LOS ANGELES (AP) — The president of the sports and entertainment company seeking to build an NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles says he’s spoken to officials from five pro football franchises about a possible move.

AEG’s Tim Leiweke told the Orange County Register on Thursday that he has spoken with representatives from the Minnesota Vikings, San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and Jacksonville Jaguars.

He says the most recent discussion took place a week ago, but hasn’t specified which team those talks were with.

Leiweke also said that AEG owner Philip Anschutz was prepared to acquire a majority stake in an NFL team that would play at the proposed venue and that the company was willing to pay for a team to get out of its current lease.

AEG has proposed building a 72,000-seat stadium at a cost of $1 billion on part of the city’s convention center campus.

A rival stadium project by warehouse magnate Ed Roski has been proposed for eastern Los Angeles County by a company that has also not yet secured a team.

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Comments (105)
  1. Krys says:

    Please not the Raiders. LA has a bad enough rep, we don’t need more crazy idiots in town!

    1. rob says:

      Please please not any of these teams, they left for a reason, however, Jacksonville would be cool

    2. Den says:

      Bring the Los Angeles Chargers back home to Los Angeles.

      1. Edward Rodriguez says:

        The Chargers left L.A. for a reason. No support. The Lakers & Dodger have a huge fan base. L.A. is not really a pro football city it is more a pro basketball city. Ask the Rams & Raiders. San Diego for a smaller city fills their stadium pretty good. So they will stay in San Diego & wait for a new stadium.

    3. Ron says:

      Definitely NOT the Raiders. I’m sure both Ed Roski and AEG, are too intelligent to be taken advantage of by Al Davis. And they most likely would NOT welcome the negative Raider element, because who would take their families to ANY Raider games?

      Vikings or Chargers would be great.

      1. TT says:

        first thing i said – please take the raiders off that list ! if we move the chargers that just puts a different part of our state at a financial loss,,,, Minnesota or St Louis are both proven winners 🙂 Thats what we want here !! Revenue generating winners !!!!

      2. cat7795 says:

        Who would take their families to a Raider game??? Any family that consists of Raider Fans!

  2. Mike says:

    I like Los Angeles without football. Less traffic. If it must happen, send the Rams. Pass on the Raiders.

  3. Crazy Diamond says:

    Snooki is easy.

  4. kb says:

    NOT THE RAIDERS!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  5. Pam` says:

    NO RAIDERS! I think we have enough trouble with thugs, much less a team full of them! I love football, but I could care less if we have a “home team”. It’s not like regular people can even afford to go to football games anyway. Who needs a team…we’re L.A., we’ve got everything else!

  6. Mayor says:

    Please NO !!! No drunken Raider fans who will ruin the new Beautiful LA Stadium and next to the Staples…

    1. cat7795 says:

      There are Raider Fans everywhere, IF the Raiders got moved BACK to LA doesnt mean ALL their fans are goign to move to LA too! LMAO too funny!

      1. Samantha Bressard says:

        And Raiders fans everywhere are a cancer that nobody wants to deal with.

  7. Commissioner says:

    If the Raider & Ram producet didnt’ work years ago, why bring in losing Franchises again ? Bring in some new expansion teams, a fresh look…
    Don’t resort on a dark, ugly image like the Raiders, we all know what the colors
    represent in Los Angeles. We don’t need more drunken fans beating up on the Opposing fans, LA has had enough Violence…

    1. Gary says:

      Rams have a history in LA not the Raiders,,,they caused all the mess in the get go! GO LA Rams!… Rams product works in LA

      1. Football fan who survived says:

        Just FYI Gary, the Rams, like the Raiders, are NOT ORGINALLY from L.A….they started as the Cleveland Rams…and besides, L.A. has done so well without football because we pretty much have two teams in every other major sport (basketball, hockey, baseball) so when they left it was more like “good riddence to bad rubbish”

      2. Ben says:

        The Chargers are originally from Los Angeles.

      3. Vivo says:

        Raiders won L.A.’s only Superbowl in the 12 years they were here. Rams were here for 50 years, never won a Superbowl here. When the Raiders came to town, they had a bigger fan base in such a short amount of time. Guess what, 60% of L.A. football fans are Raider fans. Stop hating.

    2. Raider369 says:

      Enlighten me Commissioner. What does Silver and Black represent in Los Angeles?

