Official Calls For Riverside, 12 Other Counties To Secede From California

New state would have no term limits, part-time legislature

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — Is the state of California about to go “South”?

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone apparently thinks so, after proposing that the county lead a campaign for as many as 13 Southern California counties to secede from the state.

Stone said in a statement late Thursday that Riverside, Imperial, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Kings, Kern, Fresno, Tulare, Inyo, Madera, Mariposa and Mono counties should form the new state of South California.

The creation of the new state would allow officials to focus on securing borders, balancing budgets, improving schools and creating a vibrant economy, he said.

“Our taxes are too high, our schools don’t educate our children well enough, unions and other special interests have more clout in the Legislature than the general public,” Stone said in his statement.

He unveiled his proposal on the day Gov. Jerry Brown signed budget legislation that will divert about $14 million in 2011-12 vehicle license fee revenue from four new Riverside County cities.

Officials fear the cut will cripple the new cities of Eastvale, Jurupa Valley, Menifee and Wildomar.

Stone said he would present his proposal to the Board of Supervisors July 12.

The new state would have no term limits, only a part-time legislature and limits on property taxes.

“A secessionist movement? What is this, 1860?” Brown spokesman Gil Duran told The Press-Enterprise.

Riverside County Supervisor Bob Buster called Stone’s proposal a “crazy distraction.”

“We should begin to get our own budget balanced, which we haven’t done yet, and put in place some of the reforms we need in this county before we try and go and restructure the government in the great state of California,” he told the Press-Enterprise.

“The temperature has gone up in Riverside County and it seems Supervisor Stone has gotten too much sun recently,” he added.

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  • David Bennett


    You give them anything . . . ANYTHING and it will be a free-for-all. You guys give Mexico nothing. You hear me? If you do you might as well give them the whole state because that is exactly what will happen.

    We are entering into hell and the only way out is to go through.

    • Leslie Bloom

      serg, thats the problem. If you say this to my face in real time, I’d scratch your left wing eyes out. No? Try me scrotum lips.

    • Ghostsouls

      What they are trying to do, and what would realistically happen, are two different things. Would be a whole lot easier for Mexican cartels to take over a split off portion of California than to try to take on the entire state.

    • Richard Simpson

      @Ghostsouls… you sound like you still believe the cartels are being held at bay, and don’t already control all of California. Perhaps such an action would free NoCal from SoCal, as much as it would free SoCal from NoCal?

      Alas, it looks like NoCal wants to dominate SoCal’s decision-making by monopolizing control in Sacramento.

    • Gary

      As for me, I just want to hunker down, hanging on to my guns and religion and wait for barry’s people to show up at my door.

      • CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425

  • Mary

    I would absolutely support that. I am tired of not being represented in the Senate and the state legislature. Let’s go for it!

    • James

      Apparently California “forgot” how Jerry Brown jacked up the state the last time he ran it. Good riddance to California as they will soon be nothing more than a 3rd world nation (state).

      • Emily

        I am with John R. Would be proud to be part of Texas. I’m embarrassed – and fed up – being Californian. If they could actually pull something like this secession off, I’d be thrilled to stay in Southern California. Otherwise, as soon as we can save enough (which is hard with the high taxes and cost of living) we are OUT OF HERE to Texas, Nevada, or Florida. Adios Muchachos — the great weather is just not enough to get us to put up with this ridiculous state any longer.

      • John R

        It already is. When I was a kid we had the second largest economy. Grey Davis bragged that we were fifth. Arnold put us in eight. Now who knows, maybe Brown can get us to tenth. This is a race to the bottom and California is competitive. I want to join Texas. Please include us inside the great wall out here in Coachella. I’ll fly the Texas flag any time, I’ll back your play. I’m embarrassed to tell anyone I’m from California. Boycott Calfornia!!!!!

      • G. Marsh

        The first time around Jerry Brown emptied out the insane asylims hince Street people and homeless, he cancelled the bracero program hince the Mexican invasion, he raised taxes and set the ground work for the socialist/communist iron fisted “rulers” we now laughingly “representatives” like parasite Palosi and family growing richer and richer with her back door deals and favoritism that she wields from Washinton D.C.

