Nude Woman Found Dead At SoCal Mansion Of Pharmaceutical Firm CEO

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — Investigators on Friday were searching for clues surrounding the mysterious death of a woman at a beachfront mansion in one of Southern California’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

Rebecca Nalepa, 32, was found dead at the historic Spreckels mansion in Coronado, hanging from a balcony in the nude with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound.

KNX 1070’s Tom Reopelle reports officials are still figuring out how to proceed with the investigation.

“Because of the unique and bizarre circumstances of this incident, it has yet to be determined if this will become a criminal matter or remain as a death investigation,” said San Diego County sheriff’s Capt. Tim Curran.

Nalepa was the girlfriend of homeowner Jonah Shacknai, chairman and chief executive of Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp.

Curran said the body was discovered by Shacknai’s brother, Adam, who called 911 Wednesday morning to report that the woman appeared to be dead.

The brother was staying in a guesthouse at the Coronado mansion, but Shacknai was not home at the time the body was discovered.

On Monday, Jonah Shacknai’s 6-year-old son was hospitalized following an apparent accident.

  • SHIggity

    Message to all the young women that think money is everything. Usually rich people are complete jerks. I’m sure his money will get him off.

    • Blaine Hislop

      they’re not listening: a woman will date a serial killer if he has cash

      • ....Women....

        lolololol – SO TRUE! (not sterostyping, just typing)

    • walljasper

      Your gross generalization of “the rich” is the deepest broad-brushed bit of bullshiat.

      Lay off the bong, get motivated and may you find your way.

      • Dave Shaffer

        Bong? Way to stereotype.

      • Charles U. Farley

        Stereotypes come from REALITY.

      • Kruel

        walljasper your either rich or aspiring to be rich either way you seem to have the jerk thing down pat.

    • saikins

      Let me say what i have not heard. The woman was watching the son, he had un unfortuate accident. The brothers blamed her and killed her. I really dont think nazis, bongs, religion, or money had anything to do with it.

  • Nude Woman Found Dead At SoCal Mansion Of Pharmaceutical Firm CEO | Los Angeles for Me

    […] Rebecca Nalepa, 32, was found dead at the historic Spreckels mansion in Coronado, hanging from a balcony in the nude with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound. More from:… […]

  • Phiilip

    Remember it was reported when Nicole & Goldman were discovered..OJ “was not even in town..he was in Chicago”. I agree with #1 comment. Most young women I have seen DO think that money is everything. To some cultures, it is everything. I suspect he dumped her and she killed herself.

    • James

      She killed herself…then who bound her hans behind her back…and her feet???

      • Kip Noxzema

        You’re exactly right.

        If your hands are tightly bound behind your back, it makes things very suspicious.

        We need Mike Hammer.

    • Alan

      Good thing it happened in the USA – the rich get away with it easily in USA.

      • Rich Lehmann

        Oh please, name one country where the rich dont get away with murder. This has nothing to do with the USA. Grow up.

    • diosdado1001

      I agree with you, but how can her arms and feet were bound? This required more than two peolple besides the dead one. I just wonder what’s coming and how long the case will last, as oppose to some cases that last just a one-time- news headlines.

      • freespeechtalking

        Because nothing says “killing yourself” like having your hands and legs bound. WOW!!! And we wonder how Casey Anthony wasn’t convicted? Wonder no more.

    • Krissy

      How do you kill youself with your hands bound behind your back and your feet bound? I suspect foul play

      • MrRad

        thank you…..I was beginning to think I was the only thinking human here. Suicide……RIGHT!!

      • Dan

        Easy. Tie noose around your neck, then bind your feet, then handcuff one hand to the other behind your back right before you leap to your death.

      • Ron

        I am sure the defense will come up with some unbelievable explanation or more likely, he will get off on some technicality.

    • troy

      Actually she could have bound and hung herself in an attempt to get back at the ex-boyfriend should that be the case. The story does not say what she was bound with. Nor does it mention if her hands were bound in the front or the back. Now was she hanging 10 feet above the ground from the balcony, or was she found hanging on the balcony but under an eve? There’s also no mention of marks on the body signifying a struggle or casualty of some type. Quite frankly no one on here can speculate what happened due to the fact that very little factual information about any crime was given. The only thing we have is a dead woman who’s family will be suffering.

