Thong Bathing Suit Controversy Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor In Koreatown

KOREATOWN (CBS) — One man’s controversial thong bathing suit is igniting a bikini battle, pitting neighbor against neighbor at a Koreatown apartment complex.

Sunbather “Scott” says he has been wearing a small maroon thong every weekend for the past several years while catching some sun on his complex’s shared balcony.

But his upstairs neighbor, Marcel Weathersby isn’t happy about his cheeky fellow resident, saying “Scott’s” thong-wearing habit is a case of indecent exposure.

“I don’t know what my daughter may have seen,” said Weathersby.

Police say wearing the thong in public is not illegal and there is nothing they can do.

“I am not going to not sunbathe because that’s what I been doing for three years,” said “Scott”.

Authorities say the two men need to come to put it behind them, and if not, one party should consider moving.

  • Frog

    They should both put the matter behind them…Sorry for that!

  • Frog

    Okay, how many more bad jokes can we make? Here are some more:

    –It’s a shame they have to butt heads
    –How cheeky can you get?
    –There’s a full moon in Koreatown

    • Nuts


    • Jeff

      He was just hanging out.

      • c

        You guys are HILARIOUS!!!

  • ILA

    LOL.. did they really just report this as news??

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  • Antonio Sanchez

    You would think that the law would be able to stop the dirty old man from continuing his indecent acts now that It’s been made clear that a child is possibly being exposed to all this. I mean I totally understand the man’s right to his own business at his own home but come on he has to be aware that Marcel has a daughter that dosen’t need to see all that. I think that someone should step in since the man is making it clear that he’s not going to use discretion or better judgement when it comes to this matter. It sounds like there is really two children involved here.

    • Larry

      Wow, some common sense here! Not sure if I would describe the offender as a dirty old man but nonetheless…

      • Ron

        Larry, how about an inconsiderate @SS?

    • Genevieve

      Antonio Sanchez, I don’t like looking at fat people in tight clothes it is more disgusting than someone’s crack in a thong.

      Perhaps the neighbor needs to move to satisfy his own desire to protect his daughter from a natural piece of art.

      This country was founded on RIGHTS and we the people don’t need society policing our own internal ethics.

    • Jack

      next time you go to the beach and ogle the ladies in the same attire think equal opportunity you moron. Marcel should wonder if his daughter is looking over the balcony or not and should exercise parental leadership. No law being broken, get over it.

  • ArmyStud

    GET REAL… Then we should have call the police on everytime I see a kid wearing BAGGY PANTS showing there undies too !!!!!!

    • Michael J. McDermott

      You GET REAL ! ! ! Calling the police is what we should do when these ignorant pigs let their pants down to let their whole @ss of their underwear show. That’s the difference between an ignorant pig and a decent person, in case you didn’t know. I’m surprised the cops already don’t arrest them on the spot for doing this.

  • Joel Lanuza

    Must be a slow news day

  • Mary

    VERY slow news day. At least he’s not a fat arse

  • watchitgo

    There are very few men I would like to see in a thong. One might laugh at some and nauseated at others! It truly is inappropriate if he knows there are children next door, but the dress code has gone to you know where in the last several years!

  • Ron

    Did they say this was in Koreatown or WEST HOLLYWOOD? Come on Scott, move your @SS over to West Hollywood and let the families to enjoy the great outdoors. Besides you’ll get more of your type of ACTION over there.

    • Dorthea

      How’s living in that closet, Ron? Or are you still blissfully ignorant of the fact that your bad gay jokes only serve to further highlight your intense curiosity about all thing WEHO…

      • Ron

        Spoken like someone who IS LIVING the LIE, Dorthea. I have NO desire or intense curiosity about WEHO or YOURHO. And it IS obvious that you are NOT a ” parent of a happy, well adjusted, well educated child “, when you say “People are born naked. Get over it.” And when do you tell your child, it is time to put your clothes on? What does your child’s teacher say when he/she comes to school naked? Oh, you must draw the line somewhere, huh? Hypocrite !!!

  • Bob

    This will be a real news story when the dad gets fed up with his neighbor and shoots him. Can’t wait. This is LA you know.

    • Michael J. McDermott

      Yeah, I know. They’re just fed up with it here in L.A.

  • Mel Gibson

    yep A guy or Girl should be able to wear what He wants and not get Shot for It. But we do live in L.A. Yes I would cover up or move.

  • DAX

    But it’s ok for women?? if you don’t like it don’t look.

  • adam

    How about trying a fig leaf.

  • Rev. Prude

    Quick, take that child to church for a cleansing.

  • Dj Jazzy Jefferson Airplane

    The real and obvious question that isn’t being asked here is WHY IS A MAN WEARING A THONG??!!!

    • JB

      To get those cheeky cheeks tanned. lol

  • JB

    I wonder if he would have a problem if a hot babe was sunbathing in a thong?

