LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A recent jump in the number of rabid bats found in Southern California has health officials issuing a warning to the public on Thursday.

As many as ten bats recently discovered in several homes in Moorpark tested positive for rabies, according to Ventura County officials — and that number could rise as more bats are recovered.

KNX 1070’s Brian Ping reports the average number of cases has soared from around eight to twelve cases per year to ten in just two months.

Officials in Orange County found a rabid bat in a Laguna Niguel park in June, while another was found in San Diego County last week.

A boom in the general bat population could be one reason for the recent finds, officials said.

Rabies can kill a human within days and anyone bitten by a bat is urged to receive immediate medical attention.

Health officials are warning anyone who sees a bat — dead or alive — should not touch or handle the animal.

Comments (3)
  1. ES says:

    Politics as usual. What else is new?

  2. bugman says:

    this will probably taken off for a comment, but,bats die if infected with rabies when infected,don`t bite people,learned it from an expert!! scare tactic. they do die when infected,and then tested

  3. Floorington says:

    Yes, bats die when infected with rabies, but not right away. The story mentions someone was bit by an infected bat. This concentration of rabid bats in a small area is truly unusal.

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