      1. Hayden Sherman says:

        You wouldn’t understand Raider369 even if we had the biggest moron on Earth explain it to you because if you are a Raiders fan (Which you obviously are because of your screen name) you are way too stupid to comprehend it. JUST LIKE YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO REALIZE THAT THE RAIDERS SUCK.

  8. Robert says:

    Keep these losing teams out of LA. They sucked when they were here and they still suck.

  9. jeffdg says:

    we don’t need the raiders back … OR … al davis !!!

  10. Cool LA Resident says:

    Not again??? Why would AEG’s Tim Leiweke and the city of Los Angeles consider bringing back two terrible NFL franchises who where here for years and folded due to lack of attendance and for one, the Raiders who represent a Black and gloomy image in Los Angeles? Raider fans are your Dodger fans (same thugs) who destroy, ruin and give an ugly image to the city of Los Angeles.

  11. Cilla says:

    I call BS! L.A. officials made it clear that for as long as Al Davis owns the Raiders, they will never return to L.A. I’ve been following both NFL proposals closely and AEG met with the Vikings last week – to help them plan and design their new stadium with a concept similar to LA Live (at least, the was the guise).

    CBS, you are late to the party and are regurgitating and misinterpreting old facts. Roski’s company is Majestic Realty – and their project is far ahead (literally shovel-ready and exempt of lawsuits, courtesy of the Governator) of AEG’s. Please give out accurate, thorough and current information. Otherwise, leave these stories to those who really care about it.


  12. Waterpup says:

    Raiders had their chance and we don’t need Al Davis and his team of thugs back here. The Rams bore me so go away. Anybody but those two teams.

  13. TAXPAYER says:

    Please please not the Rams or Raiders, remember once burned , not again for these money grubbers AEG . We the taxpayers will wind up on the losing end as always.

  14. RaiderFan says:

    I have been a Raider fan for almost 30 years. Yes, there are a lot of idiots out there who give “Football” its self a bad rap. It’s not just the Raiders! Go to any other stadium and you have deuschbags getting drunk in the parking lot and getting rowdy. Just like many you ignorant say the same thing about Dodger stadium it’s the same anywhere, including in crack-head cities like Arizona, Philly, just to name a few. So I say bring back the Raiders and give them another shot. Perhaps we’ve learned a few things from the first time around? If City Officials were smart enough they would increase “Security” no matter what team comes to LA.

    1. LA Resident says:

      Raider Fan – It won’t happen, Didn’t the city of Irwindale have a package ready
      for Al Davis and he ran back to Oakland ? Raiders tried at the Los Angeles Coliseum for years and failed…

      1. RaiderFan says:

        I agree. And things haven’t gotten any better in Alameda. Al Davis is always looking his best interest, not the teams. And bottom line is that things aren’t going well and this may be a new venture for him. If these investors are reaching out to him is for a reason and I’m sure it’s offer that he can’t refuse, especially when they’re willing to buy you out of your current lease in Alameda. C’mon, Al is not stupid, you think he’d rather stay in and old beat up stadium rather than live out the few years he has left in the luxury stadium? I think it’s a no brainer he’ll come back!

    2. Riaderfan says:

      Interesting comments Saber 1. Goes to show who the real deushbags are in LA. Stereo-types like you are probably sitting at home like a typical Hill Billy junkie hitting that crack pipe or meth with all but 2 brain cells in which they continue to fight each other, therefore you can’t keep a normal conversation. Good luck junkie, I sincerely wish you the best and don’t end up dead in some crack-house in West Hollywood?! 

      BTW: I don’t like Tacos!

      Go Raiders!!!!

      1. john says:

        Let me say this to all the raider haters out there…bug off … AL davis will not be around for ever just saying!! and about teams being loyal its all about the money!! the RAIDERS ARE A VERY YOUNG TEAM. i think the powers that be see that when it comes to picking a team!! raiders have a very strong fan base where ever they play!!

      2. Clean CUt says:

        Im a Raider hater !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you are a fan becasue your are a chulo and like the colors.

  15. juice says:

    where getting a brand new NFL stadium in los angeles which means new team logo , new franchise, new begining.. it does not mean! you start bringing back your ex wife raiders & rams!!!!!!! period!!!

