NORTH HILLS (CBS) — Los Angeles police are looking for two to three suspects involved in the shooting of a man who tried to stop some taggers from defacing property.

Surveillance video from the June 18, attack shows the victim confronting a suspect who was allegedly vandalizing the front of an apartment complex in the 8400 block of Langdon Avenue in North Hills.

While speaking to the alleged tagger, the video shows a second suspect firing shots, authorities said.

The victim, who was wounded in the torso, was hospitalized and is now listed in stable condition.

Comments (15)
  1. Antwione ain't black? says:

    As worthless as black or white trash?
    all human life has value

  2. sat says:

    To idiot Antoine if you knew what you were talking about or saw the video the suspects were black. Typical of all you idiots that post before knowing the facts! And any criminal of any race is a piece of sh#t just like your comment.

    1. Cmon says:

      Are you color blind? The men in that video clearly are not black. But, I do agree that criminals run across all color lines.

  3. Roro says:

    Ugh, California is so trashy now. How can it be this crowded when it’s so awful? I can’t wait until I have enough money to move somewhere with real live human beings.

    1. Cmon says:

      As soon as I get enough in a couple of years, I’m off to Texas. 15 years of California has been enough.

  4. sick wid it! says:

    it’s the black music rap hip-hop bane that shi#

    1. Cmon says:

      That’s another excuse used as a crutch for people who expect society to raise their children instead of teaching them it’s all entertainment. When I was 11 years old, I played “Colors” by Ice-T in my parents’ car. Their mouths dropped, but then I reminded them that I know it’s just a song like they always TAUGHT me. Personally, I’ve stayed on the side of law and order but have listened to plenty of stuff I know is just for show.

      1. sick wid it! says:

        all iam saying is rap, hip-hop is killing off blacks & latinos! it’s almost like a nazi created that music!!!

  5. Olivia says:

    So what’s new?

  6. Geez! says:

    Someday a group of taggers are gonna run into a masked neighborhood watch guy with an AK47 and an anger management problem, who doesn’t care what color they are.

    1. hornman4u says:

      When can I start?

  7. LOu says:

    Always carry a gun IF YOU LIVE IN la IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!

  8. Look At Me, I'm Stupid- I'm Tagging says:

    I don’t get tagging anyway. If these idiotic taggers think they’re creating art by leaving their insignia all over town, they are sorely mistaken. It’s not art; it’s trash. I guess if they want to look like trash and be known as trash then that’s what stupid people do. Throwing gang signs is another one I don’t get. So you contort your fingers and hands into odd shapes? And I’m supposed to be afraid? I just laugh. So pathetic and sad the life of a gangster/tagger…

  9. compa 9mm says:

    gangster rap made me do it

  10. Jessy blonde says:

    Mexican or hispanic people are clearly seen in the video. These people should be put in hell hole for life or execute them, throw a hugh fine to their family then deport them. S.c.u.m

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