      • Macy

        Because the JERK is rich, they will find this is a SUICIDE despite it’s being a blatant MURDER.

      • James

        Did you not read the story??? Here is the quote…”hanging from a balcony in the nude with her hands tied behind her back and her feet bound”. So…her hands WERE tied behind her back…

      • Snookhookr

        Macy Was Casey Anthony rich?

      • Amy

        Quote “with her hands tied behind her back”

      • Alex Seredin

        If th guy happens to be a Jew, he has nothing to worry about, last Jew raped a poor woman, and then he accused of lyiong on her immigration papers, so much for US justice system.

      • Winston Smith

        Haha, this man would appear to be a jew!

        It seems our new elites are jews and they’re immoral…

      • solo_poke

        Wear your ignorance with pride, since there are no evil people of other religions. Your saviour may not like haters in heaven what are you going to do then fool?

        There are many former wealthy Nazi chirstian wealthy people who have killed, as well as every other religion, so you are just straight up ignorant.

      • Whatever

        Yeh right, at 10 years old Shacknai was already through with college, etc. Quoted from link: “Shacknai began his professional career in 1977 in Washington, D.C., where he served as the principal aide to a U.S. Congressional subcommittee on health policy.”

      • Ron

        Troy, I am sure that the defense will be calling you soon, because you are the perfect candidate for their defense, since you can’t even read/understand the important details of this case. Stay close to your phone.

    • San Diegan

      She was found with her feet AND hands bound, and a rope around her neck. That would be a difficult suicide, but not impossible.

      His young son fell down the stairs in the house just days before this and was severely injured. The son is in the hospital, in reportedly a medically induced coma.
      She was in the home when it happened.

    • Mandy Hill

      Sooo, you think she tied her own hands BEHIND her back do you? MORON

      • INNOCENT, until proven guilty

        It is not impossible to do. I played a practical joke on my family once. I bound my feet, placed a piece of duct tape over my mouth, then using a complex mix of some very simple slip-knots, I was able to bind my hands, loose at first, then bring my legs up through my arms and get my hands behind my back, once be hind my back, with the end of the rope in my hands, I pulled it tighter and tighter, and the more I struggled with my wrists the tighter it got. I am a big guy and it was not at all difficult for me to do, so it does not negate the possibility of a suicide that her hands were bound behind her back.

    • Sleuth

      Dan, she was bound with duct tape, I’ve read

  • Colin

    “it has yet to be determined if this will become a criminal matter”

    Umm, her hands were tied behind her back, her feet were bound and they wonder if they should pursue a criminal investigation? I mean, do they need her to be riddled with knives, arrows, rare tribal blow darts with traces of strict-nine in her stomach before they “suspect foul play?”

    Wow, we are all presumed innocent but the suspension of disbelief gets kicked up a few notches if you are a corporate CEO, I guess.

    • BillP


      • Casey

        YOU are the imbecile!

    • roughman

      Yup… Worst case of suicide we ever seen…

      • Will

        You should check out some of the cases of people being shot in the head multiple times and cops ruling it a suicide. The rich and powerful get away with anything.

    • ass

      So f’ing true! How is she going to tie her own hands and feet and then put the noose around her neck…hullo????????? and love how the last sentence was completely random. Poor kid…

  • Krissy

    Uh make sense dude…. Your post jumps around and makes no sense, the son was his not hers!

    • gordy

      make sense? didn’t you play the dumb blond on threes company, also filmed in southern cali.

  • dina

    Maybe she was trying to escape because someone had tied her up? just sayin…

    • SirGareth

      This is someone’s beloved daughter

  • Craig Wilson

    Why did the murderer string her up like that besides the nude issue there may be another message in M.O. of the crime ,and another possible suspect in this weird incident .

    If I’m the investigator I dont rule out the brother or enemies of the CEO who could be numerous.
    If the crime also has evidence of a break-in and a alibi is proven for the assumed prime suspect we have a real low chance they make a case stick .

    Juries have a hard time convicting a criminal case without sure fire /iron clad evidence of the crime.
    That has been proven over and over again :) .

    • laughs

      watching all these people with no formal training trying to solve and speculate this situation is hilarious. yes, yes please do apply everything that you’ve learned from csi, ncis, svu and walker: texas ranger to this case.

