MURRIETA (CBS) — Officers making a routine traffic stop Thursday arrested a Murrieta man after they allegedly  found methamphetamine and a large amount of money in his car, according to authorities.

Ramon Olmeda Jr., 33, was arrested for suspicion of possessing methamphetamine for sale, according to a sheriff’s department news release.

Officers stopped Olmeda’s silver Nissan Frontier in the 27600 block of Jefferson Avenue in Temecula for a vehicle code violation.

Olmeda consented to a search of his vehicle, and officers discovered 29.2 grams of meth and about $2,300 in cash, the release said.

During a subsequent investigation at Olmeda’s residence in the 33800 block of Nightingale Avenue in Murrieta, an additional 34.7 grams of meth and about another $600 in cash was also found, according to the report.

Olmeda was booked into the Southwest Detention Center in Murrieta.

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Comments (21)
  1. TRAILER PARK says:

    Good job Murrieta. get that sh!t off the street.

    1. Eric says:

      Huge, WOW, just over an ounce!!!! Stop everything- thats a record haul!!!! Was laughing my ass off with this one:)

    2. med97 says:

      RIGHT On. That miserable drug is just pure trash. Throw the book at him. No make that throw at least 10 books at him. Maybe one of them will knock some sense in to him.

  2. Eric says:

    Give’em life without porole, don’t waste anytime with this pathetic good for nothing menace to society loser?

  3. junior says:

    Ahhh darn I guess all you white trailer trash are not getting your meth this time o well you can find more somewhere

    1. Ed Guthrie says:

      racist puke!

      1. CalFord says:

        Who is racist Eddie? I have seen many racists living here in S.California. All were hispanic and some were black.

  4. Darna Endajayant says:

    Congratulation, just enough supply for Murrieta Traffic Officer for a week . Especially when coffee at work is no longer working. Dont forget to share a bowl to your fellow officers especially to the LAZY ASS DEPUTIES.

  5. Guess says:

    Are you guys kidding me with this headline and story. Do people really consider an ounce or so in the auto, and little over an ounce at his residence a HUGE meth haul? Must be a slow news day.

  6. Eric Slowik says:

    huge ? 2 oz. is huge ? Charlie Sheen has more then that imbedded in the fibers of his welcome mat! talk about overtelling a story ! geez way to prop up those cops !

  7. lawless says:

    I think I have heard that name before, wasn’t he busted for something like this before?
    2oz. ? They will have fits if they stop those mexican trucks and fin 5 Tons of it. They run through every day.

  8. Sean says:

    Geez. You would think they caught Walter White with the way this is headlined

  9. CalFord says:

    Awww. more south of the boarder family values from good hearted people who want a better life.

  10. Crystal Lite says:

    Im so scared of this meth problem it hasnt even hit the surface yet
    whats next violent street killings over meth?
    its possible

    1. fullbattlerattle says:

      the surface yet are you joking there have been at least 15 years of meth related crime and murders.all the coke heads switched to speed years ago

  11. GIJOE says:

    Stupid illegals livng up to their standards. But they are all here to work? Yah right! Don’t give me that BS and deport all mexicans!

  12. azuresees says:

    I certainly hope the news editor knows what a piddly two ounces of meth is….It is NOT a headline story….YAWWWN….

    1. tom s. says:

      Maybe they can come over to your place and find a bigger haul ?
      You sound like such a stand up person,supporting your police so well !

  13. chem-monster says:

    we are force-feed chemtrails/methamphetamine every day by our nazi military government!!!

  14. Seriously? says:

    HUGE HAUL. Seriously? An an ounce, that would easily fit in bs pocket. I do not classify that as a haul.

    Great reporting. Not!

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