      • Tommy D

        to G Marsh: Gov. Reagan in 1967 signed the act that effectively closed down much of California’s mental health system. Jerry Brown didn’t become governor until 1975.

      • Dave

        You’re the 8th largest economy IN THE WORLD. Not in the nation. Get over yourself, sorry that nations like China, India, and others who have MUCH LARGER POPULATIONS began to produce more in line with their population. Unless California somehow picks up another 100M people in the next decade, I don’t see them competing with the likes of China and India by themselves. Some idiots just don’t know when to STFU because they don’t know what they’re talking about.

      • Paige Quintel

        Since government feels that illegal aliens have every right to take an American’s job in the private sector, I think illegal aliens should be able to bid on government jobs too. Government salaries would be chopped in half! And no need to entice them with retirement or medical benefits either.’s kill or be killed out here

      • HMichaelH

        Hey, Theodore! Just because you live in a State since 1947 doesn’t make you an authority on anything. If you think Governor Moonbeam is the best Governor CA has ever had, you sure are using convoluted criteria for what constitutes a “Good Governor.”

        From the way CA is sinking into the Pacific Ocean, it turns out none of its Governors havebeen worth a warm bucket of spit!

      • Theodore

        Jerry Brown is the best governor, except for his father, we’ve ever had!
        I’ve lived in CA since 1947 and I know what I’m talking about.


        California, if it was a country, would be one of the richest nations in the world.
        Every state is important to the WHOLE of the US.
        We depend on every state to produce something that benefits all of us.
        For instance, DO YOU EAT BREAD?
        Well, you would not have bread flour if you didn’t have Kansas.
        DO YOU EAT MEAT?
        3 million head of cattle are shipped into Kansas every year from 16 states and
        Canada and Mexico to fatten on our special grass.
        DO YOU EAT PASTA? California grows your pasta flour.
        All for one and one for all!!.

    • Jay Palmquist

      Mary, me too. The union control of Sacramento is just appalling. It’s time to let them run “North California” into the ground, and we turn “South California” into the 3rd largest economic powerhouse in the world.

      • Theodore

        Unions are made up of PEOPLE, namely, workers just like you!!
        We have big government, corporations that pay no taxes, corporations that
        send our jobs overseas and we have the extremely wealthy with all their
        tax loopholes.
        Unions also are for you who don’t work for a union because they set the standard for fairness in the workplace.

      • Theodore

        Seceeding from Northern California is NOT a new idea;
        it is just another way to make you think these radical congresspeople are for You, which theyare not!
        If you knew what workers faced when there were no unions, you would be
        appalled. They was child labor, forced working conditions, 16 hour days,
        workers killed and maimed if they ask for a 5cent raise. They say we don’t
        need unions because the workers give to the democratic party and that is
        why they are telling you unions are not needed today.
        Who would build your roads in California if you have no government?
        Who would protect your food supply if the agric corporations ran amuck?
        Do you think every mother could afford to stay home and home school their
        You have not thought this through. Talking about seceeding sounds good, but
        you have just not thought through on the ramifications of what this would entail.

    • Hoakua

      Let ’em go. And use their own water. Oh wait, there is no water i s South California

      • jw ross

        the areas in the seperation own the water, Sac will have to buy from American California

      • Stuki

        Like Massachusetts uses “their own oil…..”

        If there’s enough water available for the counties in question now, why would a simple political redrawing change things? I know of the leftist obsession with having no god but government and all, but still…..

      • Raul

        Hey Hoakua your totally wrong. I grew up in Kings county, we have plenty of water however its the politions in Sacramento divert a lot of this water.
        There are plenty of lakes, rivers and aquafers in Kings, Madera, Fresno, Tulary counties. Also to let u know Fresno, Madera, and Tulary have the Sierra Nevada mountain range with plenty of snow runoff.
        So for you to say that their is not any water in So. Cal….well is totally wrong!

      • Bryan Garcia

        We have oil in southern california!

      • Theodore

        Whoa there Son! We have the whole Pacific Ocean which is being turned into
        drinking water by a start up company!! Someday you will be coming to us for
        water when yours is so polluted by Big Corporations that pollute your streams,
        lakes and resevoirs.