      • steve

        Thank you. It’s been a long busy week. You make me smile.

      • Henry Thoreau

        What he said.

      • More laughs

        yeah, and the trained people did bang-up jobs on O.J., C. Anthony, and so many more. We really need more “experts”. They are the really fun one’s to watch. It is definitely proven you should ditch common sense and go with what their proffessors taught them. Your faith in the “expert” is amusing.

    • Bruno

      Here is something else for you to laugh about Mr. Laughs.
      Barney Fife, excuse me I mean police find the woman hads tied behind her back legs bound and naked handing from a balcony.
      Nothing gets by the highly trained professionals. They say they are not ruling out this was a murder. Who are these guys? The three stooges?

      Reminds me of the politican the plolice said commited suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of his head!

      Columbo, where are you now when we need you the most?

      • MarkBench

        Yep, Ron Brown, one of several people in and around the Clinton Mafia who wound up dead or missing.

        Compliant Liberal media are experts at willingly glossing these events over.

      • Gatorbaitmuc

        Bruno – Don’t laugh too hard, we had a local cop put his own gun in his mouth, blow himself away IN THE POLICE STATION with 4 or 5 witnesses. Just last week, after a 2 month investigation it was ruled a suicide. (Euclid, OH)

      • tatas

        I prefer Rockford…

    • MarkBench

      Juries, as in the recent baby buried for 6 months case, seem to confuse beyond a reasonable doubt with beyond a shadow of a doubt, thus enabling the murdering mother to go free.

      • Capiii

        Some of the jurors in that case, including the foreman, have come forward and indicated that they had strong suspicions about Casey’s father, George. This doubt led them to their verdict.

        We’ll likely see another trial with another suspect one day.

  • Phiilip

    I hope they have sense enough to let the San Diego County Sheriff handle this. Coronado PD will do to this case what Bolder PD did to the Jon Benet Ramsey investigation. There are enough ‘loose ends’ to kinda see what we have here folks……

    • Dennis

      Coronado PD does not have a homicide unit. The County Sheriff handles their homicide cases. As for the rest of the comments on here, I find them laughable. The case is under investigation, only a couple of days old and many here already “know” who did it.

      • STFU From Texas


        I agree with you…the ignorance shown by the bald speculation of those commenting is shameful. So much bloviating based on nearly zero facts.


    • San Diegan

      yes the sheriff is handling it. And defense attorney Paul Pfginst has already been to the house for a look-see. He said the Shacknai family asked for his help.

  • kbrown1752

    Isn’t this the same state that is now mandating tha their school kids learn Gay history in school?

    • gnubi

      Yes, I’m glad you made that connection, kbrown,. Knowledge of gay history could be critical in helping the police to bust this case wide open. Just wait til we start teaching gay math – that will be fundamental to the upcoming manned mission to Uranus.

      • babaganush

        A course in gay logic would tell you that this is a simple case of self defense – case closed.

      • tom

        that is the funniest damn thing I have read in ages. qudos to you. Gay reading will be fun as well.

      • In The Cal-UGH-fornia

        They will teach Gay math California style,

        Umberto has to make 5 silk chiffon dresses for celebrities attending the Rainbow Ball. If he only has 3 yards of silk chiffon and 3 bedazzlers, how short will the hemlines be?

        Bonus Logic Question:
        Paul, Bob, Ricky and Tony are at a vegan grocery store. Tony asks his mother to buy him a cruelty free rice whipped fair trade certified carob candy bar. Tony is Paul’s grandson. Ricky is Tony’s father. Paul is Ricky’s father and Bob is Tony’s father. Who buys Tony the candy bar?

      • Blammo

        One pekka too pekka tree pekka fo.

    • Opie Fierro

      Yes it is, and I can tell you there are a lot of us here that are not one bit happy about it!!

      • joeb

        but you voted your governor in..and sf continues to vote the vilest of them all, pelosi, in.
        you are overrun with illegals yet do nothing.
        your state is both financially and morally bankrupt.
        want a shoulder to cry on?

      • BBfromVA

        Joeb, I would be willing to bet that Opie Fierro did not vote for Gov. Brown. Blaming the same people of CA for the insane votes of their neighbors is like blaming yourself for Obama’s election.

      • Cupcake

        Then Push Back.