    1. Hayden Sherman says:


  16. George says:

    Football fan who survived

    Hockey sucks in LA they should move no one care and no cares about your input!. Your not a true football fan! and if the Lakers have 2 or more bad seasons you would dump on them also…Dodgers are a joke!…Your ban wagon fan!

  17. Ron says:

    LA won t support expansion teams…There to rich with egos!
    Bring back the Rams!

  18. DAX says:

    PLEEEEAAAAASE NOT THE RAIDERS !!!! it will be a gang fest. even if it’s not they belong in Oakland. The Chargers were originally from LA so it would be cool to bring them back Still So Cal Team The Rams came from Cleveland then left here for a reason. We need a new team THE LOS ANGELES CONDORS !

  19. postersrdumb says:

    Yeah please not the raiders, we all know how crime wend down in the city of l.a. once they left. Once they were gone, it was safe to walk the streets of l.a., jobs were coming back to l.a. All the thugs and criminal element left L.A., once they were gone, if they come back, we will be back to being a city with a high crime rate, high poverty and unemployment. I do not want to see L.A. return to this state all the raiders fault if they come back

    1. LANeedsFootball says:

      Ok Data Genius, please provide us with these facts so your post can have some relevance. LA is the gang capital of the world no matter what team plays in LA. All these comments remind me of Ray Lewis’s comment on how if we don’t have football there will be an increase in crime?! Seriously, how ludicrous are these statements…just laughable!

  20. ES says:

    If i had to chose between the Raiders and NO TEAM, i’d take NO TEAM any day. LA has enough hoodrats and enough crime already. Please, let’s not make it worse than it already is.

  21. Patrick says:

    We already tried the Rams and raiders, bring on the Vikes and some AP!


    Oh hell NO don’t bring the Raiders back!!!

  23. adolfo says:

    Do you know how stupid comments like “we don’t want these thug fans” here with the Raiders coming back are? Hello, those thug fans you speak of are already here, whether or not the Raider come back. The Chargers will get no support here as the San Diego fans will not drive to LA and support the team and there are not enough Charger fans here to support the team. The most popular team in LA is the Raiders whether you like them or not. Just one other fact when you compare the Rams and the Raiders. All the years the Rams were here and not 1 superbowl. The only team ever to win a Superbowl for the city of Los Angeles is Da Raiders!

    1. Hayden Sherman says:

      NO STUPID! We just don’t need more thug fans

  24. Joseph zelenis says:

    remember, Georgia broke the rams, so they could go to st.Louis. now the bimbo is dead. If football people control the team then all is forgiven. come home. LA MISSED YA. RAIDERS NOT SO MUCH.

  25. Dan says:

    Please not the Raiders !
    We don’t need a football team that bad…

  26. Calgal says:

    Don’t want them in L.A. Don’t want them in Industry. Let them stay where they are. Traffic down here is bad enough and we don’t need it to get worse.

  27. UNCLE PAULIE says:

    The greatness of the Raiders !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Samantha Bressard says:

      The what? Lol when? 40 years ago?

  28. LAPD says:

    Don’t need more drunken Fans driving the freeways after the game…

  29. M.M. says:

    NOT the Raiders!!!

  30. henryii says:

    bring a new team LA Pansies.

  31. phjjkhfd says:

    I’d be cool with the Chargers but they seem to be doing ok in SD. Any other team needs to change it’s name and start over. It would be a mistake to recycle another city’s team and expect Angelenos to support it. Throw in a heavy police presence at games, and I might actually attend.

  32. Caroll's Ghost says:

    Raiders NEVER belonged in LA.

    Rams were purposely scuttled by Georgia the gold digging wench and her henchman John Shaw ( I hope you’re somehow reading this Shaw ) and it’s time this wrong was corrected.

    Rams have the history here. The timing is right. The fit is right. The move is right.

    Georgia’s memory can then finally be left to rot and forgotten as it should be.

  33. LOU says:

    all the dodger parking lot cholos, all the bait Car thugs will be at the Raider games.

  34. RIAN says:

    Please take the Rams. They have really done nothing for STL aside from constantly hold the community hostage. They suck since the lady passed away.

  35. duude says:

    Rams and Raiders left us. Let them stay gone. What have they become? Raiders need a new team dictator, I mean owner. Rams have gone budget big time. They are once again, the lambs.

