anti-age when it comes to women. so she may get work awhile as a novelty, but the chances of reaching her pre-ahole status and slim to none.

      • Jeezus

        partially agree except for the fact that she musta known what she was getting into, for one, in marriage in general, giving your life to your “partner”….and for two, cause arnold was no saint when they hooked up and she shoulda well known he was a player and a d bag. i’m sure he wasn’t that charming and a great catch for someone of her already high status, but she knew she’d get a lot out of his name and status and stature at that time when he was more terminator/commando like.

  • jezebel

    This just underscores what an unbelievable creep he is. They both have money, that’s not the point, he cheated with teh maid….publicly humiliated Maria S. and now does not want to share his wealth. They built it together over many years, she is entitled. He won’t get away with this. What a horrid man!!

  • Frankie

    He is a jack ass.

  • geeM

    Arnold tried to rule CA like a tyrant. Perhaps he can still run the courts too.

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