BAKERSFIELD (AP) — A Bakersfield man is dead after a confrontation with deputies outside a Bakersfield convenience store.

Kern County sheriff’s officials say deputies were called to the store a little before 1 a.m. Sunday after getting a report that a group of juveniles were trying to get adults to buy liquor and cigarettes for them.

When deputies arrived, they detained David Lee Turner as he left the store carrying alcoholic beverages, accompanied by his
19-year-old son and a 16-year-old.

Sheriff’s spokesman Craig Rennie says Turner was cooperative at first, but then hit one of the deputies in the back of the head with a bag containing canned beer that he was carrying. Another deputy then fired twice at Turner.

The 56-year-old Turner died a short while later at a local hospital.

Detectives from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office are investigating the shooting.

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Comments (36)
  1. Jesse says:

    .wow, the cop got hit with a six pack and it had to be in a plastic bag, as anyone knows if you swung any weight like say beer, the beer whether bottles or not would either break the handles or it would rip through the bottom of the bag. The cop got a thud and could have used pepper spray or his baton or his taser.. We are becoming more and more like a police state.. Even old ladies are getting pumled..

    1. wobbles says:

      Let someone beat you with a bag of full beers and see how long you let them do it before you start worrying for your life, shall we? Consider too you’d probably be incapacitated after the 1st or 2nd swing, If you can’t stay focused enough to tell them to stop, they get to keep swinging.Sound like a fair deal?

      Climb back into your monday morning quarterback chair, hero.

  2. junior says:

    Pigs on power trips they felt their lives were at risk with beer cans so they had to shoot the man in front of his kids cowards

    1. rube says:

      junior:please refrain from calling police officers ‘pigs’.

      their are plenty of derogatory terms that can be used to describe your ethnicty.

      1. dmocha1 says:

        @Rube-How do you know what ethnicitiy Junior is? While I agree he shouldn’t refer to the police in that matter, I disagree with your comment as well.

  3. mister s says:

    Cops may have over reacted, but if you assault a cop you are asking to get shot. Lets remember though, we only know what little part of the story this article had.

  4. stix says:

    David Lee Turner was a negro. Do you think charges of police brutality & racism are looming. Will jesse Jackson, and/orAl Sharpton rear their ugly heads to led marches and demonstrations calling for a federal investigation.

    1. dmocha1 says:

      Whether he was black, white, hispanic, asian or what have you. Turner should have not hit the officer. For you to bring up race with that sort of tone is out of line and you are wrong. Turner was wrong, but the cops could have apprehended or tased his ass just the same. Please don’t make this a race issue when it is not.

      1. dmocha1 says:

        This comment was placed erroneously.

    2. Bet says:

      How do you know what ethnicity (not that it matters) the man is when it is not mentioned? Do you think David Lee Turner can only be a black person’s name? I’m originally from the South and call tell you that could be white or black, but once again, that doesn’t really matter.

      You are ignorant. And, probably unemployed. Then you wonder why no one will hire you. If you are employed, GOD help us if you have any real responsibilities.

      1. stix says:

        Bet: I read about this story in another on line news publication that showed his photograph.

        This horrible incident is custom made for jackson & sharpton.


  5. Big John says:

    there is way more to this story that needs to come out, maybe the guy tripped & he fumbled the beer & hit the cop by mistake, but what ever he should not be dead & is clear they are not the ones who were trying to buy beer for youngsters

    1. wobbles says:

      yeah, in the head…by mistake…yeah right.

  6. King Charles says:

    Thats BS and a Sin and the cop should be punished with Prison time. The man hit him with a bag of beer and in return the man was shot twice to death. Thats WRONG. COPS SHOULD NOT BE ARMED WITH THESE KINDS OF WEAPONS. Only God’s law reigns, these people sinned one way more than the other and there is a person dead and a lost Police man headed to jail. Why continue to be a policeman?? your going to hell, thats not my decesion but it was written

  7. PAW says:

    California desperately needs citizen review boards to investigate these cases. The police or DA cannot be relied upon to reach objective conclusions.

    1. mike says:

      You are very stupid. You have got to be a dumb Liberal moron. Go live in Canada!

  8. Big John says:

    it is just not right, why would he try to hit a cop with a bag of beer, knowing that they have guns & would kill him. something stinks & the feds need to get in this & see what really happened here

  9. Carl says:

    According to the peace officer, the suspect was cooperative and then all of sudden without warning or provocation he struck the officer. What kind of person does that? The situation sounds like the BART transit shooting all over again.