    • lectorconstans

      Amen to that. It probably doesn’t stand a chance of passing, but at least it tells Sacrament that the People are sick and tired of the fools in government trying to run the state as their own private fiefdom – and money tree.

      • Theodore

        I’m a progressive and I believe in God.
        Don’t generalize about what you know nothing about.
        Methodists, Congregationalists, Quakers, and other churches are progressive
        chruches that believe in a Creator.

    • karl knudson

      obama this name is not an american name for starters ,not even close ,its arabic ,dont take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, im thinkin he hacked his way in office, ive asked a gang of people if they voted for him an all replyed vnegativewhy isnt somebody standing up and puting there foot up his ass and sending him back to where he came from ,this is the biggest joke on the people of this once upon a time great country,belie ve this if i could do it id be at dc in a red hot second with steel toe boots on !

  • Stray Goose

    The rest of the country is just waiting for the whole state of Kalifornia to fall into the ocean…

    • Mike

      Is there anyway we can let West L.A. and all of the Bay area fall off in the ocean?

    • Steve

      Then you are a typical fake patriot who should take his bible in one had and his gun in the other, and raise them to both of your temples and pull the trigger!

      You want millions americans to die? I guess you want the south to rise again too!

      • jw ross

        Dakiel, you are saying the 103,000 illegals pay 2 billion in tax, that is just under $200,000 per person, that two hundred thousand and now lets say 25% are workers, we know its more like 8 %, that would mean these illegal aliens of yours pay half a million a year EACH worker in tax

      • Daniel Brown

        This article is about California splitting into 2 states NOT seceding from the United States. Almost all of you need to work on your reading comprehension.

        Most of you people replying to Steve are idiots.
        The population if California is 36,457,549, so yes, if CA were to impossibly fall into the ocean, MILLIONS would die, about 36.5 million.

        G.Marsh is the biggest idiot here. The illegal immigrant population in CA is just over 103,000 which means they represent .2% of the population (yet they still managed to contribute over $2 Billion dollars in taxes to the state last year).

        And finally, CA IS the largest economy in the nation and 10th largest in the world. The U.S. needs us more than we need them as we are one of the 16 States that actually pay more to the Federal Government then we get back from them. The other 34 states, including Texas, are welfare states receiving far more form the Feds then they pay in.

        You’d think basic internet searches wouldn’t be beyond the grasp of even the most simple minded, but the posts here prove the majority of Americans are just too stupid to breath.

      • Matthew Kaney

        THANK YOU to Daniel who is the only HALFWAY intelligent person posting here. The people that followed him up need to READ this. Listen, I’m sure you think your opinions are great. But FIRST, before you come to CONCLUSIONS, you need to learn how to READ and do some research. Because you are so damn dumb it hurts.. jw ross, you might want to learn how to use a calculator, because those numbers come out to $20k per person.. and the rest of you, if you think a statistic is wrong, go get the real number, or stfu and learn something. If you had bothered, you’d know that is estimated number of illegals who had taxes withheld, NOT including their families. Also, because they don’t have valid social security numbers, THEY DO NOT GET REFUNDS.

      • Sid Fein

        Wow I don’t see where the millions dead come in, this could be a diplomatic and administrative move that would allow the people of SoCal to better administrate thier own affairs.

      • Mikey

        Millions of Americans? Really? And here I thought there was nothing but illegals left…

        Lighten up Francis.

      • G. marsh

        Millions of Americans? hahahaha!! 98% of the CA population is illegal aliens. Most sane and real Americans have already left the state. The main reason the state is going broke is because the “hard working Mexicans” get paid under the table and do not pay any taxes and then they also take FULL advantage of CA’s generous welfare system.

      • Jay

        Millions of Americans would die? Very stupid comment. I’m sorry. It is time for a split. Yes I know about the water issues. There is also oil in the “new” state and as I remember, LA County pumps ground water out of the Central Valley. It goes both ways. Agriculture and energy are two industries that employ lots of people and can’t really leave the state. It’s time to preserve those interests and let “Old California” live with its choices. Give the industries bailing on California a more local place to settle :)

      • R

        Hey there idiot…we do not have to “rise up”…as long long as you’re around we’re above you…

      • Mr. Truth

        I just want people like you to die, Steve.

