LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Kim Kardashian has filed a $20 million lawsuit against Old Navy over a commercial ad campaign starring a Canadian pop singer.

At a quick glance, or even a longer one, Melissa Molinaro looks just like Kardashian.

The complaint alleges the ad has damaged Kardashian’s brand.

“Celebrities do have the right to control the use of their likeness their name, their image,” intellectual property attorney Mariana Noli tells CBS2.

On Youtube, Molinaro says nowhere in the audition description did it say the company was looking for someone to imitate Kardashian. Instead, she says they were looking for a “true dance pop superstar.”

A spokesperson for The Gap Inc., the parent company of Old Navy, tells CBS2 they have no comment.

Kardashian’s attorney was also unavailable for comment.

Molinaro says she’s been mistaken for other celebrities before, including Eva Longoria and Nicole Scherzinger.

Comments (10)
  1. TCB1 says:

    Seriously (Kardashians Kash In With $65M Income) Can you say greedy! My goodness….those Kardashians need to find a real job and stop this frivolous foolishness! Every time this other girl takes a picture, is Kim going to cry lawsuit? Sounds like she’s just hating that this girl is dating her ex- Reggie Bush, if there’s any truth to that. Get over yourself Girl…….

    1. shutup says:

      The Kardashians don’t need to find a “job,” there are enough dumba$$ $luts paying to try and be like them.

    2. Lillian says:

      Stop hating. I would have sued too if I were famous and someone tried to act like me on a T.V. commercial too. It’s part of their right and this is obviously done for her protection, too. Can you imagine how annoying and unfair it would be for MANY celebs to be “imitated” during a clothing commercial? Hell I wouldn’t watch T.V. Oh and another thing…this makes her clothing line look bad, so she has every right to sue! If you were to visit the website for their clothing store and compare the prices to “Old Navy” you would think that their clothing is a bunch of trash. Good day.

    3. Stryker 21 says:

      She needs me to eat her corn hole and give it to her fast and hard.

  2. nora says:

    I don’t think they look THAT much alike, and the ad doesn’t pretend to be imitating Kim K. And what if you have a doppleganger, does that mean that person, or you, don’t have a right to a life, simply because you might look similar?

  3. noneoff says:

    Get a life Kim. This lady is not you, and does not pretend to be you in the commercial. I do have a solution. Instead of suing Old Navy for $20 mil, give Melissa Molinaro the $20 mil so she can have some plastic surgery and then she won’t look like you.

  4. CJ says:

    So should Nicole Scherzinger sue Old Navy too because they have similar features? She needs to get over this. This commercial came out months ago and they don’t even show it anymore. Seems like someone is jealous now that she’s in a relationship with Reggie Bush. Kim, get over it and go plan your fake wedding and get some more plastic surgery that you claim you’ve never had.

  5. Shiggity says:

    all i can do is LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL america you created these devils.

  6. Lillian says:

    GO KIM! Maybe now Old Navy and other stores (department or not) can be more careful about who they hire to advertise for them. It’s not okay for Old Navy to use someone who clearly tries to act like her (and very much looks like her) to do a commercial without her approval PERIOD.

  7. Zweb Wolf says:

    Isn’t she rich enough! Just tell old navy to stop using that girl or she will sue. Money hungry lazy b****

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