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What NOT To Say Or Do, To Get That Job

... No, seriously: don't do these things
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How smart do you have to not be, to do any of the following things at a job interview? A job placement company in Toronto (“Robert Half Financing and Accounting.” I know: I hadn’t heard of it, either) compiled the following real-life list from personnel departments:
Don’t sing all the answers to the questions.
Don’t  tell the interviewer that you’re glad the company offers good benefits, because you plan on taking a lot of time off.
Don’t  send in your sister, to do the interview for you (my favorite).
Don’t handcuff yourself to the interviewer’s office furniture in a misguided attempt to show your grit.
Don’t wear a cockatoo on your shoulder. I assume that any other bird or any other body part would be viewed similarly.
Man, that’s a lot of rules. No wonder the job market’s so tough these days.
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