    • bobbob

      What is the connection? What are you trying to say? Is unrelated murder supposed to validate your opposition to state curriculum?

    • Elliot Kobalanski

      It’s pretty obvious the case here- It’s Devil worshippers! They’ve been doing this kind of stuff all the time- Anybody remember Sharon Tate? It never stopped, just because they arrested a few.

      It has sacrificial written all over the scene and the police do not know if there is foul play? That means they are involved.

      • Cupcake

        Naw. She died from an overdose of statin drugs that he forced her take….telling her her heart needed it.

      • Dan B

        I would tend to agree. She was found with hands and feet bound and hanging from a balcony and the police don’t know if there was foul play involved? DUH

  • mary0077

    You would be locked up, like 99.9% of the population would be…. money talks, folks- don’t let anyone fool you. This was a murder for hire that will probably be swept under the carpet~ RIP to the young woman.

  • mims

    His six year old son is hospitalized with an accident. His girlfriend is murdered. Wonder who’s putting the pressure on Jonah and what they want from him?

    • nellieou

      I agree. Someone was out to get him for something and he must not have taken the warning (son’s accident) seriously enough, so they got the gf.

  • MW

    Does anybody know if she was hot?

    • smitty

      Quite cold.

    • johndoe

      There’s a word for people who lack empathy: evil.

  • Larry

    Yes, it is the very same state that revels in being forever politically correct about everything. Except when it comes to people who have no apparent value to the political class Do as we know best and keep your opinions to yourself.

  • fascism hater

    Let’s not forget that Big Pharma execs are inherently evil, what with their fascist ownership of the Fed, the gov’t and all. Fry him now. Ask questions later.

    • Robert Severn


  • JustAGuy

    She’s hanging from a balcony with her hands and feet bound and the police aren’t sure if this is a crime?


    • Mike

      Well, I guess they’re trying to rule out the possibility that she tied herself up and hung herself from the balcony. I think in California, in order for it to be a confirmed murder, the killer has to leave a handwritten note stating that he/she killed the victim. “Oh, yeah, there’s the note. Put up the crime scene tape.”

      • In The Cal-UGH-fornia

        That note would be inadmissable. You can’t prove the note was written or that the writer didn’t accidentally substitute the word murder for a completely benign word like tickle. If you bring in handwriting experts it will be considered junk science. Yes, unless you can find digested body parts of alleged murder victim in a stool sample of the accused then obviously therewas no murder. These samples must show the odds as being 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000:1 and be testified to by Grissum himself not one of those lesser CSI’s and certainly not that Larry Fishburne guy.

      • clay b

        Thankfully the Casey Anthony jury is in Florida and won’t be called. Of course, the O.J. Simpson jurors may still be available for jury duty.

      • mackmack

        I like Texas style detective work.They show up and ask if she needed Killing.

      • hillcoguy

        This reminds me of a Chicago death. A man was found in a basement, brutally bludgeoned ten times with a ball peen hammer found near by. The Chicago police ruled it a suicide.

    • steve

      Eh. When I read that, I just assumed they were leaving a little wiggle room for the “kinky experiment gone wrong” thing. David Carradine, et al. This IS California, after all.

      • luke a duke

        Don’t knock until you’ve tried it. I bet she was feeling good when her light turned off.

    • mackmack

      Hey she fell from the balconey during s & m sex, ok? Happens all the time on the left coast.

    • Daniel Montgomery

      It’s the job of the police to never accuse anyone with a salary in the millions.

    • Gary Falls

      It’s amazing what money can buy!

  • Bob

    Shut up, stupid.

  • James Woods

    lol, it’s not a crime i guess if your loaded.

    Didn’t some dead broad end up at the budweiser estate not long ago too.

    Haven’t heard about that one.

    I guess life has a price tag.

    • me

      Yes. She was an acquaintence of mine. She lived with our tenant right before she started dating Busch IV. She probably did die of an accidental illegal drug & prescription drug overdose, but the cops didn’t even investigate.

      • Jmlstl

        Real close acquaintance of yours…sure! It was investigated and the coroner report did indeed show a lethal dose of illegal and prescription drugs, cocaine and oxycodone, to be exact.

        It was investigated but know charges are being filed against AB IV.