      • Bill

        Better to die in the millions than be slave to the state.

      • Tim Bosley

        Patriotism is not a duty to the state or an obligation to maintain it because states (or governments or any kind) have no right to exist in themselves. What does have a right to exist is people and their happiness so the state is ultimately expendable in comparison to those needs.

        I support what these brave Californians are doing and every conservative across America should.

      • charles horne

        The South has already risen.

      • Caiden

        Is anyone stupid enough to believe there are only 103,000. let me explain how a lie works.

        “How many occupants and are there any illegal living in this house?”

        “uh…just me, no illegals…”


        See, illegals figure they’ll get deported if they admit they’re illegal… so they LIE ABOUT IT.

    • Jojo

      as you soon as you drown in your overflowing rivers!

    • Recklessprocess

      Make California go through bankruptcy. Let me stop paying for their stupid spending that I do not benefit from. I live in Oklahoma and we should not have to finance idiots who havent’ had a balanced budget since Reagan was Govenor.

      • Jared

        California puts much more money into the federal pool than they get in return. Without California, you’d be paying more, not less. idiot.

  • MJU


    • Murphys49

      As a Northern Californian I think 2 states would be wonderful. The north is so different than the south. Then we could cut off San Francisco and let it float out to sea. Just wishing.

  • Rob

    California belongs in three – Bay Area, SoCal, and Valley-and-Mountains. Three clearly separate regions with more obvious connections/concerns. What many people don’t realize is that California then becomes more politically strong, with the same number of representatives but 6 senators…

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      That 6 senator problem is easily rectified– after they default and collapse, combine coastal CA north of Orange County with NY, CT, MA, VT, RI, MD and IL into one Territory with NO senators or reps.

      • Michael

        Lyle, Billy, YOU are insane if you think that any of the states being discussed in this post are “contributing” to our society. ALL of them are facing massive budget shortfalls with Kalifornia, NY, and Illinois on the verge of DEFAULT!!

        I suggest you remove your tinfoil hats and allow the mother ship to collect you and take you home.

      • Billy Weeder

        Mikey, you are insanely incorrect. The red states bleed the blue states dry. The numbers don’t like. Brietbart and Drudge do, however.

      • Stuki

        Lyle and Billy;
        that statistic is so simpleminded as to be entirely useless. If you just go by share of GDP, or tax receipts, then yes, the urban and coastal states are net contributors. But you have to look at where the output is coming from, as well as why the “red” states are not contributing more.

        If you do, one of the first things you find, is that the extreme level of regulation itself, shifts spending away from immediate producers, and towards services like legal, which are heavily concentrated in blue states. Similarly, and even more perversely, massive budget deficits and activist federal Reserve policy shifts untold trillions of wealth in the direction of immediate beneficiaries in the financial complex. It’s not like NY produces all that much that would be of any value were it not for artificial support by government and the Fed.

        In addition, much of blue state championed regulation, is aimed directly at reducing the output of red state industries, which for example tend to have a more immediate impact on the environment. And, remove federal level work and compensation regulations, all championed by the blue states, and red states would be even more competitive. At least many of the would.

        Of course, the only way to find out who leeches and who provides, is to blow the whole thing apart. Replace the US with a few hundred independent republics, each with about the same population as Washington’s America, and we’d truly be on to something.

      • Lyle

        That’s a little bit looney from a fact-perspective. NY, CT, MA, VT, RI, and MD produce most of the wealth of the nation and are some of the few states that have no chance to “default and collapse.” (IL is a different story.) Generally, red states take more money than they give to the federal government and have higher poverty rates and poor educational systems. Take a look sometime about state tax receipts to disbursements.

        Most comments here are part of the Drudge echo chamber. Such posters read opinions and come to believe that everyone thinks like they do or are crazy if they do not.

        The ideas of compromise and finding common-ground that our country was founded upon at the Constitutional Congress have been replaced with hyper-partisan craziness to the detriment of the country.

        It’s sad.

