Hawthorne Backs Off Ban On Gourmet Food Trucks

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A outcry from local foodies in Hawthorne was enough to convince city officials on Monday to allow gourmet food trucks to once again serve its loyal — and vocal — customers.

Over a dozen trucks were evicted after making weekly Tuesday night stops at the parking lot of a Best Buy store for several weeks in an event known as “Din Din A-Go Go”.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports supporters convinced City Council members that the trucks aren’t out to compete with local businesses.

“If anything, we’re bringing more business to the community,” said organizer Glenn de Baca. “People are going to go to cities that they normally wouldn’t go to, and they’re going to spend money in that city buying gas, going to the grocery store.”

Despite ruling that the municipal code prohibits the traveling food phenomenon, city officials were inundated by complaints from hundreds of fans who follow the trucks on Facebook and Twitter and ultimately decided to revisit the issue.

The city will reportedly allow the trucks to return once officials determine a mutually agreeable location.

  • Bobby Dias

    The “gourmet” hamburger I had was much less than a McDonald’s Double but cost me more than twice the price. But then again the “gourmet” trucks are not selling mainly to white guys like- they are going after the mexicans that are caught at work without food. A “captive” clientiel that does not care about “gourmet” or not. Good for Hawthorne closing them down for the false advertising! And make the “gourmet” truck drivers rent a place to park their trucks, not steal the use of a shopping center parking lot. Note: “The city will reportedly allow the trucks …”- those trucks are not allowed,this story is only a rumor- call the police in Hawthorne if you see them!

    • Stryker 21

      These trucks have roaches and cater to the ILLEGAL ALIENS. Shut down the trucks and send the ILLEGAL ALIENS back to their third world bottom feeding country.

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