  • try reading a book

    too bad so sad. It’s not illegal to have baggy pants or wear a thong in public anywhere in the US. baggy pants laws are an excuse for people who hate blacks to complain about something. You’ll deny it and you’re 100% wrong. if you knew anything about american laws and freedom you’d know that wearing underwear that doesnt expose genitals in a sexual manner is completely legal and there is NOTHING you can ever do about it in the long run. you’ll waste my taxpayer money trying to pass illegal laws and complain with your double standards and ignorance. if you have a problem with this guy and his thong you arent fit to be an american and you should be deported immediately.

    • Ron

      Try reading a book:

      And I suppose you are one of those idiots that would also say, that we should teach our elementary school age children all the 4 letter words, as early as possible.

      In case you haven’t noticed, wearing baggy pants is NOT just reserved for blacks and you are only 1 supposed taxpayer, that is for men wearing thongs in public and guys wearing baggy drawers.

      I too, pay taxes and I may NOT want MY tax money to go towards YOUR cause. So lets DEPORT you.

  • Rich in New Mexico.

    Why in heII is a guy wearing a thong bathing suit? That stuff is great for the ladies but only the ladies, and not some 300 pounder whale whose pushing 60 years of age and walking with a cane, you know what I mean.
    Before the all the 60 year old and older folk want to kill me, first I’m 59 years old myself, then get a mental picture of what I described. You’ll thank me later. Again who wants to see some dam fool man dressed like that, if you want get attention go steal a car or better yet slap a cop! You ‘ll all the attention you can stand. Just flat crazy.
    Rich in New Mexico.

    • Jack

      I am 64 and agree the visual is not pretty, however,, that is not the issue. It is not if his @ss is great to the eye, it is that it is HIS @ss and as long as he breaks no law, he can tan if he wants. Women in the same attire are not ridiculed, so, what is the harm? Check out Europe for body acceptance, or even closer to home your local nude beach…it all boils down to choice within the law.

  • derp

    why don’t these two dolts get together and figure out a time when the parent keeps his kid in and the other guy can let his stuff out? thongs aren’t illegal, and if his kid doesn’t know anything about human anatomy yet, maybe he ought to start explaining it! it’s a good time for a lesson. let’s face it, you can see the same thing on tv any day of the week and if he hasn’t prepared his daughter for that…

  • bald headed hooooooooo

    i caught my neighbor taking a dump in my dumpster
    u wanna swap neighbors?

  • Catherine Girod

    the guy is hanging his ass out on the community balcony. nobody should have to see that, no matter how good he thinks he looks.

  • Tony

    What the neighbor’s daughter might have seen?!? A butt, probably. Any wonder today’s kids are so ashamed of their bodies? So they guy’s butt is exposed. Get over it. Years ago I got complaints at my Hollywood apartment because I was in the courtyard, in shorts (no shirt). Some people really do need to shut up and get a life. This guy isn’t breaking any laws either, so the law is on his side. Therefore, if his neighbor keeps it up, he should file a complaint for harassment.

    • Ron

      Tony, you must live in West Hollywood. But besides that, even though it isn’t illegal, it is NOT COMMON for men to have their BUTTS hanging out in public, here in California, even at the beach.

      There is a big difference between shirt off and BUTTS OUT. Unless, YOU were wearing BUTTLESS shorts, which sounds as if, that was highly possible.

      Don’t force your views on parents trying to raise their children, in a manner that they and society see fit.

      • Chris Blair

        More Power to “Scott”.

        His neighbor nor his neighbor’s daughter does not, I repeat, does not run “Scott’s” life nor his choices – period.

        Enough of this “but it’s for the children” crud already.

      • Ron

        Chris, that’s SWEET. You defending your man. That’s funny, they didn’t mention that there were 2 men(and I used that term loosely)living below Marcel and his daughter’s apartment.

        And Chris, Scott and YOU have NO right, I repeat, NO right to tell Marcel how he should raise his daughter. Time for the 2 of you to move WEST, if you insist on BUTTING all good taste and consideration.

      • Dorthea

        Well this parent of a happy, well adjusted, well educated child, agrees with Tony.
        People are born naked. Get over it.

  • mitzi

    its his ass and if he wants to show it in a thong thats his business. His neighbor has no damn right to tell him not to!! The complaining neighbor should move if he doesn’t like the view.

    • rick

      you are just plain stupid.

  • Jon

    What is clear from this article is the following:
    1-a man is tanning in a thong.
    2-a neighbor doesn’t like it.
    3-he further says he “fears for what his daughter might have seen”.

    Taste and privacy aside, someone is being asked by someone not to do something the complainer doesn’t like because his daughter, (and we don’t know how old she is) may have seen something which may or may not shock her.

    1-Why is this news?
    2-I understand the complainers point, but as I sit here I see an article about risque clothing for teens and “LA’s hottest swimwear” and scores of pictures of half naked actresses.
    3-Living in a city means living with some things you don’t like.
    4-The comments implying that the barer of buns must be gay and should live in West Hollywood are sad.

    • Ron

      Sad, BUTT True !!!

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