      • Mikey

        Wrong Lyle. When you take account the federal welfare programs and pork projects, the liberal blue states soak up MUCH MUCH more than they take in.

        Where as the red states, Texas in particular, are true tax donor states.

        Nice try though. It’s not like we haven’t heard your weak talking points 10,000 times already…

      • TTT

        Only like minded people can work together. This country may have been founded on people working together but none of those people were marxists/communists. Until the american left comes crawling back to america with its tail between its legs,I have nothing more to do with them. They are the enemy.

      • dcsux

        Genius, man

      • No One Important

        Actually – that’s a “factual” canard.

        The figures the democrats like to quote as “the red states take more money”. . . . .those figures also include “military” spending.

        And gee, where are large military installations located? Lots of them in red states.

        Another factoid people should look up: When you factor pork and block grands and educational money – that liberal canard doesn’t hold up to facts.


    • DomInCA

      6 Senators yes, but 40 million constiuants. What is the population of, let’s say Nevada, Arizona, and Utah?
      What most non Californians don’t realize is that outside of LA county, San Fran bay area, and some of Sac. area, alot of people are more conservative. We;re just BADLY out numbered!

      • Roman Fingers

        You’re absolutely right. A good “rule of thumb” is that a county that touches the Pacific is a “blue” county. The rest of the state is red.

      • R. Cook

        If you look at the demographics of the counties involved, you will find those counties are the most conservative in the state. Because of that we are the ignored step children of the liberal idiots in charge of the state. The bay area, Sacremento and Los Angeles are turning into crime ridden garbage dumps. I was in Law Enforcement in LA county for 28 years. I left in 1992.

        I would support the division.

      • Otter

        You are absolutely right. I sit here shaking my head at the last governor’s election. The only explanation is that the majority of people were protecting their “entitlements,” the very things that are sinking us. I have no voice though because I’m deep into Orange County.

    • Shawn Messier

      nor cal has better weed

  • Imagine

    You think becoming MORE like Mexico is the answer…???…

    Ahhhh…… haaaaa……..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……….

    • Mike Stallings

      They want to split from California you moron, not join Meico

      • Cindy

        I am afraid f they split California we would eventually end up as part of Mexico and become part of the 3rd world. There are so many illegals here in So. Cal. that all they would need to do is vote one of them into office and we would be history.

      • Bryan Garcia

        Imagine we want to become OUR OWN STATE, not join another country.

    • Scott Osborn

      You do not get it do you? It would be just the opposite? or do you already understand that? Oh…you do don’t you. sorry…did not work my friend.

      • Imagine

        Mike, Scott,

        Are you telling me this “region” will become MORE like the US…???…

        I’m not laughing anymore… Do both of you live in LA…???…


      • Barack Mugabe

        Are you telling me this “region” will become MORE like the US…???…

        The NEW state will be more like the US. What’s left will resemble Mexico.

      • Tina Rocha

        Nailed it Mugabe…..It’s about time conservatives rose up in this beautiful state we call home and turn the libbers into grease spots. This financial plane crash they’ve created for the rest of us will come to an abrupt end, it will be painful for a while but it will be well worth the fight. Oh and libbers? We’ll now take care of the border like adults and I’m a legal American-Mexican in that order.

    • Scott Osborn

      The Northern California Liberals are the ones who want to make us like Mexico. Either you are a lib who wants to hide that fact and make a red herring, or you do not understand California Politics.

  • sailordude

    The Democrats are making light of this but throughout America’s history there have been secession movements besides the Civil War. From Wikipedia:

    “California had a long history of attempted state secession movements, such as the State of Jefferson of 1940–41, the 1965 proposal of a new state of Southern California south of the Tehachapi mountains, and the current day “Inland” and “Coastal” California state proposals in the late 2000s.”

    If the Democrats can garner more electoral college votes for President this may gain some legs. It’s all about the power folks, all about the power.

    • Cole

      Not sure if “proposals” constitute “movements”, though could be wrong. Spot on about power brokering, my friend.

    • Linda

      It is illegal, though, according to our US Constitution, but according to the US Representative from the Charleston, SC district, James Clyburn, “We do stuff all the time that’s not in the Constitution.”