  10. Nicolas Cruz says:

    Until all the facts come in or the video tape ! Then we can see the whole pictiure !! I do not know the whole story ! If the man was in the wrong and it’s proven then his sons will know not to be an idiot like “PopS”!! He was dead wrong !! Viva Bakersfield !!

  11. Darell Johnson says:

    any man who hits a cop with a weapon of any sorts knows he could be shot, this man had no respect for the cop, hes dead, color has nothing to do with it, they hopefully will use a little of this firepower on the gangs of thugs who attack people for no other reason their shin color!

    1. Rodney King says:

      No matter WHAT the white race said……It happened again…. A White COP Taking advantage of a black citizen….The COPS have self defense training…AS always, they choose the easy way…shooting CITIZENS…. This is the reason why I don’t believe in COPS, specially white CROPS!!!

  12. idiots says:

    You all are idiots…..let me hit you in the back of the head with a six pack of beer. If it had knocked the officer out, the fool could have gone for his gun and the who knows what would have happened… if you are dumb enough to assault an officer then too bad if you get shot and die of lead posion. Officers have rights too.

    1. Big John says:

      i have seen with my own two eyes six cops two holding a white man down & the other four run jump come down with their knee on the mans ribs, you could hear as the mans ribs broke & his screams until he passed out. i felt real bad for him, his only mistake was he did not put his shoulder on the wall when they told him too . talk to him about rights. there are good cops but there is also an army of bad ones.

    2. wobbles says:

      Yeah, sure you saw that sport. Cause crooks with broken ribs are popping up at the hospitals every day and nobody questions it. You are full of sh!t.

  13. jonnyx says:

    well it’s foolish to assault a cop especially when they’re holding guns…..this dude deserved to die if he swung first. you play with fire you get burned.

    1. Rodney King says:

      You sound GAY with your comments… any way, No matter WHAT the white race said……It happened again…. A White COP Taking advantage of a black citizen….The COPS have self defense training…AS always, they choose the easy way…shooting CITIZENS…. This is the reason why I don’t believe in COPS, specially white CROPS!!!

    2. wobbles says:

      Why do all you ghetto blacks think yuou have a right to attack the cops and they shouldn’t do anything back?

  14. mike says:

    Big John, there bad apples in eveey line of work. But I think you have your statistics backwards. The vast majority try to do the right thing. If you saw an inmate get what he deseeved, you must have been an inmate to, so your story dosent hold much water. Nice try story though.

    1. Big John says:

      that’s right i was an inmate. i am a Chicano & i have had to pay for the bad things i have done & nobody was to blame except myself. it still will not change what i have seen up close & because i was up close i have seen them do things to every race that there is! many years ago i walked away from that life but i will never for get what i have seen & most of the people that got hurt by them were the ones who us gangsters consider victims, in other words people just like you who got busted for j walking & thought they had rights. people like me knew we had no rights so we knew how to keep out of their way.

  15. JakeTheSnake says:

    That poor six pack, hope they all made it to a ‘fridge

  16. upyours says:

    Something is real wrong when the story reads a “group of juveniles,” and “adults” and the incompetent a$$wipe moron cops stop a man with his two sons. But, since they wear their pen!ses on their side they are always right.

  17. Bonnie says:

    This isn’t a race issue, this is a police brutality issue. The facts that we know are that he assaulted an officer, and the officer shot him. Turner’s daughter was just on the news and said there is a video of the incident from the convience store and that they’re relying heavily on that to know what really happened. That officer needs to be thoroughly investigated, because the police have non-lethal weapons for a reason, and his first reaction was deadly force in front of a bunch of kids…makes me wonder what the psychological screening process is for the people that are handed weapons and sworn to protect us….

  18. TT says:

    We have to remember in all the politics of both situations – they are just people doing a job…. they want to go home to their families too – just like our soldiers….
    Nobody is going to be perfect and things happens – very sad for all involved….

  19. Regina says:

    I really wish someone like 60 Minutes or Dateline would do a story on the officer misconduct in Kern County. I live here, and let me tell you, it is one horrible place. Every week a law enforcement officer of some kind is getting busted for Selling drugs, inmate beatings, sex with inmates, caught with prostitutes, selling illegal firemarms, domestic violence, child pornography, DUI, wrecking county vehicles while intoxicated, under the influence of Meth, and many, many officer related shootings. Conveniently they are ALL ruled justified. Any place else I might say that maybe Mr. Turner was in the wrong. But what I know and what I have experienced in this county makes me think it was unprovoked. The history here definately speaks for itself. JMO

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