OAK HILLS (CBS) — An Inland Empire girl who thought she might lose one of her hands from an infection received some good news after seeing specialists.

Thirteen-year-old Hannele Cox was initially told she’d have to have her right hand amputated after she contracted a rare, flesh-eating strain of bacteria from scratching herself on the family fish tank five years ago.

But a recent trip to visit doctors in Denver brought mixed news.

Specialists told Hannele that their tests showed no evidence of the mycobacterium marinum that infiltrated the tissue and bone in her hand when she was eight years old.

“I’m relieved, I’m happy,” Hannele said.

However, the specialists at National Jewish Health don’t know what is causing the continual pain and swelling in her right hand.

Hannele’s mom, Amy, says she is looking for a neurovascular specialist in Southern California hoping they’ll have the diagnosis and treatment to finally rid her daughter of her pain.

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