California Supreme Court OKs Manhattan Beach Plastic Bag Ban

MANHATTAN BEACH (AP) — The California Supreme Court says Manhattan Beach can ban retailers from using plastic bags without going through a lengthy environmental study on the increased use of paper bags.

The unanimous court said Thursday that “substantial evidence and common sense” show that the ban wouldn’t harm the environment. The ruling overturns an appellate court decision.

An industry group calling itself the Save the Bag Coalition filed a lawsuit to overturn the ban enacted in July 2008. The coalition argued that paper bags have a greater negative effect on the environment than plastic bags and demanded an in-depth environmental study be done before the ban went into effect.

Justice Carol Corrigan, writing for the court, rejected that argument and concluded there would be no environmental harm caused by the ban.

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  • OJ

    What do the courts know about common sense?

  • Emma

    Definately a very ognirial storyline so far. I am intrigued as to where this shall lead. I will be tuning in next time.Penguins, I am sure we can fit one in somewhere…. like “Colin crossed the road, when out of the blue, he is mugged by a giant pengiun. Of course, the penguin was caught and it turned out to be a entertainer from the zoo, who had a nervious break down.” But I am not a good writer, and will leave it in your capable hands / mouth / keyboard / microphone

  • xzyfmamlwx

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