LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will get the family home in Brentwood as part of his divorce settlement with Maria Shriver, according to TMZ.

That is apparently the only element of the divorce that has been settled, as the couple’s assets are community property.

They married in 1986 without a prenuptial agreement and their combined wealth is estimated at $400 million.

Meanwhile, the report says Shriver is in process of purchasing a $10 million home in Brentwood.

Comments (7)
  1. Sandi Deland says:

    I always liked Shwarzenegger but I can absolutely tell you I hope Maria takes him to the cleaners. I will never watch another movie with him in it again. He lost a fan with his betrayal.He gives all men a bad name and makes it harder for us faithful husbands to be appreciated.

    1. be fair says:

      don’t be so sure she did not cheat also not excusing him but i am very sure as i know someone who works for them that Maria has several males who she often has times with

  2. Jack says:

    I’m still a huge Arnold fan!

  3. Imc says:

    Take it from ivania trump ” don’t get mad darling, get everything !”

    So long Arnold and hope you grow older ALONE !

    Bravo Maria !!!!

  4. stix says:

    Arnold earned every single penny of his money whereas maria inherited most of her wealth from her bootlegging grandfather.

    Must she reside in a ten million dollar brentwood mansion. I’d have more respect for her if she gave most of that to good charities and did something to aid home less people. Would it be beneath her dignity to reside in a three bedroom home. Another limousine liberal that makes me want to retch!!

  5. Linda says:

    Maria earned her money also as a TV news caster, she had a great career going so don’t lessen her fame.

    1. rick says:

      Maria has not been tied to any news agency that im aware of since 03 when they won the govenors office im fairly sure she has long since spent all of the money she EARED as a reporter since then so all that is left would be her family money which we all know is bootleger money so i hope arnold does not have to give her squat since she has had ZERO to do with the money he has she in no way helped him earn it and therefore has in my mind no claim to any of his money i say she goes off her way with what she came with and he does the same and that be the end of it as we all know shes a Kennedy and we all know there has never been a Kennedy that could keep their pants on

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