  36. Duude says:

    Give us a new franchise. We can call them, the LA Immigrants.

    1. el zapata says:

      LOL and George Lopez as head coach. Hijole!!!

  37. FrankieEs says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not the Raiders! Anyone but the Raiders!

  38. Hayden Sherman says:

    NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!! No way in hell we need the freaking Raiders in this town. I CAN NOT IMAGINE HOW MUCH WORSE THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES WOULD GET BECAUSE OF THE RAIDERS COMING BACK. The worst thing that could possibly happen to this city is allowing the Raiders to come back. We are trying to make downtown a better place by making everything nice. Having the Raiders come back would destroy all of the hard work this city has done to try to fix up downtown.

    1. cat7795 says:

      What do NFL Players (aka The Raiders) have to do w/thugs and criminals? Do you think all the thugs moved to Oakland when the Raiders did?? LA has plenty of thugs and criminals who probably cannot even name 1 Raider Player! LAME! Stop hatin…..

      1. Raider Hater says:

        I’m sorry all Raiders fans inclkuding you are thugs. If you really know about footbal you would not be a Raider fan, I bet you liek them for the colors and the oh cool looking mascot. F**K the Raiders and the fans . We do not want chulos at lowlifes at our games. The govt. should shut down the entire raider organization with the RICO act..

  39. Pratt Robert says:

    non dont need the cost dont need the f&&& u, pay us dont u see who we ars.

  40. why not? says:

    Why not develop a NEW team???
    That would preclude any other franchises from relocating here and causing ill will from the fans, and financial revenue loss to the respective community?
    Just sayin……..

  41. Cedric says:

    YES…the Raiders!!!!!!!

    1. Ron says:

      OLD news, Cedric. Raiders and their fans SUCK !!!!!!!

      1. RAIDER4LIFE says:

        Old news, Ron. If the Raiders suck your team and their fans must swallow! LOL! RAIDERNATION4LIFE and you will never stop it!

  42. Phazon says:

    Now that Georgia is dead, go ahead and bring back the Rams. Any of the others would be fine as well except the Raiders. Al Davis has allegiance to one thing only and it’s not excellence.

  43. Arpaio says:

    The Chargers left in 1961 and were only in LA for one year. Not much to hold onto from a historical point of view.

  44. Trey says:

    Raiders belong in OakTown as history suggest,as well as Chargers in San Diego and the Vikings in Minnesota..That is where they made the teams names and cities synonymous.The Rams synonymous with St Louis?The Rams are synonymous with Los Angeles there for they should come back to LA.Teams should stay in the cities they have always been historically associated with or if a team can not stay in associated city they should not be allowed to keep the name.It is what Model did when the Browns went to Baltimore.

  45. Jr says:


    1. Chase says:

      Its not their home…why dont you follow them up to Oakland and leave LA. =)

    2. Rob says:

      Back home? They’ll always be the OAKLAND RAIDERS, who took a vacation in Los Angeles. As a Chargers season ticket holder, the Chargers aren’t going anywhere, it’s called, “posturing” for a new stadium here…….If I was playing oddsmaker, I’d list the most likely team in LA:

      Rams 2-1
      Jaguars 5-1
      Raiders 8-1
      Vikings 15-1
      Chargers 30-1

  46. LA Raider Nation says:

    The Raider fans are still here and the real fans drive up to Oakland to see games. LA would be the best market for the Raiders. The stadium would be full every Sunday. Those 70k fans would be spending their money here in LA, helping the city.

    BTW – Not all Raider fans are thugs

    1. ScottysFriend says:

      Not all, but enough to make the games unattendable for respectable citizens and families.

  47. OES says:

    If the Rams or Raiders were chosen, count out tens of thousands of potential supporters who felt betrayed — and still do — by those teams leaving previously. The Chargers belong in San Diego. Time for new football blood in L.A.

  48. nero says:

    if they want to make money Raiders but if they just want a team and hope their franchise will last then pick any other team..

