POMONA (CBS) — A 9-year-old Pomona boy who disappeared Friday afternoon was reunited with his mother Saturday night.

Luis Armando Gamboa left his apartment in the 1100 block of Wisconsin to visit a friend in the same complex at about 4 p.m. Friday, according to the Pomona Police Department.

When the child’s mother went to the friend’s apartment just before midnight, she learned that he never arrived.

Officers and volunteers searched for the boy all day and passed out fliers before he was located at 5:20 p.m.

Gamboa told CBS2’s Rita Garcia that he had been playing with a friend and was scared to see the media, as well as police, when he returned home.

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  1. metal metal says:

    Wow! Aa a parent, I don’t understand how can one decide to check for your son 8 HOURS later. Not only that, close to midnight? C’mon! It makes you wonder how often they would let him be out that late. Regardless, I hope they find him unharmed.

  2. @c-man says:

    Unless you personally know this person, I suggest you quit ASSuming that she is “welfare and food stamp collecting” mother!

    You are evidently ignorant in your needless commentary! I don’t condone that she did not check on her son for 8 hours, yet her financial status has nothing to do with “following this country’s rules.” In your attempt to sound intelligent and objective, you have come across and intolerant and racist. Beast.

  3. Sara says:

    Wow! So sad it breaks my heart to hear this news praying for that young boy and his family. I’m not here to judge others but myself as a mother of 2 I do not let my children out of my sight because it’s not a safe world we live in anymore…. SAD 😦

  4. colleen says:

    And I’m sick of people who hide behind computers calling themselves c-man

  5. CAN says:

    I agree with Metal Metal. How can a parent not check on their kids for so long and so late at night? I hope he is OK.

  6. Jouee says:

    He has been found & is safe.

  7. elillybelle says:

    I am glad he is home safe I feel for this mother and I am sure she will be more on top of it in the future hard lesson learned. My irritation is that the mother checked on him so late at night, and what about the house he slept at they wouldn’t check with his mom to see it’s ok? they should have made sure someone knew he was there he is 9 don’t count on him to do it double check, who knows you could get charged. As a mom I feel the hurt and yet feel disgusted. hard line.

  8. Joe says:

    This animal needs to be spayed.

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