LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Nineteen restaurant chains across the country have agreed to participate in the National Restaurant Association’s Kids Live Well initiative, which aims to combat childhood obesity.

Restaurants such as Burger King, Denny’s, IHOP, Chili’s, Friendly’s, Chevy’s and El Pollo Loco are altering their menu options for children.

At Burger King, for example, parents will now have the option of ordering milk and apples in kids’ meals instead of French fries and soda.

Eateries are required to offer at least one children’s meal that has fewer than 600 calories and does not include a soda. It must contain at least two of the following items: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and low-fat dairy.

The roughly 15,000 participating restaurants must also offer a side order that has fewer than 200 calories and less than 35 calories from sugar.

Comments (6)
  1. Norma says:

    It won’t work. Fat parents want fat kids. Give them whaty they want. Triple the fries and apple pies in the Happy Mea. What the kids don’t eat the pareents will inhale the rest. IHOP doesen;t even offer oatmeal anymore. Their customers want bacon and pancakes. Probrams like the Kids Initiative are just another waste of taxpayer money. Fat people are addicted to food. .They are more dangerous than cigarettes or drug cartels.

    1. duh says:

      Don’t take it personal, Norma, but I find incoherent doom & gloom rants like yours more dangerous than anything you listed. My kids have probably been to a chain like McDonald’s or Burger King a grand total of 8-10 times their whole life. I cook everything fresh at home, including my own breads. I welcome alternative menu items at these chains, which I guarantee you will get my business in their respective doors more often. My kids love fresh apples, and will quite happily eat them. If we take this as a -positive- step and vote with our wallets, we are helping everyone have more choices.

  2. diosdado1001 says:

    What happenned to McDonald’s? They are the worst when it comes to children food. They should have been the first on the list to help for a healthy kids’ meals. SHAME!!!!!

  3. BD McGee says:

    I think Norma needs to ride the big weenis monster.

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