  • Hope and Change 2012

    Do it, show the rest of this weak kneed country that you do not have to put up with the Liberal agenda. Secede now!

  • plaid

    The country of Mexico will no doubt try to intervene in this. They want South California to be North Mexico.

  • Kluge

    Civil War 2.0
    “Go ahead; laugh. This time we have nukes.”

    • Kerry

      And exactly what states would be attacking Southern California over this? Is Michigan going to send in their National Guard to LA? I don’t think so.

    • Collin

      You’re an idiot.

    • myksmom


    • HD Ritscher

      This is not a “Civil War” because the new state is not leaving the United States, but making a 51st state. It would have its own 2 senators and requisite number of representatives.

  • SoCal to Secede from California? |

    […] *Taken from CBS LA. […]

  • Chad

    “A secessionist movement? What is this, 1860?” Brown spokesman Gil Duran told The Press-Enterprise.

    Nah, the 1860s were all about Democrats seceding to keep their slaves. Since Sacramento has a state full of trapped slaves this would be nothing like the main secessionist movement of the 1860s.

    Now West Virginia’s move to flee a tyrannical and out-of-control Virgina – this proposal is far closer in spirit.

    • Chad

      Actually, by seceding the South was guaranteeing that slavery was going to come to end. Simply, because the federal government would only be enforcing the Fugitive Slave Act for union slave states (Delaware, Kentucky, etc). After all , if the South had simply left over slavery they would have agreed to President Lincoln’s original 13th amendment which would have forever enshrined the right to slavery in the US Constitution.

      In reality, Lincoln’s war to prevent Southern Independence resulted in turning all people in the USA into the federal government’s slave. The personal income tax allows the Federal government to determine what percent of your own property and wealth you are allowed to keep after they take what they want. Don’t pay part of your hard earn money in the form of property tax? Well, then expect a law enforcement official to show up at your door and remove you at gun point.
      The state of West Virginia? Blatantly unconstitutional… of course since it worked in favour of the Federal government they weren’t going to question it to much.

    • Dave

      Actually, West Virginia creation WAS unconstitutional. They never got permission from the Virginia State Legislature to form a new state. The Federal government just allowed it because it would give them another Union state. I, personally, will never recognize the state of West Virginia because it was never a real state to begin with.

      • Stuki

        Dude, the more states, the better. The states are waaaay, waaay too big as it is. Anything to make them smaller and more directly accountable to each citizen

        Just imagine a world where Gov.Brown could enact all the high tax, socialist policies he wanted; but the law only applied to his own governors’ mansion. While I could happily enact more sane tax policies for people residing in my household. Best of all worlds, forever!

  • David Bennett

    An idea dawns on me: States begin to secede one after another. Somewhere around 25 to 35 states bail and then the whole Union falls and D.C. will have nothing to govern. THEN . . . THEN the states begin a reconcilliation under the Constitution of the United States and we rebuild this whole thing.

    The only reason we follow what D.C says is because we have a perception that they are really calling the shots. Well, not if they don’t have anything to call shots about.

    • Vital Rosa Pico Pt

      They are calling the shots only because the 14th Amendment CITIZENS are SLAVES TO DC DEMOCRACY and because they use IRS PIRACY of ADMIRALTY to STEAL their money Directly to DC and than use it to COntrol and Demand SLAVE LOYALTY.
      DC is a CORPORATION and only has power over it’s Federal employees and it’s teriitories: meaning Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. NOT the 50 individual republic nations. STOP sending your slave wages to the Foreign Collection Agency known as the IRS. Money is Power.

      ENSLAVED by DEMOCRACY whatever happened to LIBERTY & Land of The FREE?
      Wake UP – Stand Up – Opt Out – Join in

    • Brent

      We may not need to wait for states to secede. When the dollar crashes and the nation goes bankrupt, they’ll be enough fear of God put into the citizenry that they’ll run to the Constitution.

  • Jeff S

    Either secede… or South California should just merge with Arizona.

    • hebgb

      We don’t want you idiots – we already have enough problems here and are trying hard to clean them up. Stay on your side of the mountains where you belong and deal with your problems yourself. You elected the reasons you are suffering, maybe you should vote them out and try to clean up the mess before inflicting what has happened there on someone else.