  49. Chase says:

    Agree with everyone that says NO to the Raiders! However when you say things like “Don’t bring back those looser teams” you obviously have no idea or clue about Football. Rams won many Championships while they were in LA (before Superbowl days) and then won the Superbowl while in St Louis in 99 and would have won it again if it weren’t for the cheating Pats! They’re a great franchise and they’re getting real good with Bradford at QB. Steven Jackson is a supreme running back and if they get Sidney Rice…OMG watch out! CANT WAIT—Bring back the RAMS!!! Take a hike looser Raider fans! ha

  50. Will Campbell says:

    None of the above. I grew up adoring the Rams and will never be able to forgive them for abandoning Los Angeles. I love the Raiders but don’t find similar fault with them leaving town in the ’90s since I always felt a little ashamed that they turned their back on Oakland, and would rather see them stay put.

    If I were king of the world I’d decree that LA start a new team and build it from the ground up rather than entice any existing team away from its home turf.

  51. nero says:

    p.s L.A is always going to have “thugs”. Think about it its LOS ANGELES!!!! Look what happen to that giants fan at Dodgers stadium look what happen’s every time the LAKERS win! a riot brakes out! believe it or not but L.A is a crazy place to live unless you have money to move to the rich side but thats just a little part of L.A lmao east LA south LA southeast LA west LA san fernando valley all infested with “thugs”. haha just putting it put there

    1. Chase says:

      you moron LA doesnt riot every time the lakers win…you sound like a “thug” yourself

  52. dan says:


  53. Rosalie Grier says:

    This is L.A. , Baby! We are holding down the West Coast of the U.S.A.. Just like New York City is the Big Dog of the East Coast U.S.A. We gots to keep our image strong, that means we don’t go messing around or be talked down to. L.A. shouldn’t do nuthin’ that doesn’t keep our image on the West Coast like NYC gots on the EasT Coast.
    What that means is we can’t settle for having one NFL team in L.A.
    We either get two football teams or we stick with none. New York has two NFL teams and they have shared a stadium. If New York does it, then thats our way to go.
    The Ram’s bailed L.A. for Anaheim. Then they pulled out of the O.C. and lied down in St. Louis bed. L.A. don’t take back no two-timing trick like the Ram’s. Instead we let them come here and play as our rivals.
    Under my plan, the Ram’s will already have a tradition as our rivals. Because the football team we need to get, excuse me, need to take is the Minnessota Vikings. That will fit L.A. tradition. We took the Lakers from Minneapolis, now we should take the Vikings.
    Then we demand an expansion franchise for Los Angeles. The expansion team will be styled for the Raider Nation fan base and it will become rivals to the Raiders.
    We will then have the Los Angeles Vikings.
    And the L.A. Rolling Hoover 8trays!

    1. Dim Witted says:

      What the heck is a rolling hoover 8tray? Please, don’t call the team this. When I read L.A. Rolling Hoover 8trays, all I see is the word SUCK! Bad name.

    2. LA Raider Nation says:

      “The Raider Nation fan base” will not become fans of this new expansion team

  54. HooDatIS? says:

    the rams will never go back to LA

  55. AVENGERS says:

    Forget the NFL. Bring the Avengers or Arena Football back.

  56. Bears Fan! says:

    Since the Chargers are not too far away… Keep them there to watch AFC games. Bring a NFC team (Vikings) to Los Angeles to watch NFC games. This way we’ll get both NFC and AFC teams within 100 miles. Not bad.

  57. Clean Cut says:

    No Raiders! if the Raiders come here no family or fan that has money to spend on season tickets would buy. The Raiders have fans and a negative element. Boycott the Riaders fans they are al llow life uneducated ,ignoratn people. The Raiders are bank robbers and chulos. The FBI should indicted the Raiders and make them change their name becasue they are a gang. USe the RICO act on the Raiders . Al DAvis is a chulo low life too ,all Raidr fans are on food stamps and medical.

    1. LA Raider Nation says:

      You are calling Raider fans uneducated and ignorant. Look at all of the misspelled words in your post. If your going to rant about uneducated fans at least run a spell check.

  58. Robby Logan says:

    Lowlicky is a liar. The Vikes will leave MN just as soon as all mexicans leave CA.

  59. cat7795 says:

    That’s right most of them are CHULOS = Cuties, hahaha, get it right if you’re going to bash, I think you meant CHOLOS = Gangstas! LMAO! wow….FOOD STAMPS?! I wish, too bad i make too much money and actually have to pay for my food! SMH @ all this ignorance, oh and by the way, SMH means Shaking My Head!!!

  60. Cedric says:

    Either in Oakland or Los Angeles…RAIDERS FOREVER!!!!!

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