Thong Bathing Suit Controversy Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor In Koreatown

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KOREATOWN (CBS) — One man’s controversial thong bathing suit is igniting a bikini battle, pitting neighbor against neighbor at a Koreatown apartment complex.

Sunbather “Scott” says he has been wearing a small maroon thong every weekend for the past several years while catching some sun on his complex’s shared balcony.

But his upstairs neighbor, Marcel Weathersby isn’t happy about his cheeky fellow resident, saying “Scott’s” thong-wearing habit is a case of indecent exposure.

“I don’t know what my daughter may have seen,” said Weathersby.

Police say wearing the thong in public is not illegal and there is nothing they can do.

“I am not going to not sunbathe because that’s what I been doing for three years,” said “Scott”.

Authorities say the two men need to come to put it behind them, and if not, one party should consider moving.

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