      • Stuki

        Ross, the exact same phenomenon is occurring in NH, once somewhat of a last bastion of any kind of sanity in New England.

        First the yahoos from Massachusetts, in their usual leftist zeal to preen around fashionably socialist, renders their own immediate surroundings practically inhospitable to civilized life.

        Then, they run off across the northern border to NH to escape the hell they have themselves created. But then, and get this, instead of making sure their new home does not get destroyed like their old one did, these backmarkers immediately set about destroying their new state as well, and by exactly the same means they once destroyed their old one. It’s flat out unbelievable!

      • passerby

        The counties listed are very much in the “Red zone” — conservative zone — of California. They would be an excellent addition to Arizona.

        However, I’d rather see a new state, since it would mean 2 more conservative senators!!!!!!

      • Ross

        Good Lord that couldn’t be more true. We’ve been dealing with the idiot Yankees escaping their liberal cesspools they call cities that they’ve created for themselves and moving South in droves. It seems like Detroit has basically moved to North Carolina, which is why this once great state is turning blue with sickness. And when they come and invade like a plague of locusts, they continue to vote the same way that created the their mess in the first place. Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome…

      • exbobbie

        hebgb…,.. The majority of the people in the Counties in the south east are conservatives, some extremely so like me. Maybe we could help you with your problems, cus we sure can’t do anything here, we are out numbered. I don’t think a large influx of conservatives would hurt your State, just saying.



  • Matthias

    What is the alternative? People stuck in a situation they did not make. Lives wrecked by people who no longer represent them.

    Do it. Secede.

    • hebgb

      They elected those reasons they are failing. They wanted the freebies the campaigners promised and didn’t deliver. They deserve what they are dealing with. If they want to do something else, change the electorate like they should have done years ago.

      • passerby

        “..They elected those reasons they are failing. They wanted the freebies the campaigners promised and didn’t deliver. They deserve what they are dealing with. If they want to do something else, change the electorate like they should have done years ago…”

        Actually a lot of California is “red” on the electoral map. A few highly populous, coastal “blue” zones are what nudges the state into Democrat lala land. Don’t punish the good Californias for the sins of the wicked cities of the coast.

        If there are but ten righteous men in Sodom, I will not destroy it…

      • HD Ritscher

        San Francisco and Los Angeles are the reason that California is a Blue State. Take out those two counties and we would be a consistent Red state. Also who came up with this Red and Blue scheme? It should be Blue that represents Conservatives and Red that represents Liberals!

  • Jim Dunham

    That would be the best possible thing for the southern part of the state AND the country. The liberal flakes and nuts have run the show for way too long. And if the electoral votes were split, it would make it significantly more difficult (if not impossible) for another Socialist moron to win the Presidency; and THAT would benefit us ALL>

    • HD Ritscher

      He actually came up with 59 states all together,”It is wonderful to be back in Oregon,” Obama said. “Over the last 15 months, we’ve traveled to every corner of the United States. I’ve now been in 57 states? I think one left to go. Alaska and Hawaii, I was not allowed to go to even though I really wanted to visit, but my staff would not justify it.” He was even wrong when he said he had one left and then named two. Is it just a coincidence that there are 57 Islamic states in the UN?

  • Juliio

    Something I have thought about for years. The ex-hippies in the North who are in power do not have the same values as those of us in the South. I keep voting and nothing changes. Lets loose them and get away from the 9th circuit court of appeals while we are at it!

  • Sid S

    President Obama is a visionary! With Texas wanting to become 5 States, (some say legally) and California proposal of So Cal, he only needs to find ome more! With his popularity, maybe he can “administrate” Puerto Rico into statehood. That would give him his prediction.

    • Ron K

      Texas statehood agreement when admitted to the Union included the right to split into 5 states or less. That right still exists and legally valid. There is no “some say”. Check it out.