      • Jmlstl


      • anon

        Jmlstl: you dont’t know if she was or isn’t an acquaintance, do you ? PEOPLE DO have acquaintances and everyone reads the internet and esp. stories about people they know.

      • Cheney

        Of course not, the alcoholic Busch IV is a good Republican!

      • Newt Maybus

        So you’re saying it’s all Busch’s fault?? LOL

    • Diamlake2009

      Toxicology report will not tell if the substances were applied or consumed; bruises would indicate if force was used if there were not substances that would render the person high or even semi conscious.
      Women who commit suicide are well known for setting a scene of beauty even peace; probably so they are remembered in the best light possible. They are known for wearing their most beautiful lingerie, gown, etc.
      I read a report somewhere the son died of his injuries in that accident.

  • Steve

    I think the FBI should get involved in this investigation.

    • gordy

      fbi? femal body inspector?

  • Steve

    Who commits suicide with their hands tied BEHIND THEIR BACK! Seems like a slam dunk murder case to me.

    • EMSguy

      I have worked several hangings where the suicide victim bound their own hands, once with lock and chains, so they would not try and save their own life by grabbing the rope. They bind the hands, set the rope, step through the bound hands and step off the ledge, wall or chair, done. Creepy as hell seeing someone hanging dead by the neck.

      • Steve

        Have you seen any case where they bound their feet as well? I bet some cases ruled as suicide, have actually been murders.

      • anon

        Steve is right.

    • steve

      Hey. You’re going to make me change my moniker. People commit suicide in a lot of weird ways, and often do things to make it go quicker, and prevent themselves from turning back. It happens.

      The medical examiner has the option of declaring one of four manners of death: Homicide, suicide, natural causes, and accident. Homicide, suicide, and accident (kinkiness gone wrong), are all possibilities here.

      Just sayin’.

      • billswhall

        Steve, steve, hands bound behind back, feet bound too and hanging. Haha, no murder, yeah right. Oops, forgot the LA cops have to check and see if she worked in a magic act in Vegas too. LA cops have been indicted for so many things over the years, maybe they figure they need to add complicity in murder,

      • MorganGray

        See if you can find information on a fellow who in the 1880s in Indiana committed suicide by decapitation. The guy’s name was James Moon.
        A fellow I know thought the story was bizarre enough to be “Weird Americana” and wrote a folk song about it.

  • Uvu

    Stupid is as stupid posts

  • Oh look! A cupcake!

    maybe she was caught having an affair.. why else be tied in the nude?

  • John Galt

    Money talks, the rich walk.
    No money talks too, the poor go to prison.

    Who is John Galt?

    • Jason

      Don’t frame the Galt quote in bad context you ignoramus. I wonder how you sleep at night knowing you spread misinformation so carefree. I bet your twisted mind feels like some sort of freedom fighter on the “right side.” If your sarcastic, you’re an even bigger tool.

      This “anti-rich” sentiment is frightening. Can you imagine the potential lynch mob that forms at the logical extreme of class warfare rhetoric? The envy in the air of this country is palpable.

      • Christopher Bowen

        Let them eat cake!

      • greg peters

        What frightens you ? Are you “rich” if you make more than $250k/year let me know. The top 1% control 95% of the assets and you are afraid of a lynch mob? We need one.

    • alnga

      John Galt of the Atlas Shrugged fame would never utter anything this pathetic..

      • Aaron Self

        John Galt believed in letting businesses operate without the government interfering and saying what they can and can’t do, how much they can produce and who they can sell too. What does that have to do with a women found dead naked and tied up? Nothing. I’m 18 years old and I obviously understood that book better than you.

    • steve

      Yes, money talks. But people like Casey Anthony also walk, and the Rodney Kings of the world get big paydays.

      The criminal justice system in America is the best in the world, if you are guilty. If you are innocent –eh, not so much.

  • Nude Woman Found Dead At SoCal Mansion Of Pharmaceutical Firm CEO « CBS Los Angeles « Down on the Pharm

    […] Nude Woman Found Dead At SoCal Mansion Of Pharmaceutical Firm CEO « CBS Los Angeles. […]

  • Barry

    It was Bush’s fault.

    • luke a duke


  • Greg Buls

    She died bound. Even if she was bound willingly, she didn’t do it to herself. Whoever did is a killer. She died while helpless in their care.

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