LOS ANGELES (CBS) — County supervisors on Tuesday inched closer to placing tighter restrictions on the practice of putting cars for sale along certain streets in Los Angeles.

Board members insist the trend is clogging up streets and taking up valuable parking spots in areas in and around downtown.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird reports some residents are endorsing the vote, saying all too often car dealers are dumping their unsold merchandise around their homes.

“They’ll come in here at night with 7-car car carrier, park in the middle of the street, and unload them and leave them here all weekend,” said Wally Shidler, a resident of Walnut Park for the last 72 years.

The proposed ban may not only just protect residents, but also car buyers who may have been burned by some of these roadside offerings.

“You never know what you get when you buy from the street,” said one man. “I bought one and it was total junk…not only that, it had the tags from another car.”

“I almost got arrested for that,” he added.

If supervisors outlaw the practice, a first offense would be a ticket, while a second offense would result in the vehicle being towed away.

Comments (9)
  1. alan hart says:

    The Supervisors must have forgotten that this issue has already been ruled on by the courts. You can not restrict the sale of a vehicle as it is a free speech matter.

    1. Pratt Robert says:

      no not the vehicle ,,,just where you sale them.

  2. Norma says:

    Another pact between politians and car dealers to take away individual freedoms.

  3. Pratt Robert says:

    hall we have it in la city,,, dont get inforced ,,, Glandoaks na Hubbared cross st are a prime lot hahahahahahahahahahah

    1. Danny says:

      LOL, thats where all the lemons are parked!!!

  4. swhitS says:

    There they go chasing business out of LA – AGAIN!

  5. TT says:

    well there is a way for people to actually benefit from this – not sure aboutt he logistics of it – BUT if someone would consider a consignment situation – on a property, which allowed to actually have cars on a lot… pay a fee till the car is sold – might work – and create work…possibly for mechanics (for minor repairs) and sales people … there would need to be enough people interested – to be able to maintain – but it is possible that it can turn around and everybody benefits….

  6. Sly says:

    Now, how am I gonna get my car to use in a drive-by?

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