      • David Kelly

        Ron has it right, however I disagree with Sid on the idea that Texas “wants’ to split up into the 5 states…

        While it would not technically constitute secession, it is worth noting that, under the joint resolution of Congress by which the Republic of Texas was admitted to the Union, it had the right to divide itself into as many as five different states. It is not clear whether this provides any power beyond that already provided by the Constitution. What is clear is that the Texas Legislature would have to approve any proposal to divide the state using this prerogative. There were a significant number of Texans who supported dividing the state in its early decades. They were generally called divisionists. However, no state has ever been allowed to secede from the Union.[63][64][65]

        However, keep in mind that we still have the right to completely secede from the union….

        Texas Secession Movement: The group Republic of Texas generated national publicity for its controversial actions in the late 1990s.[81] A small group still meets.[82] In April 2009, Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas, raised the issue of secession in disputed comments during a speech at a Tea Party protest saying “Texas is a unique place. When we came into the union in 1845, one of the issues was that we would be able to leave if we decided to do that…My hope is that America and Washington in particular pays attention. We’ve got a great union. There’s absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, who knows what may come of that.”[83][84][85][86]

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      Actually he was a little bit off– Obama’s America doesn’t have 57 states, it has 57 jobs.

      • Miles30

        Just to pick nits, Obama didn’t say there were 57 states, he said he’d been to 57 states and had one more to go (for a total of 58 states.

    • Mary Wright Pippert

      Texas does not want to break up they want to get away from the liberal controlled country. If California manages to do this I think many places will follow.

    • DougHD

      Sorry Sid S, your math doesn’t add up to Obama’s math. He said that’s he’s been in 57 states and has one more to go, so he thinks there are 58 :)

  • Christian James

    who’s Texas and Idaho going to secede from? SoCal is seceding from NorCal….

    • David Bennett

      The United States.

  • john murray

    Supervisor Stone has it right. Any organization that cannot no longer manage efficiently begins to downsize. Change is coming whether anybody wants it or not.

  • jim

    When I first saw the headline i thought they were going to try to become part of Mexico which the liberal media would have loved. They would have had LaRazza parades and lots of speeches. It would have been a gigantic story.
    Its obvious that they are trying to get some attention about the high taxes and illegal alien crime so you will never see this story again.

    • Tina Rocha

      Wrong Jim. We will inact the law of the land and by the laws mere virtue, those who are breaking it will merely mosey up to N Caliofnria where you all can employ, educate and assume thier healthcare, thats if your employed. No, if this does come to fruition we’ll take care of the problem.

  • Mahakala

    That is a great idea. I’m all for it. Why let California siphon of tax dollars that can be better spent in the communities they came from

  • kimdi01

    And Northern California will just shut down the aqueducts that send all the water to So. Cal. Then the next state or country or whatever they want to be can called Death Valley. Don’t make those on whom you depend mad at you!

    • Ed

      We will stop sending hot chicks up north.

      • Su Yu

        Stop sending STD’s too?!!!!

      • DarrelB

        No! Not that.

      • Barack Oh-Bama

        L.A. gets 60% of its water from NoCal. Half of SoCal gets its water from AZ and CO.

    • Marcelino Ben

      Actually, So.Cal gets it’s water from the Sierras and the Colorado. So Cal would be able to cut off the water to LA.

    • Scott Osborn

      Does not work that way my friend. Red herring.

    • SerfCityHereWeCome

      …but the NorCal parasites won’t have SoCal’s taxpayers to support them any longer and will be forced into cannibalization before they ever have a chance to shut off the water. Your last sentence applies far more in the other direction.

    • Jhovey

      not that bright, are ya? The biggest reservoir is Diamond Lake in Winchester, CA. And here is a tip, just because we are in a different state doesn’t mean we can’t BUY things from Nor Cal.. After all, we aren’t part of China, yet we seem to buy plenty from them!

      • Sourpuss

        Jhovey, the rich SouthCalifornia counties will build water desalination plants and sell the water to your northern areas. SouthCalifornia will be able to do this because their government will encourage job building and have a healthy tax base. Northern CA will be sucking our tit soon.

    • Todd Dunning

      kimdi your threats exemplify the reason NorCal needs to be cut off from SoCal’s allowance once and for all

    • Scott Osborn

      Thank you for showing all who read this section how easy it will be to defeat the lib argument!

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