LOS ANGELES (AP) — The sprawling Los Angeles school district, the nation’s second-largest, now has a final budget that includes pay cuts and layoffs of about 3,000 employees, including some teachers and counselors.

The school board vote 6-1 to approve the budget on Thursday, saying it was forced to order the pay cuts and layoffs to close a $408 million shortfall. Board members blame declining revenue from the state and federal governments.

The Los Angeles Unified School District general fund is about $7 billion.

The district earlier reached agreements with most of its employee unions to take furlough days to save money.

The Los Angeles Times says the rest of the savings involved program cuts, shifting money to the general fund and other measures.

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Comments (14)
  1. Ryan says:

    This is just ridiculous! I hold illegals accountable for sucking our system dry.

    1. steve says:

      You’re a moron plain and simple!

      1. Frank Jacobs says:

        Why is Ryan a moron? He did not say anything that was not true. Illegals have ruined this states and all the money spent on them could have been used for our school system so it does somehow come back to Illegals. Also anchor babies should not be legal citizens if their parents were here illegally to begin with.

      2. Mike says:

        Wow! All this time, I was mis-informed! The news said the real estate fiasco was to blame, but I guess these illiterate, non-spell-checking racists know the real reason. No matter what the discussion is, it all comes back to them darn illegals. My back hurts, the tornadoes, and now, no money for the State is all the illegals’ fault! What a bunch loser racists.

      3. Jones says:

        The hispanics destroyed the housing market.But unlike blacks they did it several states at a time instead of one neighborhood at a time.

      4. Jones says:

        You ever seen a prosperous,affluent ,quiet,clean,peaceful,nice and happy neighborhood that are predominately latinos ?

      5. adolfo says:

        There are no nice latino neighborhoods. Any affluent, educated latino moves out of the ghetto and into the white neighborhoods. People will get mad at this comment but it is the truth. At least blacks have affluent, educated neighborhoods like Ladera Heights and Baldwin Hills but latino neighborhoods are all crime ridden, grafitti writing, welfare aid receiving, 20 per house living, 14 yr old mother neighborhoods!

      6. KOBE says:

        You people who do not agree with Ryan are the people who are here illegally. You are the one’s who are receiving welfare and working under the table and sending your kids to our school lowering the standard because your kids do not speak English. Steve is the kind of person who teaches his kids Spanish and does not even bother learning English.

        Steve does not want immigration reform because then he will have to get a job and no more public assistance will be given to him and his 10 kids who are living in a two bedroom apartment and still having kids.

  2. UncleSam741776 says:

    I don’t like illegals, does that make me a racist? Illegals are all different races, if you here an illegal from England, I don’t like you. I think when the word illegal is brought up the first thought is “Mexican” because they make up the majority but they are not the only ones.

    1. Bach says:

      People say illegal and not “brown” just to be polite.

  3. J.V. says:

    What happened? With obtaining only a 50% drop-out rate for their 3rd world students couldn’t the union thugs give up a little more of their over-paid salary & benefits to keep more of their comrades in the classrooms to bring the drop-out rate to 60% or 70%?

  4. KOBE says:

    Public employee unions and illegals from Mexico alone are the reason California has crashed. It is not very hard to figure out. But politicians do not care because they are rich. As long as they have theirs what do they care about a budget or anything else.

    Politicians do not have to live with the illegals. Politicians live in gated fences and do not have to drive through East Los Angeles or Bell Gardens, or Pico Rivera.

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