LOS ANGELES (AP) — Arnold Schwarzenegger has indicated in court filings that he does not want to pay Maria Shriver spousal support or her attorney’s fees in their divorce case.

The couple announced they had split in May, and Schwarzenegger later disclosed he had fathered a child with a member of his household staff.

The actor and former California governor filed his response to Shriver’s divorce petition Wednesday in Los Angeles.

The issues of whether Shriver will receive spousal support and who will pay her attorney’s fees are the only differences in their initial filings to end their 25-year marriage.

They are seeking joint custody of two of their sons, who are 17 and 13.

Shriver filed for divorce on July 1.

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Comments (8)
  1. Karen says:

    Arnie needs to leave CALEEFOHRNAH.

    I recall when they got married that she gave up HER career for family and HIM (what a waste).

    He needs to pay spousal support. She is used to a certain lifestyle.

    Words can not even express how much of a dog he is. He deserves ZERO respect.

    Hear that Hollywood? I will not pay a dime to see Arnie or Casey Anthony in any media.

    1. ZERO says:

      Everyone knew what Arnold is all about.And she married him had 4 kids with him.Now everyone’s like “This an outrage” “So Shocked”
      He was on TV in movies getting high and showing off with girls.

  2. rick says:

    karen as far as arnold and maria goes shes a kennedy she has enough money of her own and does not DESERVE any of his alamony is ment for women who do not have the money by them selves to live at the level they did with their spouce she clearly has the means to carry on her life as she is use to all by her self and as for casey that part i will agree with you on

  3. HooDatIS? says:

    he is lucky that maria shriver is the diva that she is because if i was her i would had did what catherine becker did to her husband to the terminator, “he deserves it”.LMAO
    he better pay Maria shriver and he need to do it now
    she has been far too nice to him and he should take a chance at being nice to her for a change,
    she could have turned nasty and try to destroy him, but she is a classy lady, she better off without the dog faced terminator he destroys eerything he touches


    1. rick says:

      did you ever stop to think she might be playing nice because there is more junk in her closet then in his and she does not want it to come to light?? after all she is a kennedy and i’ve never heard of any of them being UPSTANDING people they all cheat on their mates or do other crazy things like drive their workers off into a river killing them and getting away with it

      1. WileyInCA says:

        Did you ever stop to think that the Kennedys who cheated on their spouses, raped at parties, and drove into rivers causing the drowning deaths of their campaign aides were the Kennedy MEN? The Kennedy women have been long suffering and, frankly, were I Rose, or Jackie, or Maria, those men would have suffered the Bobbett form of marital counseling.

      2. rich says:

        Wiley that is plain wrong the kennedy women have played just as much as their men did rose the mother of the clan kept all the secrets of what her man did with AL CAPONE (BOOTLEG PARTNER IF JOE’S) all the wifes, sisters, female cousins (Maria) all kept quite about all the things they saw the men do so they are as guilty as the men and as you know that would stand up in court if i saw you kill someone and i did not report it then you get caught down the road i can be sent to jail right beside you so any thing the Kennedy men did that was a crime the women of the family as just as guilty for not haveing reported it and in many cases like teds wife at the time helped him cover drowning the office girl

  4. Shiggity says:

    Let see Schwarzenegger vs. a Kennedy. Laa Daa <—-in my Ezell voice. I take the Kennedy. He will be paying for this one.

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